Summer holidays

Ok, so… this is the last day before my summer holidays. Not that anyone reads blogs during the summer anyway, but if you feel things aren’t quite what they used to be around here, that’s why. I’ll be back in August  and who knows, maybe I’ll continue blogging then, and I’ve still got a few posts in the can that I’ll portion out in a trickle. Have a nice summer ya’ll, catch you on the flipside!

I fuck everything I kill

Worn like this, in a combo, it is kinda funny, but if they’re separated then it instantly gets a bit weird (but in a good way I think). Put one of these on a guy though and you enter creepy territory at blinding speed!

Atheists and scientists – unite and fight intelligent design and other crap like that!

Ok, here’s a butt ugly shirt for an important cause. You may think only a few barefoot crackers with fourteen toes still dispute the facts of evolution, but sadly that doesn’t make it so. If you’re dirt poor and uneducated, you have an excuse for not knowing how shit works. Being a well fed but brainwashed midwestern housewife is not an excuse.

AtheistConnect are now giving away one of Jeremy Kalgreens ‘teach controversy’ shirts to the two people who come up with the best/funniest things to put on signs when two of their staff (or whatever) attend Rick Perry’s ultraconservative prayer event–”The Response.” in August.

You know, I realize I may come off as rather anti-religious at times. And yeah, I guess I am. But then again, I usually don’t have a problem with people believing in whatever the hell they want to, as long as:
– their beliefs never try to restrict anyone but themselves
– they don’t ask me to ever take them seriously, no matter what they’re saying

The latter part may be harsh, but picture it yourself. Say I believe in something you yourself know to be completely non-existent. Let’s pick… gnomes. Let’s say I wholeheartedly believe in gnomes (the garden variety). They exist, I tell you. And furthermore: YOU need to change the way you live (and your kids curriculum) according to what the gnomes teach us is the correct way. You’d dismiss me as a crackpot, wouldn’t you. Thought so.

Ok, enough juvenile existentialism for one morning, let’s just get high and ____ some ______.


AC/DC shirt

You know, finding a good looking ac/dc shirt is not easy. I mean, for a band that sells millions of shirts, you’d think they’d have a few that were ok. They don’t. And neither do the pirate shirt fringe. There were nice shirts way back when, but the costiness on eBay… nah! I guess this guy came to the same conclusion and made his own. And a nice one it is too. I love that totally wrong font, wrong-looking lightning bolt, smudged paint… great!

Dave Mustaine

Hahaha! Dave was fired from Metallica almost 30 years ago and is still bitter about it. The “big four” are invading Sweden (well, Gothenburg at least – I guess it’s technically part of this country) and I couldn’t care less. That metal stuff never meant shit to me.

BLACKND make mostly music/metal related shirts and they’re not bad either. Even though I would never, in a million years, wear that crabcore shirt, I applaud the initiative. Kids; just say NO!

Juxtapoz shirt

Oh man! You know I love shirts that could potentially offend people. Especially religious patriots. Well, there ain’t nothing religious about this, but it could sure piss off a flag waver or two! Juxtapoz mag sells a bunch of shirts but this is by far my favorite! Get it here.

Rabbits with guns

Normally, ‘cute animals’ isn’t really my thing, but I thought this was a bit funny and I also like the placing of the print. Get it here.

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