Creep street flashers!

Remember when I said “seems like Creep Street are up to something“? Well, it turns out they were. First of all, they were putting out shirts like these:

and these:

More importantly though (and I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I am) they were working on a great look book. Yeah, I normally hate them, but this one’s got two redeeming features. A) it’s got all these great photos from the forest in it and B) it contains this photo, which just cracks me up something unbelievable for some reason. Should this have said NSFW? Not unless you’re working for nazis!

So, yeah, Creep Street

Freaky GG Allin mask

Aaah… GG Allin! Most of you are probably familiar with this… entertainer, shall we say (the rest of you can check out clips on YouTube like What better way to make people uneasy than to wear this GG Allin mask to work? Intended for display purposes, but easily converted with air and vision holes. Get it from

For those of you who are not that die-hard, why not invest in a GG shirt to delight friends and family with? Oh, and seriously, if you haven’t heard of GG before, check out his early stuff, the melodic tracks (like

(and yeah, links aren’t really working in wordpress at the moment. sorry. not my fault)

Space Invaders

So, Bytelove is a company that supplies geeks with clothing that will help ensure they never ever get laid. Nah, just kidding, I’m sure there’s a new breed of gamer females these days who find gamer geekiness extremely attractive. However, they will probably not have heard of Space Invaders…

The only reason I wanted to show this shirt is that I wanna say that shouldn’t space invaders make a good pattern for knitting? Has anyone knitted a S.I. shirt? Let me know…

The shirt? Get it here.

UPDATE: See, I told you so! Space Invaders are made for knitting! Thanks to Janne for sending these in. Still no sweater though…

Aggressive and weird!

Yeah, I have no idea what this is, but it’s a cool shirt. Found through Typographic Tees

Manly movie shirts

…as in “shirts from manly movies”. First up, a shirt inspired by “Escape from New York” (and, for some reason, also the crappy sequel (which features one of the worst attempts at special effects that I’ve ever seen, when Snake surfs a giant wave through L.A.)) this Plissken shirt… well, to be honest I probably wouldn’t wear this but I like the first movie a lot and I must say I’m surprised we don’t see more Plissken shirts instead of five billion Star Wars shirts. Get it here (it’s on sale today too)!

Next up, this one I really really like. And it’s not only because I’m currently listening to nothing but trucker country (ask me nicely and I’ll share my magnificent YouTube playlist) but also because this shirt really requires you’re in the know – otherwise you’ll just think it’s another Superdry-ish shirt and I like that a lot. Shirts that requires previous knowledge – yum (I think it’s the elitist in me rearing its ugly head here but what can I do?). Get it here.

(don’t know what movie it’s from? Follow the link to find out). Seriously, check out that guys shirts, I could easily have made this a very long post with shirts inspired by The Lost Boys, The Running Man, Conan and others. Too bad I’m so lazy!

Spray paint addicts – look no further

Yeah, so things have been a bit slow lately, I’ve been busy doing other stuff, ok? Anyway, today I’m testing a new photo editor – Gimp – since my old computer that I’ve got Photoshop on seems to have kicked the bucket.

Enough yapping, let’s talk shirts. Here’s a pretty nice retro-ish shirt advertising spray paint. Get it here (and check out the others, there areĀ  TONS of them).

Lies and filth

Great name for a company! Now, a lot of the shirts made by Lies and Filth feature b/w photos of naughty stuff going on and they are into fading edges, which I must say I’m not. So… slap some frames on them photos and I’ll be with you a bit further down the line guys. Anyhoodle, the ones pictured here are more to my taste. I bet you could really upset some Americans with some of these. Then again, some americans are so easily upset, it’s almost no fun doing it since it’s so easy. Hey, that statue of liberty shirt might even be able to upset BOTH redneck Americans and fundamentalist muslims and it’s not easy you see someone uniting those two groups…

Glue gun warriors – fuck off!

It is no secret that I’m a grumpy fuck. Sometimes I try to better myself and be a mellow breeze through the sweetly scented trees, a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day and all that but then I usually give up after about 5 minutes and go back to muttering and complaining left and right.

Anyway, these ‘creative’ people who twist their tits in a knot about being able to put everything to good use and coming up with fantastic new ways of using things instead of throwing them away… curl up an die!

Don’t get me wrong – if you do this in a practical way that actually serves a purpose, I’ll be there at the sideline cheering. Like people building houses and making sidewalks out of old tires. Great. But taking t-shirts and making them into a bracelet (who the hell wears them anyway?) that looks both ugly and uncomfortable… Time to cancel your subscription for Scrapbooking Digest and start living in the real world, I say.

Full description for this great crafts project here.

Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be more than this

This is a nice, clean shirt – plain and simple. Every post doesn’t have to contain something I can hate or love to death, right? This is just a shirt I would totally wear if I came across it at a good price or if someone gave it to me for birthday (less than a moth left now, I hope you’re all making plans and taking notes). Get it here.

How people pick a name for their shirt company

Fellow (but far more successful) shirt blogger I am the trend had the great idea to ask people how they picked the name that they did for their shirt company. So, I won’t add anything to this, but just guide you there:

28 Stories of How Clothing Companies Picked Their Names! | I Am The Trend

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