If you wear this – I want you to die!


Seriously, I would let you drown, stamp on your fingers when you’re dangling over the abyss, push you in front of a truck. Then we’ll see how fucking high on life you are.

Won’t hunt for food

I like this shirt. Hell, I’d totally wear it. Doesn’t look like it’ll ever exist though. Josh Wheeler is looking for 2500 bucks through Kickstarter to fund his Grizzly Wheeler shirt company. With nine more days, he has so far gotten 35 dollars. Yeah. So… doesn’t look too good, does it? Do these crowdfunding things ever work? Maybe they do if you’re like “I’m a hard working mother of 27 in Uganda, planning to start a serious business, please loan me 500 dollars” instead of “everyone else starts a clothing company of their own force but I want you to pay for it so I won’t have to”? Well, maybe I’ll just make my own “Will hunt for food” shirt, who knows. Good luck Josh (you’ll need it).

Patriotic shirts

Hey all you americans out there, you know I like shirts that hype your super important country (albeit more for humoristic than patriotic reasons), but you know… shirts like these fucking make ME wanna hi-jack a plane and fly it into the statue of liberty or something. Get them here

Arsen Goodies – French shock value

Ah, them damn frenchies, huh! Nothing but nude women and unshaven armpits. A baguette under each arm, a bottle of red in the back pocket, a striped shirt and a beret. Uh… I dunno, I’m no expert on France, having only been there a few short times in an ancient past but these shirts from Arsen Goodies seem to confirm a lot of my prejudice against French people. Not the kind of shirts you’d wear to work (or, if you do – I want your job).

Poyz and Pirlz

Ok, I have no idea what the thing behind this name is but some of their shirts are worth having a look at. Is that the rich stroppy girl from The Little House on the Prarie on the shirt to the right? Is that Traci Lords in Cry-Baby in the center? Fantastic! Check em out!

(be warned though, the Poyz and Pirlz website is another one of those horrible designer shirts site where nothing works the way you want it to)

Speking of Cry-Baby, that whopper of a movie, here’s a shirt I found recently. Get it here.

Hide & Seek

Ah… You know, I want to say nice things about Hide & Seek. At first glance, their shirts look nice and all, well designed and stuff, but then… none of them really grab me, they’re all just pretty prints without any oomph or… guts. A bit bland maybe? I will say this though, I like their models for some reason. But anyway, have a look at the Hide & Seek website, there are lots of various prints, I was just too lazy to include them all here – maybe you’ll like them more than me.

Oh, and another thing. Can we puhleeze, stop putting the u.s. flag on shirts?


Remember Miles to Go? They make super good looking shirts themed on quality books. They have a couple of new shirts based on The Hitchhikers Guide (but unless I’m mistaken, it’s based on the movie, not the book – booo!) and Siddharta, but let’s talk about this other shirt I found instead that I don’t think I’ve seen before. Coupled with movie classic They Live, 1984 has the best people oppressing slogans ever and I feel like I should re-read it asap. So, to sum up: great looking shirt from great company, based on great book, printed with discharge print. What are you waiting for? Get it here.

Get drunk or die trying!

The shirts from La Famille aren’t exactly to my taste – only light colored shirts and very simple prints in ugly fonts. I like their logo though and there’s something about the message of this shirt that really speaks to me. Sad, rally. Get it here.

This is Spinal… Tape?

I have a feeling this Spinal Tape is an thing that will be bought either as a gift to someone else or bought to then collect a lot of dust. And yeah, I realize this isn’t exactly a shirts so, I’ll throw in the Nigel Tufnel shirt, available from Found Item Clothing.

Birth til Death!

There’s a lot of “here’s another…” about this shirt. Another eye in the pyramid shirt. Another expensive as fuck designer shirt (reduced though). Another shirt where an explanation or at leaset some sort of description would have been nice – the name calls for a bit of explanation, I think. Anyway, you can get this and a bunch of other (less nice) shirts from Afends.

Also, you may have noticed things slowing down a bit lately. Been busy as hell. Don’t see things improving quite yet. Hang in there.

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