Shirt link of the day: Obey

We’ve all seen Obey stuff around, but so far, I haven’t really done my homework and figured out what the hell it is. But now I have. And, even after reading this article about how Shepard Fairey steals all his artwork (since I do pretty much the same all the time, albeit on a much tinier scale, I can’t really get too upset), I would still like one of the good looking Obey shirts. There’s one on eBay right now that I’m thinking about. We’ll see…

Ghostbusters shirt revisited

I was thinking about the “There is no Dana, only Zuul” shirt that Kristy posted in the comments to my last Ghostbusters post and I suddenly realized I’d forgotten about a few things back then, so let’s go back to look at things dedicated to one of the most important movies of my youth, ok?

The Gozerian Society shirt. Hell yeah. It’s subtle. It’s good looking. Even if you don’t know what it alludes to, it’s still a cool shirt, with the pyramid and the overall masonic look. Unfortunately, it’s been sold out in my size ever since I found it and I’m not crazy enough about it to lose 20 pounds to be able to squeeze into a size Medium. Buy it here, unless you need a size Large, in which case you’re fucked.

Here’s another one I’ve found during some desperate search for good looking GB-related apparel. Not as understated exactly and not very brainy, but loud and kinda fun, works for me. I’d wear it if someone gave it to me but I wouldn’t buy it (at least not order it online, MAYBE buy it in a store if I felt rich). Ok, now you’ve seen it, let’s move on.

And finally, this isn’t a shirt. So what? Notice that category “random crap”? Read my “About” text where I clearly state that I’ll write about whatever the hell I want. These are 12″ x 24″ screenprints. And they’re good looking prints too, have a peek:

Yeah, available in 2 color schemes – unfortunately though, the cool green version is glow-in-the-dark, which I’m no fan of in any situation. Another unfortunate thing about these prints is that they are/were only available through the mailing list at That wouldn’t have been such a big thing if it hadn’t been impossible to join the darn list! I signed up thrice and then I gave up. Although it does give you a nice, warm feeling inside to own limited, hard-to-get things, it’s an absolute pain in the derrière when it is not possible to obtain things you want. Ok, that’ll be all for now, I’ll go drink some wine and download Lost Boys or something.

Cassette tape shirts

What is it with putting cassette tapes on shirts? Even I have been struck by the idea ‘wouldn’t it be cool to slap a bunch of cassettes on a a shirt’ and mocked it up in Photoshop (fortunately, it went no further). Sure, they’re cool looking, just have a look at and feast your eyes on all them beautiful tapes, but still…

Also, I suspect that to younger people (I don’t exactly consider myself all that young anymore, no), they may hold some sort of nostalgic allure, kind of like what 8-track tapes are to me. We were talking just yesterday about whether the kids in high school these days even know what a ‘freestyle’ is (for some reason, a walkman wasn’t called a walkman in the Swedish 80’s, it was called a freestyle. Go figure)? Ray-bans, thrash caps, kneehole pants, neon colors – maybe the cassette is just another hipster 80’s accessory?

But anyway… let’s say you’re about to design a shirt and think to yourself; ‘what about putting a bunch of colorful tapes next to each other, I bet nobody’s ever thought of that before’. Well… actually…

(Glad to see that bright orange Agfa tape is so popular though. I had a 120 minute one with a couple of Status Quo albums on it and it never failed me, which tapes that long were prone to do)

‘But how about something different, still using cassettes?’. Nope, sorry, I’m afraid someone already thought of that too.

So, are there then no good cassette shirts? Well, yes AND no, I’d say.

The old ‘Hometaping is killing the music industry’ is a WONDERFUL pictogram, methinks. I absolutely love it to death – whoever came up with it is a genius! And I would have loved it on a shirt, if only the ‘we’re trying to make our unwillingness to pay for things we use into some sort of righteous political act’ goons of the Swedish pirate party and the supporters of hadn’t hi-jacked it. I have no problem with stealing things off the net, do it myself now and then, but don’t try to make it into some fucking liberty defending act, ok? You’re cheap, end of.

And, while trawling the information super highway for cassette shirts, I found out that even Obey fell into that ole tape trap. Pretty nice though. Get it here.

Finally, there is one cassette shirt I imagine could be kinda nifty (yuck, sorry for using that word, I know, I know). If a band were to make a shirt with tapes of all their albums maybe? Or an elitist shirt with their early, impossible to get, demo tapes. That might be cool. I won’t hold my breath though.

Shirt link of the day: Palmer Cash, now for less cash

This shirt is one I’ve really been wanting to buy. My mouse pointer has hovered over the “add to cart” button more than once, let me tell you. And now it MAY just happen, as Palmer Cash is having a back to school sale just like everyone else. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Is it just me, or does this shirt make everyone else think of the “We are born of hate” albym by Genocide SS when they see this album too?

Anyway, buy it here.

