Ok, I’m sure you could care less, but apparently, I just bought this shirt on eBay. I like the number 84 for its Orwellian qualities and I was too cheap to buy this shirt. This one was dirt cheap (and less obvious). Stay tuned for a review once it arrives.

Honor the brave?

Honour Over Glory and We the Brave have made a shirt together and, naturally, it says “Honour the Brave” but also “Change the world”. The money they make from it goes to “charity”. So… I set out to find out just exactly what charity that might be. Turns out it’s “Help For Heroes, a charity here in the UK who support the servicemen and women of the British Armed Forces”. Yeah. Donating to war isn’t quite the thing I’m into so… I’ll pass on this one, even though it’s a good lookin’ shirt, and cheap too!

Get it here.

Give them nothing

Take from them everything. Stay brave.

Available as a t-shirt and a baseball jersey. Rapidly going out of stock so hurry if you want it.

Spray-on clothing

It’s Sunday nite and I’m bored in front of the computer so I thought I’d just share this with ya. Maybe you’ve seen it already. Here’s the scoop:

Scientists at Imperial College London have developed a liquid clothing spray that hardens on the body and turns into a reusable garment.

So, not specifically t-shirt related, I guess you could spray on a pair of pants, a belt or whatever the hell you want, but let’s not get stuck on that, ok? Watch the video of a lady getting sprayed by a scientist instead.

Holy CRAP, I want this shirt!

Oh wow! I can’t tell you how much I’d love to own and wear this shirt! Not enough to spend 200+ Australian dollars on it though… For some reason, vintage Quo shirts don’t pop up on eBay that often, I wonder why? Get it here!

That… demon thing. It’s SO not Status Quo, it’s hillarious!

DAMN, where’s my Dellamorte shirt? I think one of my favorite shirts is missing!

I went to see Usurpress last night. It’s not exactly my cup of tea, but the vocalist, Steffe, is a good friend of mine that I don’t get to see often enough, and a truckload of people I know were there and a good time was had by all. After the gig, I got talking to Danne, who plays the bass in Usurpress. He’s one of the first people I got to know after moving to Stockholm and has previously played in bands like Tyrant, Diskonto, Insision and Dellamorte. The first Dellamorte album… damn, THAT is definitely my cup of tea. The second album also has some very very good stuff on it and although the third one was too much metal for my taste, Dellamorte is a band I miss.

Anyway, we talked a bit about the possibility of a reunion (not totally out of the question according to Danne) and I suddenly realized it’s been quite some time since I last saw my old Dellamorte shirt. I bought it from Danne in… 1997 or so, and I think it was pretty limited. It is also the only Dellamorte shirt I’ve seen that doesn’t have a colorful print and prints on the back/sleeves and all that metal-ish crap. I’ve worn it a lot and for the last few years I’ve only worn it at special occasions. Well… I recently went through all my shirts to weed out what I never wear and it wasn’t there. WTF? How do you lose a t-shirt? And why did it have to be that shirt? That sucks. I hope they do a reunion and if they do, I hope they print black t-shirts with just the logo. I’d buy at least two.

I know, normally you put a black square to cover just the eyes of people. This photo though… I look like an idiot. Trust me, it’s better for all of us this way!

More animals driving tanks

Since some of you seemed to enjoy the squirrel driving a tank, and since anyone in their right mind likes Hipster Hitler, I thought I’d show this to ya:

Get it here


Seriously Norway, what the fuck is your problem?

Ok, I know you feel you have every reason to feel hostile towards Sweden. Whe have always made fun of your funny way of speaking, your dorky style, your lack of car industry and another gazillion things that are wrong or laughable about Norway (one of the best examples can be found here). But I mean, come on – the whole black metal thing surely redeemed you a bit on the cultural front (hardly anyone remembers Jan Teigen anymore, I promise) and all that oil money should have wiped out a bit of your little brother complex by now, I would think – with you rolling in dough and us swedes getting poorer every day.

So, with all that in mind, doesn’t it seem a bit… immature to name your apparel brand Anti-Sweden? Is it really that horrible, being Norwegian? Just so you know, we’re not anti-Norway in any way. We just laugh at you and ignore you, pretty much (except for the Troll Hunter movie, that’s like, the best thing ever out of your country).

Also, having a town named Hell is kinda cool, I guess. But still… sheesh, chill the fuck out guys.

Gaiu and Roms waving their hostile flag. Where’s Brummund, guys?

Shirts that never happened – Bäddat för Trubbel

Bäddat för Trubbel – saviors of Swedish rock n roll! Seriously, if you haven’t heard them, check them out on Facebook, Myspace, Youtube or Spotify right now. Today, they posted a bunch of t-shirt ideas that were too dumb to be made into actual shirts (and yes, there’s a Black Flag rip-off shirt there, there’s no end to them). Too bad, I love the police bastard shirt! I also love when bands let you see stuff like this (we have a similar thing on my band’s website).

Here are som shirts that DID make it (showcased by handsome bass player Ola), I guess you can buy most of these from the band or at a gig, once you’ve realized their greatness.

Lick my legs!

Lick my legs is a French shirt brand, so it makes sense (to me) that their shirts are a bit weird. But hell, when you name a shirt “Blitzkrieg bop”, you’re ok with me (yeah, I’m really that easy to please – pathetic, isn’t it?).

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