Salt and fat

Salt and fat. My two enemies in the struggle not to turn into Jabba the Hut. Ok, salt, fat and beer probably, but anyway. This shirt is not just a warning to all us over-eaters though, it advertises the food blog Salt & Fat so check it out. The shirt? Get it here.

Not that I’m dissing food bloggers or anything (although I usually tire of their blogs quite fast), but this made me think of the following quote from

anytime anyone refers to themselves as a ‘foodie’ I want to knock their fucking teeth out
oh you like to eat food that tastes good? congratufuckinglations. blog about it!

Here’s another food blog related shirt for ya’ll this beautiful Friday nite. You know, this really isn’t all that far-fetched. Given a nice piece of crispy bacon, you’re bound to wanna praise the lard, right? Get it here.

Obesity and speed

So, how come hipsters make all the great shirts these days and everyone else are making too colorful Adobe Illustrator/clipart college humor shirts? I have no idea but it makes me feel like one of those “I had no choice but to side with the nazis, they were the only ones with good looking uniforms” guys. Anyway, Obesity and Speed, check it out!

Some shock value, some nazi and occult references. Have we seen it before? Yes. Do we like it. Yeah, sure, why the hell not? Would we want to pay 65 bucks for a t-shirt. Would we fuck!

Christian AND patriotic

Yeah, you know how much I dig the religious and patriotic shirts. On my lunch break, I stopped by my favorite thrift store and found these two beauties. Unfortunately I’m too fat to be able to wear any of them (ok, so I was only ever seriously interested in the christian one, but still). Nice stuff. The Alamo forever!

Mean octopus mofo

That’s one mean looking octopus! Printed label, nice shirts – good job Gold Spirt Art! Get it here.

Friday fun: more mashup shirts

I’ve posted a few of these before, I like them a lot. Here’s a few more mashup shirts, courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine.

My Band T-Shirt

Ok, here’s a new shirt blog which I’m unlikely to steal stuff from so I thought I might as well recommend it. My Band T-Shirt posts – you guessed it – band t-shirts and there’s a story to go with each shirt, personal stories about when the shirts were bought and what they’ve come to mean to the owner. I love this kinda stuff!

The Eye in the Pyramid

Yeah! You know I love everything even vaguely Illuminati-related. The Higher Culture have a bunch of new shirts and several of them are nice but this is by far my favorite. Also available as a t-shirt, but then it’s in a blue color I don’t like at all. I also somehow love the fact that in this day and age of “100% sweatshop free organic eco-friendly hand picked cotton”, this shirt is 80% polyester. Get it here.

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