Bill Murray and Hunter S Thompson

Yeah yeah, this hasn’t exactly been a happening place lately. There’s tons of stuff I’d love to post but I just don’t have the time. Or the drive. In the meantime, here’s a pretty great photo of Hunter and Bill on a boat, in what I can only assume are custom made shirts. Things looked better before Cafepress….


This is why we can’t have nice things – indeed!


Meet Robber Barons Ink. They make shirts. Some of them have pretty good and/or funny messages. However, in my opinion, the robber barons are missing one fundamental element: good design. Yes, I know: slapping things in sans serif fonts on a plain shirt obviously works great for a lot of companies but christ almighty – it gets boring!

robberbaronTake this shirt for example. This is a good shirt that could have been great. Somebody needs to realize they are good at copy but need a bit of design support. IF they want to get better, that is – it could well be that the whole idea behind this operation is “I do this only to get to design my own shirts” and then I guess we’re stuck.

Murray x-mas!

I told you the x-mas shirts would keep coming! Here’s one for those of us (me) who think comedies were a lot better in the eighties. For me, there was never any question who was the greater comic genious – Chevy or Bill but why choose – get both Murray Christmas and Have a very Chevy Chrismas from society6. Also available as sweaters for that cozy x-mas feeling. And hoodie. And tote bag. And iPhone skin. And…

Ray’s occult books (yup – GHOSTBUSTERS again)

Normally, I’m not a great fan of BustedTees, but this is a pretty nice idea for a Ghostbusters shirt, I have to admit. Too bad it’s so ugly. The fact that I can’ remember whether this is from GB1 or 2 is a clear sign I need to see them again soon though. Get it here.

On the subject of x-mas…

I just had to re-blog (or whatever the heck you call it when you steal others people’s blog post without adding anything whatsoever to it) the x-mas post from one of my favorite shirt blogs, Shirthunters. Murray Christmas can be bought from Bear Hug (although why you’d wanna buy  an x-mas shirt NOW, I dunno).

Great movie inspired shirts from 8-bit ZOMBIE

Faithful readers know that I am very fond of good movie shirts, especially the kind that don’t say WATERWORLD (or whatever movie) across the top, but more subtle shirts that requires a bit of knowledge about the movie for it to be recognizable. In the past, I haven’t always been the hugest fan of what 8-bit ZOMBIE have been up to, but now we’re finally in sync. The new website: great. The “collectors card” previes: great. The new shirts…

Well, there’s lots of them, they’re movie inspired and they are often quite subtle. Look at the one inspired by “They live” for example (bottom right). Great stuff. Apart from these Ghostbusters, They Live and Breakfast Club (who all happen to be movies I like a lot), they also have The Neverending Story, Beetlejuice, Labyrinth and some that I have no idea what they refer to (and 8-bit ZOMBIE aren’t telling – I kind of like that despite it being a bit frustrating). They also have meshback hats for The Goonies, Big Trouble in Little China and so on. Check it out!

Is that….

Ok, this photo is from the latest Johnny Cupcakes blog post, about him being shacked up at home, writing a book. Is this for real? See the painting on the left? Who’s that?

VIGO, that’s fucking who! Despite the movie sucking all kinds of ass, this blows my mind! Is this an original movie prop, I ask?


Ghostbusters – too old again!


A while back, I found a KISS shirt I was too old for. 

Now it happens again – I’m way too big for a shirt I want! Ok, so a bit of distressing would have been nice, but even without it, this is a classic, clean Ghostbusters shirt. Available in the kids department at H&M now.

It’s groundhog day

Today is groundhog day. Only, living in a somewhat sane part of the world, that only refers to a movie to me, not so much a holiday. Groundhog day is a weird movie, in the sense that I don’t seem to get sick of it. Not that I watch it every other week or anything, but I’ve seen it a fair number of times and it still keeps. Bill Murray probably has a lot to do with it – I know everyone started loving him after Lost in Translation but hey, the guy’s been a genius pretty much all along, ok?

So, I figured there’s gotta be Groundhog Day shirts out there and went looking. I was fairly sure Last Exit to Nowhere would have one, but nope. There really isn’t much available, except for Zazzle shit like this:

Who the hell wears this shit? I found one shirt that I didn’t totally hate at the website with the barf inducing name LOLmart, it looks like this:

Yeah, it’s Punxsutawney Phil, dressed in Bill Murray’s costumes from Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day and A Life Aquatic. I’m no fan of the super simple Illustrator style artwork but the idea is not half bad I suppose. Get it here.

Happy Groundhog Day!

Ghostbusters. Yes, again.

Whoa, another Ghostbusters shirt pops up and not a bad one either. Dark Bunny only makes movie related shirts and I must confess that most of their shirts don’t excite me very much, not even the few that are related to movies I actually like.

This one, however, I like. Faithful readers know I love shirts that demands a bit of knowledge to be understood and this one does not say Ghostbusters or carry any easy leads (well, maybe ‘Tobin’s spirit guide’ could be counted as easy – depends who you ask I suppose) and it’s even well designed. For those who are into that, there’s even a glow-in-the-dark edition. Get it here.

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