This can’t go on forever…

Ok, this ‘no updating’ stuff has to end soon, if for no other reason than that Actual Pain have a new look book out. Exciting times, n’est-ce pas?

Paper Root

I haven’t looked in on Paper Root Clothing for a while and they have a bunch of new stuff that I like, so have a look. This shirt cracks me up. Why don’t people go for this look anymore (and I don’t mean the blue shirt look, but the crazy eyes/feather crown look)?

Still no shirts

You know, you’d think I’d be posting heaps of stuff now that I don’t have to work. However, I managed to bring two computers with me but none of them with Photoshop on them, so I can’t create my my high-level artwork you’ve all become acustomed to, so… no posts for another two weeks probably. Oh, and the connection between my phone and the internet is so slow, I can’t use that either. I bet you’re all at the beach anyway…

I just can’t stay away from them Star Wars shirts…

I suppose it’s inevitable, with so many people loving Star Wars and it being such a HUGE geeky market, people just have to come up with good prints for them now and then – pure probability theory baby! So, although I don’t like Star Wars, I do like mashups a lot. Get it here.

Hot girls on shirts

If you’ve ever used myspace, you’ve seen them (or if you frequent any of the others of myriads of community websites out there) – girls with ‘sexy’ profile photos of themselves, taken in a mirror, using a phone camera. There’s not exactly a shortage of them…

I’ve written about No Ono before (NSFW link) and they really like putting girls on shirts. The latest three shirts deal with the photos described above. Like I so often say: not bad at all, just not for me. Get them here.


My band played with a band called E.A.T.E.R. (Ernst and the Edsholm Rebels) a few weeks back. They sold this shirt (altough I remember it as more blue than purple but I could be wrong).

I don’t understand this shirt at all.

This God save the queen remake features a photo of Victoria, crown princess of Sweden and has the words “God and the state” on it. This refers to a song of theirs. It was written in 1983, when Victoria was 6 years old. The song is about religion and Northern Ireland. So… what’s the connection to Victoria? I don’t get it. At all. She got married last year, is that it (it says “fuck the wedding” under the shirt on their website)? Getting hitched and oppressing a whole country under religious pretense isn’t exactly the same, is it? Weird.

Check out this band (and shirt) here.

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