Siberian Meat Grinder


Long time readers may remember when I wrote about Russian band Hoods Up 495, which later turned into Moscow Death Brigade, and I finally succeeded in my long time search for a Moscow Death Brigade shirt. By the time I got the shirt MDB had long since disbanded, but at least one member had gone on to form a new band, featuring members of Razor Bois and What We Feel:

Siberian Meat Grinder.

Yeah, that’s a pretty badass name and ever since I saw their video for Hail to the Tsar, I’ve been a fan. SMG play catchy as hell thrash, with a lot of hip-hop and punk feel to it, featuring masked members, harboring a fondness for graffiti and with a great eye for design. How can you not like these guys?


There’s one thing they sucked at though: selling merch to foreigners. Just like Moscow Death Brigade, all requests for merch were met with silence or a “no”. Apparently, the Russian postal system i so corrupt that it’s impossible to mailorder things out, the parcels get stolen too often.

Just as I was starting to think about reaching out to old aquaintances in the eastern block, I found this online store in Jekaterinenburg – Rocket shop  –  who had the SMG shirt I wanted. I’ve said it before: dealings with Russia are always a bit scary, but Alex at Rocket shop was very friendly and politely answered all my question (plus, there’s always Paypal buyers protection) so I went ahead and ordered not just the shirt, but also the brand new SMG tour edition CD that collect both their ep:s.

And, yesterday, a fantastically foreign looking parcel showed up in Stockholm with all my stuff (and a few free stickers – thanks!) in it. I am now a happy camper.

Do yourself a favor: follow Siberian Meat Grinder on Facebook and listen to all their stuff for free at Bandcamp.

I’ll give you my shirt when you pry it from my cold, dead hands


You know NRA, right? Gun-wielding american “don’t tread on me” nutcases. Freedom defenders. People who like the right to own and shoot guns and have organized to keep their right to do so. I dunno, I bet there’s all kinds of people in NRA, but to us liberal Swedes, they seem half crazy at times (and this is coming from a guy who loves shooting guns and likes ‘merica a lot). Anyway…

A few years back, I visited the NRA webshop and fell in love with some of the shirts there. However, the good people of the NRA didn’t want foreigners wearing their shirts and they flat out refused to ship them outside the u.s. Mmmmkay… So I ordered a couple and had them shipped to my friend Doug in Ohio, for him to ship them on to me. He never got around to it though, so a couple of years later he brought them with him to Poland, where we met up for the Napalm over Warzaw festival, but that time, I forgot to get them from him before I left. Finally, a few monhts later, he sent them to me but at that time, I’d lost so much weight, I could no longer wear them. By now though, I’ve re-gained so much weight I can finally wear my NRA shirts. Small silver lining on the fat issue, but still.

Because of this delay, this shirt is no longer available in the NRA store, but here are a few other great shirts that are. Just don’t try to get them shipped outside the u.s.



Unicorns, rainbows and grindcore


The band you see on the left is TRIGGER (FacebookBandcamp), a grindcore band from the eastern parts of Germany. A few things separate them from your average grindcore band – one being that more than half their live set is totally improvised (which is why their bassplayer always stands with his back to the crowd – so that he can have constant eyecontact with the drummer (the band has no guitarist)). Another thing that is slightly unusual is their merch. On the right is a spectacularly poor photo of the Trigger shirt I bought when my band played with them at Dräschfeschd  earlier this year. Normally, grindcore shirts are grim as heck, black and white affairs jam packed with skulls, nasty insects and omnious stuff. Not this one. Full color professional print in bright neon colors, picturing a winged unicorn surrounded by flowers, with a castle and a rainbow in the background. I worship the complete wrongness of this shirt, and my daughters are frequently talking about who gets the shirt when I die…

This is not listed among the merch on their Bandcamp page, but try contacting them through Facebook, they had plenty of these not so long ago.

YES! Finally! I can’t believe it! Moscow Death Brigade!!!

Man oh man, I can’t really remember ever being this excited about anything on this blog. You may remember quite a while back when I wrote about Russian balls of steel hip hopers Moscow Death Brigade? I wrote then about how hard it was to find their shirts (and when I say hard, I mean fucking impossible). We’ll, I’ve kept looking ever since. This summer, I met a guy wearing a Moscow Death Brigade in Czech Republic. I scared the shit out of him when I drunkenly and excitedly attacked him to find out where he’d bought it, and it turned out the Czech Anti-Fa sold a version of it to raise funds, but that was a couple of years ago and when I tried to reach them – they didn’t even answer my emails about it.

Then, about a  month back, I woke up and checked Facebook one morning and the band had suddenly dropped a post on their page, saying shirts were now available through Street Influence Records. I flew out of bed and immideately contacted SIR, who agreed to ship one to Sweden! Wasn’t expensive either, 10 euros for the shirt, 5 for the shipping – what a steal!

Then, nothing happened. Russia being Russia, I thought maybe that’s the last thing I’d ever hear from SIR, but they kept answering my anxious messages, saying they were still going to ship my shirt. Then, yesterday, this showed up at my home:


And inside, was this:


Yeah, I’ve got one now. My holy grail of t-shirt hunting. Well, this and a decent Limp Wrist shirt. Good thing I’ve still got that to look for or my life would be empty and meaningless.

