Metal, Star Wars and other dumbass stuff

Chances are, you’ve already seen these – I’m not exactly lightning fast these days. Here are som shirts that I find kinda good, despite the fact that they’re all dealing with stuff I don’t give a shit about: Star Wars, Metal and Metallica. All of this is stolen from Metalsucks.


First, the Metal Warz shirts. I just can’t resist logo stealing/tweaking/spoofing, as yo may know, so I thought this was a lot of fun. Made by the talented Sean Tidy it comes as no suprise they look really good. If I never see another Slayer spoof shirt again though, it’ll be too soon. Get these here.


Next up, the ‘Tallica shirt. As I said, I don’t give a damn about Metallica, except for when they did the first Misfits cover song, but I dislike Lars Ulrich as much as the next guy so… I gave some brief thought to explaining the joke on this shirt, but seriously – if you don’t know, you really need to read up on popular culture. Go read the Wikipedia Metallica entry or something. Get this shirt here.

Black Sanctuary

Here’s a company I can’t quite figure out. Some shirts seem genuinely inspired, while others are just zazzle-style pun shirts, inspired by metal and satanism – a very odd mix. So this time I actually bother to read the company blurb and find out that Black Sanctuary is based in Italy (non-english speakers trying to be funny/cool/whatever in English is always tricky) and apparently, they’re “into the occults”. Ok.

This part, though, I like:

Each item is digitally printed, not a cheap peel off print,but a professional directly-on-fabric one.
The vintage,dirty,rotten,shabby or sometimes even pixelated look of each tee is done on purpose.
Each item is carefully handmade and unique,which means that any shirt may slightly vary in color.

Here’s some of Black Sanctuary‘s massive output:



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