Disturbing animal pin-up from ‘pleasant beef’

Well, I shouldn’t put it in bracket, their name IS Plesasant Beef, but since they made this shirt… You know, NOBODY would ever want to admit to being turned on by something with a warthog head and six tits, which is what makes this shirt a bit disturbing. As I so often do, I sit here thinking ‘WHO would ever buy this?’. Sometimes, life was easier to live before the internet let you in on how many freaks are out there…

Pleasant Beef also have this new line where they take the faces of… famous old people and spice them up with modern details. Or something. If I’m sounding vague, it’s because they don’t really share any info about the thinking behind these shirts. Or maybe they do – apart from the company name and all the menues, nothing on the website is in English – it’s all German. Gee, thanks a lot! The English menues makes it even worse. In fact, they really piss me off…

4 Responses to Disturbing animal pin-up from ‘pleasant beef’

  1. Whenever square folks like you don´t get the actual message of our artworks, we feel fully confirmed that pleasant beef is heading in the right direction.

    Irony and deliberate provocation are stylistic devices, which work universally regardless of any language barrier.

    Auf Wiedersehen, du bornierter Vollpfosten!

    Bye the way: The warthog-design is a complete persiflage of this stupid “show me your tits and suck my dick, bitch”-hip-hop-thing. But of course it’s not so funny, expressive and innovative like wearing skull-t-shirts in 2012 (!).

  2. The Lord Himself says:

    Why don’t you write your posts in Swedish? I think it absolutely doesn´t matter in which language nobody read’s your bad taste crap…

  3. Sheesh, sensitive much? ‘Actual message’… give me a freakin break.

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