Damn italians!


When an Italian company suddenly pops up and start designing good shirts, naturally their website doesn’t work so all you can do is follow them on Facebook or Instagram. Well, what do you expect from a country where it’s impossible to tell national politics from organized crime and daytime soaps?


More of that same old same old, this time from Black Veins


A pop culture rip-off (Slayer, in case you have lived in the wild for 30 years), a hipster owl, a triangle based shirt with an upside down cross and a tattoo-like grim reaper with a skateboard. Raise your arm if any of this feels familiar. Raise the other one if you feel all these things have been repeated until you’d rather poke your eyes out than follow the shirt blog feeds if this is the best that’s on offer at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, these shirts aren’t all that bad, it’s just that I’ve already seen them a billion times. Oh, did I mention that all of them are branded with the Black Veins name too – another pet peeve of mine.

Yours truly,

Grumpy old fuck

Die Antwoord – Ninja tattoo shirt

I like Die Antwoord. The music, absolutely, but maybe even more their attitude and antics. If you’re not familiar with them, do yourself a favor and check them out. However, there is one area where this act fails, and that’s merch. There are no Die Antwoord shirts I would ever wear. This may be entirely intentional, it’s easy to see my esthetics are not theirs, but I still wish they’d just make a simple black shirt with their logo on it. Since they won’t, let’s look at this instead. LPD made a shirt, apparently for the band, featuring all of Ninja’s homemeade upper body tattoos.


This one’s not for sale, but you can get a similar one off Etsy.

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