I have no idea if SIR still has any left, but I didn’t want to post this until I got my shirt, partially because I didn’t want to jinx it, and partially because sending money to Russia always feels scary and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being ripped off. Well I wasn’t  – quite the opposite in fact, got some stickers and a pin, very nice! Ok, that’s all. Well, that was a BIG thing, right? Huge.


thiscloseGot a new shirt. I love this shirt in so many ways. To begin with, it’s a good quality Gildan shirt and the print is nice and thick (which works good on a print with so few large white areas), but that’s not it. To appreciate this shirt, there’s a few things you need to know. You need to know about the band Discharge. You need to know that once upon a time they decided to change their style and go from d-beat punk to some sort of hair metal. You also need to know about the band Disclose, and their relationship (worship) to Discharge. You also need to know that Thisclose is a band that plays hair metal era-esque Discharge music, with funny lyrics. Finally, you also need to recognize the old Discharge graphics with three skulls. Why they’ve been replaced by deer skulls? I haven’t got a clue – maybe there’s even more you need to know about this, but I’m guessing it’s because they’re from the highlands or something? I don’t know and I don’t really care – I love deer and would have bought this shirt for just the graphics.

Check out Thisclose on Facebook and Bandcamp. The shirts may be sold out as I got one of the last ones, but hopefully they’ll print more. Well, actually, since I have one, I’d be happier if they didn’t, but…. you know.

Math the Band

I discovered Math the Band through the “related artists” feature of Spotify earlier this year, while listening to Atom and his Package. If you ever felt Adam didn’t rock out enough and used way too few computer games sounds (and could have benefited from adding a lot of female backup vocals), Math the Band may be your thing. Then again, it’s not for everyone. Music with a sense of humor is a big no-no to a lot of people. I love it though*.

One thing I really like about Math the Band is that when Kevin formed it as a solo project in his early teens, he had a pin that said “Math” on his backpack, so he figured that if he named the band thus, he already had some merch for it.

Since I first started listening to them, they’ve been selling nothing but ugly merch, way too arty and childish for my tastes. The other day, though, I discovered this shirt in their online shop and hit “buy” before I had time for second thoughts. I’ll give you an update once it arrives. In the meantime, check out the band, but listen on Grooveshark, as Spotify don’t have nearly all their stuff.

Math the band website

* This is the first band I have ever bought leagal downloads from, that’s how much I like them.


Hey, guess what happened the other day? I bought a shirt! Doesn’t happen a lot these days, I must say, but I went to the OFF! gig and they’ve let go of their stupid “whites only” policy for shirts (the color of shirts, not the people allowed to buy them) so I coughed up some of my hard earned cash and… um… yeah, that’s pretty much it. If you want one, get it from the OFF! web store.

…DAMN, those guys were good!

I picked up the last one of these!

Remember this shirt? How I said I’d write and ask about a reprint? Well, no plans for that, but they did have one single shirt left and I instantly snagged it, couldn’t resist an oportunity like that. And yesterday, it finally arrived. Not crazy about the giant tag on the sleeve and by the neck, but the prints are great!

Nice Idiot!

I have a lot of personal connections to this shirt. First of all, I guess, I know all the people in the band. Norse, the bass player, is in the same band as me. Ove, the drummer, used to be in our band. Jocke, the guitarist, shares the rehearsal space with us and Micke T, the singer, is the guy from whom I stole the name for this blog (for which I feel bad). Also, this shirt was printed by my friend Andy. If you live in Europe and you need shirts printed, get in touch with Everyday Hate, chances are he can do it faster and cheaper than your local printer. He does all our shirts. Anyway, I really like this one, the black on charcoal thing, slightly distressed – very classy! If I remember correctly, I think the shirt is pretty limited so act fast if you want one.

There is also a back print (it says “The more I talk, the deeper I sink”) but when trying to get a photo of it, all I could see in the picture was this bald spot in the back of my head. My wife was very nice about it and claims it can’t be seen and that it must be a trick of the light but nevertheless… I won’t be posting that photo. Damn, I’m getting old! Also, I looked like an idiot (which would suit the topic, but I don’t feel like giving you the satisfaction) in this photo – thus the pixellated face.

You can find out more about Nice Idiot here.

New shirts – finally!

You know, sometimes, some redneck ass-backwards webshops in the u.s. of a won’t ship outside their own country. I don’t know whether they’re afraid us weirdos from Europe will screw things up or if they just assume international shipping is too complicated for them? Anyway, a few years back, I thought I was smart and ordered some shirts anyway and sent them to my friend Doug, who lives in Ohio, for him to send them on to me. Smart, huh?

Only… Doug didn’t get around to it and I wasn’t exactly reminding him very often so they stayed at his house. A couple of years ago, one of his bands were playing in Poland and we were traveling down there to meet up with them so Doug brought the shirts. On the night of the gig, I refused to accept them from him, I was too drunk and would only have lost them. I told him I’d get them from him the next morning. Except… my hangover erased it from my mind completely and they traveled BACK to America in Dougs pack. Fast forward a couple of years, I guess he got sick of having the shirts at his house and lo and behold, today they showed up at my house!

Yay! Finally! A ZZ top shirt! I love this one, although I’ll still be looking for an Eliminator jersey as well.

NRA! I love the NRA for my own reasons and I went haywire in their webstore.

Yeah! Guns!

Guns AND baseball bats, how great can things be?

There’s only one slight problem though. When I ordered these, I was a great deal bigger and fatter than I am today and even then, I think I may have overdone it a bit. I can go camping in this one…

You know, this is supposedly that classic 3/4 sleeve… I guess my seamstress Lolita will have to earn her money again. No, I’m not kidding, her name really is Lolita.

Only… that means the shirts will be gone for another couple of months (she’s cheap but not very fast)… Jeez!

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