I’m back

No, no, I won’t brag about “being back” every time I post anything, just because I no longer update a lot. I’m back from England, having spent 5 days moping around London. You may recall that my last visit was a success, shirt wise. This one wasn’t. Hell, I don’t know what’s gotten into the brits, not only did they try to sell only butt-ugly, preppy summer cloting, but all the shirts sucked long, hairy ass! The hottest thing to wear this season is apparently a white shirt with a big, square, over-saturated photo on it, and some bold white letters on the photo saying something completely meaningless. I’m serious – I must have seen about a billion different shirts like that.

I almost picked up a new Ghostbusters shirt. It’s weird – I’ve been looking for a nice, distressed black shirt with just the logo on it, but when I finally found one (in Spitalfields market, in case you wanna go look for one), I just didn’t feel like it anymore. Too bad.

The only shirt even worth posting a picture of, is this one. It’s from Uniqlo, which is a brand I’m appreciating more and more. However, they do a ton of t-shirts and none of them felt wearable. The weird thing, to me, about this shirt is that it is an official collaboration with Coca Cola. Uniqlo being Japanese, it’s easy to assume “Coke City” is just some engrish phrase, but no – apparently Coca Cola are ok with a shirt that sounds like something out of a song by the Dwarves.

Vintage KLF shirt on eBay now!

Holy fucking crap! This shirt, I have been dreaming about! I’ve only ever seen it on a shitty photo of Pixie Geldof, only hers was black – even more desirable of course! The only thing stopping me from mortgaging the house at the moment, is the fact that this is a bit on the small side for me (and it’s white). Damn, this has got me going, KLF shirts on eBay doesn’t happen every day and THIS one, the best one they ever made! I’d be disappointed if this didn’t sell for an obscene amount of money!

Hell, why don’t anyone just buy it and start running reprints? Please? The classic front, the sleeve print and that FANTASTIC back print! Hell, I might buy it and starve myself into it! Only, once you’ve paid what I expect this to sell for, you’d be afraid to wear it in public. Like I said: reprints please!

Join the bidding!

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