Tecate shirt

tecateI am thinking long and hard about buying this off eBay right now. I like beer shirts (when they look good). I like eagle shirts. I like drinking Tecate. What’s stopping me? Three brimful shirt drawers, that’s what. That, and a wife that thinks I should buy less shirts. The big question is: would she notice?

I’ll give you my shirt when you pry it from my cold, dead hands


You know NRA, right? Gun-wielding american “don’t tread on me” nutcases. Freedom defenders. People who like the right to own and shoot guns and have organized to keep their right to do so. I dunno, I bet there’s all kinds of people in NRA, but to us liberal Swedes, they seem half crazy at times (and this is coming from a guy who loves shooting guns and likes ‘merica a lot). Anyway…

A few years back, I visited the NRA webshop and fell in love with some of the shirts there. However, the good people of the NRA didn’t want foreigners wearing their shirts and they flat out refused to ship them outside the u.s. Mmmmkay… So I ordered a couple and had them shipped to my friend Doug in Ohio, for him to ship them on to me. He never got around to it though, so a couple of years later he brought them with him to Poland, where we met up for the Napalm over Warzaw festival, but that time, I forgot to get them from him before I left. Finally, a few monhts later, he sent them to me but at that time, I’d lost so much weight, I could no longer wear them. By now though, I’ve re-gained so much weight I can finally wear my NRA shirts. Small silver lining on the fat issue, but still.

Because of this delay, this shirt is no longer available in the NRA store, but here are a few other great shirts that are. Just don’t try to get them shipped outside the u.s.



Is it real?


One of my top searches on eBay is “vintage *bandname* shirt”, usually for ZZ top, AC/DC or Motörhead, but a lot of others too. This will give you not only actual vintage shirts, but also vintage LOOKING shirts, distressed or designed to look old. This is not a problem in any way. What IS a problem, however, is where these groups intersect. Nobody would deny there are brand new distressed shirts being sold as authentic vintage shirts on eBay, but how can you tell? Sure, if the seller is located in the Phillipines or Indonesia, chances that a 80’s concert shirt from the u.s. has made it there are pretty slim, but sometimes it’s harder than that. When you get a poorly photographed shirt that just seems too cheap and too vividly coloured and the seller promises it’s an authentic shirt, but something just feels wrong… how much do you put as your maximum bid? There are certain sellers that seem to have an endless stock of bright vintage jerseys in perfect nick and even though there IS a chance they came upon a NOS (new old stock) gold mine, I kinda doubt it. When in doubt, I ask to see the inside tag. I don’t know if it’s harder to fake, but it seems nobody bothers, which means that so far, the rule of thumb “worn and faded tag = vintage shirt” has worked out ok for me. And, as always, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Bargains are usually found at the local flea market, not on eBay.

While looking for suitable photos for this text (and please note that I’m not in any way claiming all the above are fakes), I also came upon a few that were too nice not to share. Enjoy!


Drop fucking dead


Is it me or you? Have I lightened up and started being more accepting, or did the average quality of shirt design go up lately? Maybe it’s just that Dropdead have always been good and continue to be so? I’ve talked about them before and I still like their new stuff – so while I keep getting harder to impress, Dropdead continue to do so. Well done.


The illustrated mind


Seriously, I’m too dumb to figure out what The Illustrated mind is, but I’m guessing some sort of shirt label, releasing shirts designed by others, to be sold by others – some sort of curating middle man? With a facebook profile set up like a personal account rather than a page, little or no info on where to buy or any info at all, I can’t see this raking in the big bucks, but some of the designs are pretty good, I have to say. Maybe they’re being intentionally mysterious but that’s not the air they give off, they just seem weird and slightly incompetent. Sorry.


Mickey Mouse shirts – Mickey is dead!


Or is he? Nah, he’s very much alive. Inspired by the fan-fucking-tastick novel Makers by Corey Doctorow (seriously, if you haven’t read it: do yourself a favor and buy or download it (legally)), I went looking online for a “mickey flips the bird” shirt online, and whereas I found none, there were still a few other Mickey-inspired shirts on Etsy that I considered worth brining to your attention. So apparently, the modern equivalent of mom and pop stores aren’t big enough for Disney to set their lawyers on, which I guess makes sense but is still nice to see.

Thunder apparel


Oh-ah oh-aaaah oh-ah oh ah – THUNDER!  Yeah, whatever – I don’t have much to say, except that British company Thunder Apparel have some pretty nice shirts and good photos. Borderline run of the mill stuff, but I like the ones above, and these days, that’s actually saying something.

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