That’s it – thank you and good night!

Ok, it’s not like I’ve been doing a lot of blogging the last couple of years so most people probably assumed this blog was dead. But since I lost interest when I was at about post 980 or so, I figured it would be nice to make it an even 1000 posts. So here it is: post #1000. Yeah.

When I started this blog I was way too interested in shirts. I would spend ages trawling the web for that perfect shirt and spent a lot of money buying the ones I liked. And for a while, when I was the most active, it got even worse (as it often does when you let yourself sink deeper into an obsession) and I thought t-shirts was the most important thing. Yeah.

But then suddenly, it started feeling like a chore. I started looking too much at visitor statistics, frantically posting stuff to keep my numbers high. I had managed to turn something I liked into what felt almost like work. Yeah…

So, no more shirt blogging from me. These days, I pretty much only buy shirts with prints when it’s a band I like – no more pop culture reference or political campaigning. These days, I’m more into making stuff myself, I think, at least at the moment. Knowing me, I’ll probably find something new to spend all my mental energy on within a year or two, and that’ll be the most important thing in the world. Yeah.

Anyway, thanks for paying attention, I hope you found something you liked here. Cheers. Yeah.

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