MIR – Russian Criminal Tattoo Apparel

I’ll admit it straight away – if I hadn’t been such a sucker for all things russian, I probably wouldn’t have liked these shirts half as much as I do.  Besides a growing number of Russian band shirts, I also own this beautiful Crime and Punishment shirt from the Affair, that draws on the designs of Russian prison tattoos, a style that’s hard not to love.

The shirts from MIR – who call their clothes ‘Russian Criminal Tattoo Apparel’ – use the same style and I like a lot of it a lot (I’m so goddamn eloquent it scares me sometimes). Apart from the fact that so many of them are printed on light colored shirts, there isn’t a single one of the shirts below I wouldn’t be glad to wear.

About the Shtrafbat shirt (top image, center shirt), shtrafbat were Soviet penal battalions that fought on the Eastern Front in World War II (read all about them here).

The only thing that disappoints about this is the fact that these shirts aren’t Russian at all – they’re American. All I can hope is that they’re designed by some weirdo Russian expat and not by a Williamsburg hipster designer with a hard-on for Russia – like the one I have.





Killstar – massive output, satanic weirdness and greatness

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how I’ve missed Killstar in the past. I love posting shit like this, and there’s just so goddamn much of it – this is a mammoth post and I could easily have posted twice as many shirts. Let’s have a look at some of all the stuff Killstar offer. Normally, I would save the best for last, but since I don’t trust you to have the stamina to scroll all the way down, I’m gonna start off with the ones I like the best:


That MLP shirt! I love it. What the hell, all three are pure genious!

There’s also very busy satanic shirts:


Less busy, but still satanic shirts:


Cat related shirts:




Colorful shirts:


And tons and tons of other stuff, go check out the rest now!


Raw Meat 80’s inspired shirts


These shirts are badass, there’s no way to deny that. I’m not crazy about most of the shirts from Raw Meat, but these two have the perfect 80’s feel – I can just see Kurt Russel or some mall rat wearing these in an old 80’s flick. The more I look at them, the more I want them, damnit!

More skullls and anti-religiousness from Flying Coffin

There are few companies I’ve written as much about as I have about Flying Coffin. And for a good reason. It’s true that I would be even happier with them if they stopped doing cute satanist socks and tie-dye versions of their hellhound shirt, but over the years, they’ve kept churning out top quality stuff. Here’s some of the prints they’ve come up with since I last wrote about them (one of them being a collab with The Hundreds, but I still like it).


And good things seem to keep coming. Here are two sneak preview images Flying Coffin have posted on Instagram – seems like great stuff.


One thing though. The No God shirt. I love it to death but I probably wouln’t wear it. I have no problem defending my standpoint on this, but I’m also not interested in getting into a heated argument with any nutjob while waiting for the bus – I get enough of that just from wearing my ‘Teach children to worship Satan’ shirt. Also… wearing shirts with words in languages I don’t understand makes me nervous. Maybe I’ve just heard too many stories about people who think they’ve tattooed the sign for ‘strong woman’ on their ass, only to find out years later it actually means ‘sack of lard’, but I prefer knowing for sure what message I carry around, especially when it’s a controversial one.

VNM time again

So, here’s another post about bikers that hate stuff, only this time without the nazi shit.  I’ve written about VNM a couple of times in the past and I continue to like their output a whole lot. Have a look at these bad boys:



I’m guessing you’d have to punch someone pretty hard to make the word stick though. Maybe you could carry a stamp pad with waterproof ink around?

What’s going on here? Indian skull similarities.


Soooo… what’s going on here? The shirt on the left is a brand new shirt from DeadBuryDead, makers of my beloved Shallow Grave shirt and generally a good, solid company who have put a lot of nice stuff over the last years (new stuff just went up on their website, check it out).

However, the indian skull is pretty much the trademark image of Scumbags and Superstars, who have put it on shirts (the one to the right above is currently for sale at 20 bucks), who have put it on numerous shirts in various styles, cast it in vinyl, made a brass baddass ring out of it and so on.

So, is this a classic image that both of them happened to start using or what’s going on? I have to say I’m a bit surprised by the fact that DeadBuryDead weren’t familiar with Scumbags and Superstars’ use of it and left it alone. Or is it all a collaboration?

Here’s what Scumbags and Superstars had to say about this:
The saw our stickers & imagery in Brooklyn & around NYC and ripped off our logo. Plain & simple. I first saw this ridiculous knock off when I was walking through the trendy flea market in Williamsburg over the summer. I emailed them about it but obviously they never responded.

I have to say this disappoints me…

Hate the haters

At first, this is how this post was going to be:


Yeah, you know, I recently started following this brand, Hate City Customs on Instragram and they have a bunch of rude but kinda funny prints up for sale so go check them out.

But then I scrolled down a bit in their online store and found crap like this. Aaaaand… suddenly I’m not so thrilled any more. I know there’s a bunch of dumbass americans using nazi imagery without necessarily wanting to send all jews to the gas chambers, but who can tell (and who cares)? Nazi bikers, fuck off!


The weirdest thing about this is that they also sell framed photos of cute dogs and bikers riding through beautiful woods. Then again, it comes no surprise to faithful readers that nazis can care about home decoration.

Famous skeletons


Famous skeletons from Raguyz… Merging famous people (like Lady Gaga and Beyonce) with skeletons and putting them on shirts. My mental jury is still out – it’s not a bad idea but it doesn’t feel super original either – especially when you see their Marilyn Monroe print. Hey, the Misfits did that merge back in the 80’s guys! What I would like, however, is for this to be an ongoing series with not just glamour divas but also, for example, high profile politicians.

Shook – more anti christian hipsterwear


Seen this before? I sure have. Still like it though. Maybe not enough to wear it, but enough to write about it. Shook has a lot of good stuff going on.


This is a cool jacket, but who the hell has 250 bucks to spend on funny jackets?


This one though… The AC/DC… spoof (maybe, whatever) is just so god damn butt ugly that anyone should just have had a look at the first photoshop sketch and said “ok, that idea didn’t work out so well” and scrapped it.


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