“And I know it’s gonna be ok ‘Cause of course I’m gonna be out late” (Friday fun, the Donnas)

Ok, here’s a pretty pointless post just to let you know my working week is over and tonight I’m going to two gigs (I hope). First, I’m off to Kafé 44 to see Gadget and the undisputed kings of merch – Tinner!

After that, if I can find someone else who’s going, I’m going to Grundbulten to see the Unkind and Nödvärn.

Have a nice weekend! Mine will most likely suck, since I won’t get much sleep, will be hung-over and have a 4th birthday party to host on Sunday.

Shirt link of the day: CURKZ

Nothing earth shattering, just a nice, clean shirt that will soon be released by Abstruse Apparel. The more I look at it, the more I like it. I think you have to be a lot skinnier than me to be able to look good in it though, so if you are a malnourished fashionista,  get it here.

Die Yuppie Scum!

This is a wanted-ad, ok? I want the shirt to the left in this picture:

The one on the right isn’t all that easy to find either, and as much as I despise ‘Hipsters’, I just can’t bring myself to publicly announce it – it goes without saying, doesn’t it? It’s like wearing a ‘Die, child molesting scum’ shirt, where’s the fun in that? Yuppies on the other hand – there’s a problem people seem to have forgotten about, much like nukes and the ozone layer (well, the ozone layer has gotten better, but nukes and yuppies are still a problem, even though we don’t call them yuppies anymore). Anyway, I digress…

I think this shirt was made by Urban Outfitters (at least the hipster version was), which I gather is somewhat of a yuppie brand and oh, the irony and all that but I don’t care – I just want the shirt. Find it for me. Please?

…and no, I don’t want the home-made variety that’s available on eBay. The real thing or nothing, that’s what I always say. Well, not always always, but sometimes.

Ghostbusters. Yes, again.

Whoa, another Ghostbusters shirt pops up and not a bad one either. Dark Bunny only makes movie related shirts and I must confess that most of their shirts don’t excite me very much, not even the few that are related to movies I actually like.

This one, however, I like. Faithful readers know I love shirts that demands a bit of knowledge to be understood and this one does not say Ghostbusters or carry any easy leads (well, maybe ‘Tobin’s spirit guide’ could be counted as easy – depends who you ask I suppose) and it’s even well designed. For those who are into that, there’s even a glow-in-the-dark edition. Get it here.

No shirt, just pantyhose

Ok, minds out of the gutter now. What I meant was that this shirt is about pantyhose, not t-shirts. Anyway, the skeleton thing is eternal, I suppose, but after noticing the skeleton hands the other day, I just wanted to post this as well.

Japan… I would love to go some day, it seems like a country brimming with weirdness (although the focus on grown women looking like little girls is a bit unsettling). My friend Indy is going there soon, I hope I can convince him to focus on shirts and bring back some nice footage for me.

A modest proposal

Somebody posted this photo somewhere yesterday (sorry, can’t remember who) and it got me thinking.

First of all, in case you don’t know, this is a shirt for the Swedish (indie) pop band bob hund (yes, it’s supposed to be all lower case), worn by some poor kid in Africa (I’m just guessing here, but that’s what it looks like, right?). Yeah, I bet some of you are thinking ‘wow, that’s a great distressed look’. I know I am.

This reminds me of a story I heard a while back, about when Sweden’s two biggest Iron Maiden fans, brothers Pelle and Erik, were watching a TV program about some tribe in the Amazon. Suddenly, a kid appears on the screen wearing an ancient Iron Maiden shirt, a shirt that would be worth hundreds of dollars, should it appear on eBay.

So, this gives me an idea. For years and years, it’s been a profitable business to vacuum thrift shops and flea markets in the u.s. for shirts with any kind of print on it (you know what I mean; Joe’s plumbing, Maple Rapids Bowling League but also Carlton Childrens Hospital and seemingly uncool stuff like that) and then sell it to fashion concious youths in Europe.

Why not do the same in Africa, but with a better selection process? Travel areas that have received disaster relief in the form of used clothing from the western world and buy all the vintage band t-shirts you can lay your hands on and flog them on eBay. It is possible that the travel and shipping expenses would eat up a large part of the profit – but at least a lot of shirts could be saved/salvaged and given a more loving and caring new home. And think of the added cool factor that the provenance would bring! “Yeah, this 80’s Winger shirt was worn by a child soldier in Sierra Leone. With the money I paid for it, he’s bought a small farm for his parents”.

I’m hoping the fact that the poor souls that would be selling these ‘vintage, distressed’ shirts would make well-needed money from this saves me from going to hell after writing this. I’m not so sure though, most likely carpet-baggery would ensue, buying valuable Rolling Stones shirts for glass beads, that’s how it usually goes.

Danzig – the BEST mistreatments of the evil midget!

Ah, Danzig! I know, I know – before he started to make sucky music, he was the singer of the almighty fucking MISFITS and he is due some respect, but there’s just something so damn funny about a guy the size of a bread box trying to come off all hard and sinister.