Shirt link of the day: the Lost Boys (done right and wrong)

The other week, I talked about Ghostbusters shirts and all the problems I’ve had with finding one I like. The thing about movie shirts, for me, is that I usually don’t want a shirt with the poster of the movie or even the name of it – I would much rather have a subtle reference to the movie on the shirt, thus enabling me to walk around, feeling superior to those who “don’t get it”. Yeah, I’m an elitist asshole, deal with it.

So, obviously, there are several ways you can go about it if you want to make a movie shirt. Take the old 1987 vampire classic, the Lost Boys. I haven’t seen it in a while, but I’m a big fan of Corey Feldman (no, not Corey Haim) so I probably should. Anyway, here’s ONE way of paying tribute to that movie, by Disturbia Clothing (who like big, scary prints with lots of colors).

And here’s another way of doing it. The Why Walz when you can Rock & Roll shirt is made by Found Item Clothing, who make tons of tribute shirts to 80s movies and mimics a shirt that can be seen in the movie. No need to tell you which one I prefer, is there?

(Added Aug 26) Speaking of Found Item Clothing AND Corey, I can’t keep this gem from you. Start following It goes to 11, I just did.

Another damn list: Engrish t-shirts

Ok, this is a real cheapskate thing to post but what the hell. I like shirts that make no sense. In the future, I hope to be able to bring you a selection of engrish shirts from visits to Polish New Yorker stores (since eastern Europe engrish is a lot more fun than Asian engrish), but in the meantime, giggle lazily at these fuck-ups

Shirt link of the day: DTA (Don’t Trust Anyone)

The title of this blog post could just as easy have been “Almost but not quite there” (like in that old Status Quo song you most likely haven’t heard). Making a shirt that falls on the finishing line is the saddest thing – much worse than making a crappy shirt. All that potential, wasted! You have a shirt that is *almost* there, but then someone makes a rash desicion and totally fucks it up.

DTA shirts are often cool-ish. Just look at the one pictured to the right here. Me like. Ok, so maybe it could have been less square-ish and frankly we could have done without the baby blue for that seal-thing on the lower side, but still – nice slogan and cool photo. (You can buy it here if you like it too.). All in all an ok shirt.

Now feast your eyes on the DTA “New World Crest” shirt. I don’t know about you (and quite frankly, I don’t give a shit eigther) but I like it a lot. A tad bit too loud, but I can live with that. But then… what happens? Some mentally challenged person decides that it’s just ‘not enough’, gotta add some more to it, an extra print will make it feel more exclusive and you suddenly end up with…

This. This is what you get when you don’t know when to stop adding things. Can you imagine those GIGANTIC, ugly letters on your back on a warm day, getting all sticky and sweaty. No you can’t because you’d never ever in a million years wear something looking like that (if you would, please stop reading this blog. thank you). Epic fail (as them internet youngsters say).

Ok. Now that we’re all totally depressed, here’s a nice shirt from Rouge Status (who I for some reason think are somehow associated with DTA (maybe DTA is just a shirt line from RS, who the hell knows). Buy it here.

Russian weirdness and satanism

There are shirt blogs and there are shirt blogs and then there is Blokk (to be honest, I’m not even sure – it may be a clothing company that has a blog, my Russian is not all that great). A lot of them – most actually – consist mainly of “here are the sales and coupon codes I’ve recently had emailed to me” and “here are this weeks releases from Threadless” and you have to sift through truckloads of muck to find a gem now and then. Blokk on the other hand post very infrequently, a lot of the posts I don’t understand at all, they link to very strange russian conceptual websites and it feels like every other thing they write is about Actual Pain. Then again, Actual Pain is sorta cool, so I’m ok with that. Gloomy, satanic and occult shirts. I have a feeling this is a Russian company but I’m not sure. Check it out!

Shirt link(s) of the day: end of summer Sales

Ok, just a short update to let you know about a couple of companies who, like everyone else, thought it would be a good idea to have a sale at the end of summer – très original! But anyhoodle, some of these look pretty good to me, maybe they will to you too.

First out, Rakes and Strays make big talk about “up to 70% off”. Yeah yeah, but still…

And second, Defamination do the same thing (but seriously, can you show me a single shirt company who’s not trying to get rid of stuff at the moment – even my band is doing it).

I kinda sorta like the prints on these but surely, the shape of the shirts is nothing like the actual shirts you get? They look like an old Ramones shirt I used to have that got all bent out of shape when laundered way to hot.

Ok, so, if you follow any of the big shirt blogs, you may already have seen this – most of the shirts I post about, I’ve been told about by someone else. So sue me!

Shirt link of the day: Never Sleep Again

Electric Zombie are having a sale. Most of their shirts are a bit too colorful for me, but this one I really like. Big-ass print but still kinda subtle, just like the reference to Elm Street. So, nice shirt, and when it sells for 10 bucks, why not buy one? Because it’s only available in XXL, that’s why. If you’re living it like it’s still 1995 and baggy clothes is almost as cool as ska-core, or if you’re just fat – pick it up!

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