Memento mori – a nice reminder of death oughta cheer you up on a Friday afternoon!

Death gives us sleep, eternal youth and immortality. Yeah, there’s a cheerful thought for ya. Pretty nice design though, took me a while to spot the crossed scythes for some reason. Get it from Twin Srpnt.

Return to Blackness

I have written about Blackness before and I am still as confused about them as I am now. They keep ripping off imagery from punk, hardcore and black metal and putting it on their clothes, but I have no idea where they’re coming from – whether they do this out of love for ‘the scene’ or if they’re just cashing in. And I don’t really care either, but I bet others do and I think Blackness are probably right in their catchphrase “most people will hate us”.

Another confusing thing is that they have a bunch of designs on their Facebook page where it’s unclear whether they are, or have ever been for sale, which makes very little busines sense to me, but who am I to judge – I don’t get this at all. Just about the only thing I know is that Blackness have a good, albeit somewhat unoriginal, graphic designer and I like some of their designs a lot.

Watain shirts

Watain. Even if you haven’t heard them, you have heard of them, at least if you’re Swedish like me. Shrouded in legends, rumors, darkness and an aura of all around evilness, they spread their dark gospel across the globe like wildfire. You know, I don’t like metal at all, and I’ve always been totally against music that’s ‘spiritual’ in any kind of sense, but there are a lot of things about Watain you have to respect and admire. The main thing for me, is that I don’t think there has ever been a band that has had such a super developed, consistant, high level visual language. Everything they do – shirts, posters, album covers and (now, finally) their website fit together fantastically and seamlessly without resorting to simple reptetition of a few graphical elements. And it’s not like their style is a simplistic cut-and-paste style either, most of their graphics are intricate and complex. And to make things EVEN more impressive, this is (if I’m correctly informed) the work of one of the band members, vocalist E. Where the hell do you find the time?

So, it makes total sense that Watain also have some pretty fantastic merch. Here are just some of the shirts available from their “Wolf Wear” online merch store (and my choppy photoshopping don’t do them justice by a long shot). What can I say? Very very well done, it sure makes me wish I was into the band so I could wear some of this. Or that I could interest (and afford) E in designing something for me.


Along with the Black Flag logo and the Misfits skull, the Danzig skull is trending as one of the most popular mashup/spoof shirt prints. Why someone would want to mix it with George Costanza? Why someone would want to wear this? I have ABSOLUTELY no idea, but you can buy it here.

Nine lives

Here’s another fairly new company with a reasonably sized, very strong line: Nine Lives. Since their URL ends with “ie”, I’m guessing it’s Irish. Lots of great prints, leaning towards the occult and gloomy but hey – that’s the stuff we all like and adore, right? If I had to pick a favorite, I guess I’m not surprising anyone when I say it’d be the one with the deer on it.

Fvneral Apparel

Fvuneral Apparel is a new label. Brand new. So new, in fact, when I started writing this, they didn’t even have any shirts printed yet, nor an online store. All there was, was the facebook page with photos of lots of shirts.Now, however, the stor is live, at

Nice, if a tad bit busy, shirts. Personally, I think the best thing they could do is to print a shirt with nothing but that circle logo on it, I like that a lot. Another fact that I just love is that they’re from Hungary.

Black friday

So, today is what americans refer to as black friday – the friday after Thanksgiving, when x-mas shopping “officially begins”*. So, is there any reason for you to give a shit? Well, any selfrespecting shirt company has some sort of black friday offer, so if there’s that shirt you’ve been looking longingly at, but put off for being too expensive – revisit it today, there just may be a sweet deal in it for you. Me, I’m taking an extra long look at the Actual Pain webstore, since all merchandise is 50% off this weekend, but that’s just me. You may wanna check out Paper Root, VNM, Reason or DeadBuryDead, who also have some great stuff going on.

*This is also the date of “Buy Nothing Day” so it’s up to you how you wanna play this.

Dancing on Thatcher’s grave

Damn, I totally missed this when it happened. Earlier this fall, the British got their knickers in a twist about these shirts being sols outside a union convetion in Brighton. To me, who was a bit too young to understand things at the time, the era of Thatcher and Reagan has this magic shimmer – a time when world leaders were total and unapologetic assholes. The golden age of rebellion, when every day was cloudy and people feared the bomb. Power blackouts and rationing in England… it all seems so exotic!

I only wish this shirt had been designed better…

Murray x-mas!

I told you the x-mas shirts would keep coming! Here’s one for those of us (me) who think comedies were a lot better in the eighties. For me, there was never any question who was the greater comic genious – Chevy or Bill but why choose – get both Murray Christmas and Have a very Chevy Chrismas from society6. Also available as sweaters for that cozy x-mas feeling. And hoodie. And tote bag. And iPhone skin. And…

Victory rexmas sweaters

Apparently x-mas sweaters is the hottest thing on the planet this year. This one’s pretty funny though, Victory records print x-mas sweater merch. Yeah.

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