I know almost nothing about this shirt, except that I found it here, but to me it’s enough to know I love it, yeah? It is the second best Danzig thing where Glenn himself hasn’t been involved that I have ever seen. The best is of course the Danzig/Shakira video:

Seriously, if you haven’t seen or/and heard this one – you’re in for a treat. Go here.

Gym fail

Ok, here’s the plan I had: to start showing you the shirts I wear to the gym in the morning. Nope, I’m not one of those people who wear the same shirt every time (because I sweat at the gym, which makes me want to get a fresh shirt each time, and so should you!). Ok, so this sounds a bit boring, but I usually try to wear something offensive, hoping my fellow gym goers will be offended (that’ll serve them right for hogging the seated row machine and forgetting to wipe down the sit-up bench when they’re done).

Anyway, I figured I’d just take a quick photo in the mirror with my phone. The only problem though, my phone is a piece of CRAP Samsung Soul – a phone sent up from the deepest level of hell to punish people for being stupid (after all, we bought this sad excuse for a phone, we must be dumb as a bag of hammers, right?). So, here’s what I came up with this morning:

Yeah, it’s sad. Sad. Looks like I used an underwater camera in a bowl of porridge. But fear not – I’m getting a new phone, hopefully today and hopefully it’ll have a better camera and I’ll give this idea a shot again.

Anyway, about this shirt. I found it at the bottom of the shirt drawer when I moved in with my (then) girlfriend (now wife) and I instantly swiped it, being a big fan of the Violent Femmes. That was ok, because she in turn had too stolen it, from a former boyfriend. What is it with girls and stealing clothes from their boyfriends? It’s like some sort of demented trophy hunting ritual, very spooky and weird. Not that I’m the one to talk, but still… At least I didn’t invent a whole clothing concept from my illegal activities (I’m talking about the so-called “boyfriend jeans” here).

So, this is a prime example of ugly 90’s merch, bought at the legendary Dalarocken festival the year before my first visit there, in ’91 or so. Me, I never got to see the Violent Femmes, ever, which makes me very sad. These days, this shirt is pretty worn out, and as you may be able to make out, badly twisted out of shape (yes, I’m facing the mirror, the print is totally off-center after a billion washes). I still love it though and I could feel envious glances in my direction as I was making an ass of myself in the pull-up machine. Maybe I should put it on eBay and make a fortune…

Stop wasting resources on cats

Seriously, enough is enough!

Get it here


You know, my plan was for this post to be done by now, just one sentence and a link and no more, but then my brain went into rant mode. Yes, again. Because funny as this shirt may seem, I could totally wear it as a political statement. How much money are people wasting on pets? On keeping animals prisoners in their own homes just have a bit of company or as a toy for their kids. I myself is not totally blameless, as my home serves as prison for two cats. My only defense is that I had no part whatsoever in aquiring them, that they would die if I let them out, and that if it wouldn’t mean the end of my marriage – I would let them out anyway.

I am by no means an animal rights activist – I eat meat and wear leather. If possible, I try to buy meat that’s been made (harvested? reaped? dismembered?) from animals that have led normal lives and have not been tortured, but that’s about it. I’m just not an animal kinda person, I guess. But anyway – until we start eating cats, stop wasting resources on them. Let veterinarians train to be people doctors instead and use whatever the hell goes into cat food for people instead – I’m sure there’s lots of people that would be interested in it.

Ah, hell… I’m just digging myself deeper and deeper down here. Better shut up before it’s too late.

Ok, that’s all, talk to you later.

1. Take drugs 2. Kill parents 3. Worship Satan 4. Metal.

I told you I’d start posting more old shirts of mine, and here’s one: my beloved CROATAN shirt!

First of all; Croatan is a band, check ’em out here. While I think their line-up (one guy on drums, one gal on guitar (that goes into one bass amp and one guitar amp) is really cool, I can’t say I listen to them all that much (which makes me a poser for still wearing their shirt. so sue me.). The drummer, Mark, used to be in Brody’s Militia with my friends Doug and Al (who were also, untin recently when they split up, in Hellnation), which is how I found this shirt – I think someone in the background in one of Doug’s photos on Facebook was wearing this shirt and I knew I had to have it.

Apparently, this shirt was made to mock kids that came to their gigs wearing ‘cool’ metal shirts for bands they’d never heard or didn’t like very much and the front… the front looks like one of my kids made it in MS Paint (the guitars… wtf?), but the back… The back! I love it.

1. Take drugs
2. Kill parents
3. Worship Satan
4. Metal

I have nothing to add to that. Genious!

Fortunately for me, Mark likes my band, so I traded him one of our shirts for this, which makes it even more special. I don’t wear this every day and yes, I’m a poser when I do wear it but I love this shirt to bits and I won’t be getting rid of it any time soon.

PS. My mum does NOT like this shirt, due to item #2 on the list. I, who am also a parent, still love it.

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