Math the Band

I discovered Math the Band through the “related artists” feature of Spotify earlier this year, while listening to Atom and his Package. If you ever felt Adam didn’t rock out enough and used way too few computer games sounds (and could have benefited from adding a lot of female backup vocals), Math the Band may be your thing. Then again, it’s not for everyone. Music with a sense of humor is a big no-no to a lot of people. I love it though*.

One thing I really like about Math the Band is that when Kevin formed it as a solo project in his early teens, he had a pin that said “Math” on his backpack, so he figured that if he named the band thus, he already had some merch for it.

Since I first started listening to them, they’ve been selling nothing but ugly merch, way too arty and childish for my tastes. The other day, though, I discovered this shirt in their online shop and hit “buy” before I had time for second thoughts. I’ll give you an update once it arrives. In the meantime, check out the band, but listen on Grooveshark, as Spotify don’t have nearly all their stuff.

Math the band website

* This is the first band I have ever bought leagal downloads from, that’s how much I like them.

Hate the haters

As if this shirt wasn’t ugly enough, they had to place it on that “ooops, I vomited bubblegum and icecream all over the wall” background.

To be fair, this is not a bad shirt at all, it’s just not my style, design wise. Colorful print on white shirt… not my thing. Like the christ bashing and the heavy metal lettering though!

Get it from Apollo Krieg (great name).

HipSoul Clothing – band and movie shirts with a difference

If you’re into any of the movies or bands (kind of a heavy slant towards classic rock and metal, but some other stuff too), you could do a lot worse than getting a shirt from HipSoul clothing. Beautiful and different designs I’ve seen nowhere else. Butt ugly web site but (seemingly) great shirts.

David Koresh – “God Rocks” t-shirts, will they ever be reprinted?

If you’re old – like me – you may remember Waco, Texas. The Branch Davidians was a classic christian cult with David Koresh as their leader, treating the rest like shit, fucking whoever he liked – the normal stuff for leaders of the brainwashed believers, it seems. Authorities, drawing the line at child abuse, tried to raid the cult’s compound, ending up with a few dead cult members and FBI agents. Then followed a 51 day siege, which ended in an attempted storming of the compound, which then burned to the ground, killing dozens of cultists. The wikipedia entry is pretty interesting… those people were weeeeird!

Anyway, strange as it may seem- one of the things I remember most about the people in Waco was the shirts they had. Here’s what they looked like:

The guy playing guitar? You guessed it: it’s David himself. Apparently, these were made for all the members of the cult. David had his band insinde the compound, if I remember correctly, and they would rehearse for hours and force the other members (who were pretty much dead tired from working 14 hour shifts to feed the cult) to listen. I’ve always wanted one of these (sans the back print, if possible), but have never been able to find one.

Now it seems like someone is planning a re-print! And not just anyone, someone who was there at the time. Weeeird. I still want one though.

Mash-up shirts, lots of them!

Oh, the joy of a good mash-up shirt! I’ve posted a lot of them here in the past and today I thought I’d do a small round-up of mashups. Let’s go!

Remember these? Well, here’s another comedy mash-up, mixing The Misfits with Bill Hicks. Should be available here (but isn’t right now).

Oh fuck yeah! Mixing Discharge with Descendents, what a stroke of genious! Get it here! Now.

I should have split these into separate posts, some of these shirts are so damn good. Mixing Mayhem and Morrissey… maybe I need to get me one of these! This kickass shirt can be found here.

I’ve posted a number of Masters of the Universe shirts in the past – here’s one mixed up with The Misfits (a very popular mashup subject – that’s what you get for having iconic artwork I guess). Used to be available here.

Here’s one that only guitar nerds will get – a Gibson/Fender mashup. Get it here.

Would anyone care to venture a guess as to why the website is no longer online? Can you say “lawyer”? No way to get this anymore I guess…

Powell/Peralta mixed with a bit of Darth Vader. I know I keep saying I don’t like Star Wars shirt and still post them, but what am I to do, there’s a quite a lot of good ones out there you know? Get it here.

I’m pretty sure the most humorless of all super heroes would NOT be amused to be mashed up with one of the most insane killers in litterature. Get it here.

Vitamin C shirts – what’s happening?

A few years ago, some Japanese weirdos/geniouses claimed they’d figure out how to make a t-shirt that emmitted vitamin C into the body of the wearer, stating they would expand both in to other kinds of clothing (lingere mainly) and other kinds of healthy stuff.

Now… what ever happened to that? I can’t find anyone selling them so they don’t seem to exist and I can’t find any news of the idea being scrapped. It’s a brilliant idea, right? Actually, it’s a pretty horrible idea, but I suck at eating fruit so I would probably benefit from one. Still, it would have to look a HELL of a lot better than the shirt pictured here or I’d rather die of scurvy than wear it.

Finally, a commercially available KLF shirt replica!

If you follow this blog, you know how surprised I am that nobody has printed replica KLF shirts, seeing as the originals are very very expensive on the rare occasions when they pop up on eBay. Well, finally it seems somebody has listened to me. Ok ok, technically it’s a JAMs shirt, and I’m not even sure it’s a 100% accurate replica (I’m not THAT much of an anorak) and it’s a white shirt, which means I’m not super interested, but still – a definite step in the right direction. Oh man, it’s grim up north, right?

Red Stag shirts – whiskey drinking for people with a sweet tooth


Red Stag. The name alone makes my mouth water…

I’ve never been much of a whiskey drinker. My wife is a great lover of Islay single malts and has always frowned at the bottle of Grant’s I bought in a duty free shop years and years ago and which has since sat pretty much untouched at the back of the liquor cabinet (well, one of them).

But then, this spring, I was introduced to Red Stag. Jim Beam bourbon, infused black cherry flavors. Damn, that stuff is good. Yeah, it’s not for purists, but I was never one of them and I’ve always been partial to sweet drinks and coctails, so… what the hell. Not that it’s necessarily a good thing, but suddenly I drink a lot more hard liquor than I’ve ever done in the past. A finger (or two) of Red Stag in front of the tv or at the end of a meal, very nice.

So, I thought I’d have a look at Red Stag merch. Unfortunately, Jim Beam decided to go with fucking Kid Rock as a spokes person for Red Stag, which almost (but just almost) made me turn the back on the brand alltogether. So that fucks up some of the merch. Next, it seems they’ve made the mistake of printing a lot of shirts where the prints are way to small. But then, as seen in the photos above, they’ve done a couple of shirts (well, it’s the same shirt in different color combinations, I guess) that are actually very nice. The red one is available from the Red Stag web store and the brown one is up on Ebay now. Unfortunately, none of them are available in a size that fits me, but I’ll keep looking.

Original vintage black metal shirts – and more

If you’re looking for rare, original en expensive old metal shirts, have a look at the site of Neseblod Records. The website is fucking impossible, photos are small and there’s little info, but holy crap do they have a lot of old and rare shirts! Heavy slant towards norwegian black metal, but lots of other metal (and punk) stuff too.

Vintage Burzum, Mayhem and Darkthrone shirts… even I, who never listen to black metal, get a bit excited!

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