Northern Tyrant

It’s yet another sad sign how this blog has been slipping lately that I haven’t mention Northern Tyrant before. Friends of mine are starting up their own shirt label, everything I’ve seen so far has looked fantastic and I still haven’t helped spread the word… pathetic.

northerntyrant1Anyway, the DIO baseball shirt has been a preorder project that has ran into a bunch of production snags that is to be expected for a new label, but it’s reportedly ready for delivery any day now. The Outlast shirt… holy crap, I love it! Charles Manson replaced by alledged Swedish prime minister killer Christer Pettersson, with a hardcore X replacing the swastika. Pure fucking genious! Can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next – be sure to like them on Facebook so you don’t miss out!

Neuromancer kickstarter shirt


Remember the great Neuromancer/William Gibson “Wintermute” shirt by The Affair that I’ve written about in the past. Finally, there’s another chance of getting one. The Affair are running a kickstarter project to help fund a reprint, so go chip in if you’d like a shirt (or a print)! Although I’m not a fan of the planned colours of this reprint, the project still very much has the official Shirts of Satan sign of approval.

Sex shirts


I’m pretty shure this won’t come as complete news to you, but there’s a lot of shirts out there brandishing various sex related prints. Most of them suck. Most of them try to say things like “I’m a funny guy” but actually just say things “I’m a creep”, “I will die lonely and unloved” or “I’m a giant dick who needs a punch to the face”.

These shirts though, I like. I could go on and try to explain why, but today I’m in a “if you get it, you get it and if you don’t then fuck you” kind of mood, so I won’t (but the thing that they both take a stand and both take a bit of guts to wear could be a hint).
No, sorry, no idea where to buy these.

The elusive Bigfoot


As I have said before, I’m a big fan of monster trucks. None of that modern Grave Digger crap, but the old stuff, and I’ve been wanting a vintage monster truck shirt for ages. This time, I really thought it was my turn. Look at that beauty above! A 1985 Bigfoot shirt, from Texas no less! Not pictured here, so you’ll just have to imagine it, but it even had what looked like a Zodiac Mindwarp-esque jizz stain up the front, down by the hem. Alas, it was not to be – some bastard sniped me on eBay and it sold for a bit over 50 bucks. I guess I’ll keep looking…



I know, I know – I am normally not super impressed with shirts that have nothing to say but the brand name – but since Abstruse make other shirts as well, and since their stuff is so damn good looking, I’m willing to make an exception. Nice stuff.

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