Anatomically correct tights

Talk about muscle pants! You know, sometimes I step away from the strict t-shirt theme and feature other things I find amusing – like these tights. I bet these would really disturb a lot of people at the gym (and, if worn by the model in the product photos – also distract). Get them here.

Destroyer Clothing – influenced by METAL

Yeah yeah, so metal shirts are available in abundance. But this is not your standard “slap the record cover on a shirt and be done” or “make it printed-all-over in all colours you have” metal shirt. These sport very classy illustrations and no band names. Angel of Death is influenced by Slayer, Machete Twins by Pig Destroyer and The Destroying Angel by Anaal Nathrakh. Buy them from Destroyer Clothing.

White riot

The Atari Teenage Riot webstore put up some new stuff and although I’m no fan of white shirts, I must say this one looks pretty clean and sharp. The skull hoodie on the other hand… what the fuck? How can it be this hard to draw a good looking skull??? “Delete yourself”? How about deleting this monstrosity of a shirt?

Get them here.

VI VI VI – the number of the beast

No, not “vivivi”, more like 666 I guess. Seriously, I wonder how many fashionably satanic shirts and brands I’ve featured here, and yet… I can’t get enough. Slapping an upside down cross on a shirt must be the most surefire way to get into this blog there is. Add to that a bunch of great product shots – don’t know when I last featured this many photos in a post – and you’re in my good books.

Would I wear this? Sure I would, the jesus shirt and the brand logo shirt – absolutely. Will the guy in the pink “like a virgin” top haunt me in my nightmares tonight? ‘Fraid so.

So, no top marks for originality to VI VI VI, but definitely up my alley.

Scream for silence!

Ok, so maybe it’s a bit hippy dippy (no pun intended) but I still like this take on the forever variable skull and x-bones thing. For those of you who are so inclined, there’s also a black and white version (unfortunately black print on white, instead of the other – correct – way around). Get it here.

World’s cutest hellhound

Aaaawwww! You know you need this! No? Neither do I, I must admit I don’t get the mix of cute and satan at all, but it’s definitely good for giggles. Get it here.

Get sleazy for Ron Weasley

There is an INSANE amount of Harry Potter related shirts. I’ve never imagined people would consider Ron Weasley a sex symbol before, but I guess wherever there’s a well exposed face, there is a pile of people who like it. Get this here or here (trust me, you don’t want the one in the middle).

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