Shirt link of the day: Get it right, you IDIOT!

Ok, so you wanna make a shirt that pays tribute to the classic Little Richard song “Tutti Frutti”. Great. I like Little Richard and I’m greatly looking forward to, at some point in time, getting the full, undisclosed biography of the madness that is his life and even though I much prefer songs like “Rip it up” or “Ready Teddy”, “Tutti Frutti” is an iconic song, no doubt about it. And although you picked colors that aren’t quite my style, I can live with that – the type is big and bold and all that.

BUT! How about fucking LISTENING to the song you’re quoting and trying to get the lyrics right? Do it. Play “Tutti Frutti” and try to sing along in the words of Paris-based Original Music: A wop bop loo a bop a lop… wtf??? French much, are you – you frog eating, beret wearing, baguette clutching mongos? Stick to blue and white striped shirts like the cliches you are!

Don’t get it here.

Shirt Link of the Day: I spit on your grave

Ultra mainly focus on designing bland hipster shirts that do nothing to me (although they score some points for the name of this shirt I guess). This one, however cliche retro, I like.

I didn’t what to hurt them – I only wanted to kill them

I spit on your grave

Hell yeah. Get it here.

Shirt link of the day: Space Nazis

In 1945 the nazis went to the moon. IN 2018, they’re coming back…

The tag line for the Finnish movie-in-the-making Iron Sky makes my mouth water! Apparently though, they don’t have quite all the money they need and are now looking for private investors to be able to complete this masterpiece. I hope some people start giving them some of their hard earned cash because I sure want to see this one!

Then again, if they make a few more great shirts like this one, scraping together the necessary funds should be a walk in the park. Get it here.

Shirt Link of the Day: Carry a big stick

Roosevelt was, to my knowledge, pretty cool. A real man’s man. Inspired by a quote from him – “speak softly and carry a big stick”, this shirt pays tribute to a man from a different era, when politicians would not reduce themselves to game show hosts in order to gain a few votes. A time when men wore 3 piece suits and stood by their ideals. Hell yeah. Also, shirts with baseball bats on them are always nice. Get it here.

ENJOY COCK – Björk endorses poultry

To be honest, there is only one reason for posting this and it ain’t the shirt, but rather to remind those readers that like good looking women about the days when Björk looked this good.

These days, she prances around in the weirdest crap she can lay her hands on and has lost quite a bit of her youthful looks.

Oh, the good old days…

Shirt link of the day: The Ramones sold more t-shirts than albums

I’m in Copenhagen for a episerver training so I don’t have time to write anything smart. Here’s a funny shirt, too bad the Ramones logo sux ass, or I might buy it. Get it here.

Shirt link of the day: We don’t care about your generation (+2)

Just when I was starting to think I’d seen most good and fairly large shirt webstores, I came across Digital Gravel today. Ok, fine, they are in no way strictly a shirt store, they sell all kinds of stuff (including this pillow with cassette tapes on it), but they sure have enough shirts to keep me occupied for a while.

Let’s start out with this one. I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but if I was 15 years younger… Maybe it works the other way too, I’ll wear this to show my disdain for youngsters today? I would have wished for a bit bigger line height but I guess you can’t have it all? Buy it here.

Frequent readers know about my problem with light colored shirts. Here’s another one that might make me reconsider though, there’s something about high contrast photos of riot cops that makes me all warm inside… Buy it here.

And finally, another white shirt from Digital Gravel. Yeah. Buy it here.

Shirt link of the day: Redemption

Not all that much to say today except that I like the looks of this shirt. A bit too generic and anonymous maybe, but well executed. Apparently, Redemption is hot shit right now, mucho hype. Buy it here.

What’s the point???

I just followed a link from some shirt blog to see the Hellz site. It seems they’ve gone out in a grand way, announcing their new 2010 venture “Her story”. Although I kinda like the shirts pictured here, that alone would not have been enough for a mention on this elitist asshole blog, but something weird struck me and I just can’t figure it out.

Why do a photo shoot and make some sort of “lookbook” (I absolutely HATE that word) when you’ve got nothing to sell? Ok, maybe it’s “nothing to sell YET”, but that’s even more strange! If you go to the webstore, looking to buy the “Kiss me where I pee” shirt – there are exactly two items in their shop. Two. Ok? Is this about creating a buzz? Fuck your buzz, I won’t be visiting your (oh so fashionable but completely pointless) crappy site again, that’s for damn sure.

Shirt link of the day: One to rock…

…one to stock.

While I wouldn’t wear this shirt, I’m behind the idea all the way. Find something you like – buy AT LEAST two of it. Man, I wish I’d bought 10 pairs of the old Converse onestar, the black suede version with a reflective star on it. The great thing about shoes is that no matter how fat or skinny you get – your feet are still the same size. Buying ten pairs of jeans for the future can easily come back and bite you in the ass, settle for one extra with clothes, I’d say. Unless you want a third copy that stays in the plastic bag as an archive copy forever.

Also, Imelda Marcos references are always fun. Get it here

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