Petals and Peacocks disappointment

There’s some new stuff from Petals and Peacocks out and compared to the stuff I’ve featured before, this is a disappointment. Way to colorful, cheerful, clean and… boring. I love the phrase “fuck shit up” though (enough so that one of my old bands had a demo named Fuck shit up), but that lightning bolt… nah. Let’s hope this is just a temporary dip, ok?

Oh, and that Photoshop copy I found? Doesn’t work today. If I could only find that pirated DVD my friend sent me a year back…



This ain’t no cross on my…. err… chest.

No, I didn’t quit. Not yet. But maybe I should, my stats have been way up these last days. I like to delude myself that there are all these people out there, frantically checking my blog to see whether I’ve updated it or if I’m gone forever. Most likely, some porn-bot got stuck or something.

Here’s one of them annoying shirts I don’t know where to buy, I just found an image of it. I’ve featured sooo many shirts with upside down crosses on them but this is one of my favorites. Maybe it’s just the contrast of that super clean shirt on that tattooed scumbag model, I dunno. Gotta love it!

Oh, and about my image problem? Turns out I’ve got the sucky version of Photoshop on one of my laptops. I thought it was just a 30 day trial but it seems to be fully functional, so I guess that’s no longer an excuse (I still have my new job sucking up most of my energy though so don’t expect me to start posting 3 shirts a day again any time soon).

Ok, thanks for staying tuned. I’ll be back.

Fuck this!

So, this was going to be a post about Today I Am, but you know what? Fuck it. I don’t know if this can go on much longer. Yesterday I had to spend an eternity trying to get an image into my post because Wordpress and Firefox wouldn’t play nice together and today my cheap-ass replacement for Photoshop; – which at first glance kicked ass – has given me nothing but endless trouble. I don’t have all that much time for this blogging stuff and if every blog post is gonna give me this much grief… there will be very very few posts in the future. Damn, I need a copy of Photoshop asap.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the slow pace I’ve been keeping lately.

I have truckloads of excuses. I’ve been out of the country for a few days (hopefully some of my t-shirt related endavours will appear here later) and I just started a new job. And my wife is sick. So, you know… Hope to speed things up soon, but not making any promises, ok?

I see an owl!

Or maybe it’s a monster? Or just squares? Ah, hell, who cares ? If I say it’s an owl – it’s an owl, comprende?

Apparently the shirt is inspired by Daft Punk and although that clashes with my owl theory, I really really like the fact that Handsome Clothing have looong explanatinos about what the intention behind their prints are. Love it. Get this shirt here.

Crooked Arrow

You know, sometimes I don’t have something witty or nasty or even all that much at all to say about something, but still feel it’s worth showing you some shirts. That doesn’t mean I show you everything I come across – pretty far from it, actually. That’s why I don’t have the output (or the readership. or the banner earnings) the big shirt blogs have. Well, a few other things probably matter too, like… I dunno, talent? Approachability? Mindless Threadless flooding? Sorry, my brain shut down about 10 minutes ago, I’ll be quiet now.

Here’s some shirts from Crooked Arrow:

Coffee and cigarettes

So, what do we have here? Another new hopeful brand with a pretty limited line – we’ve seen that a million times before. Really, I wouldn’t say Coffee and Cigarettes makes the biggest splash out there, but as you know, I like deer, I like to bring attention to Black Flag rip-offs and I like the slightly eerie feel to that black shirt. Tits, gun, rabbit mask… oooookay! I’ll keep my eyes on these guys, I have a feeling they may come up with good stuff if they stay in business.

I hate punks. I hate skins. I hate teds. I hate mods.

Götterdämmerung! You’d think the title says it all, wouldn’t you. Well, it doesn’t, not by a long shot. Simplistic as they may be, ther is no end to how happy these shirts from British Remains make me. When did someone last have a problem with teds, in 1979? The whole theme reeks of British nostalgia and I love it! I think I may have to get me that “I hate punks” shirt and wear it at shows. Get these wonderful shirts here. Now!

Fuck the truth – lies are the new black!

Remember Black Scale? Well, they’re still around, still making great shirts. Here’s some of them:

Oooh, that 911 shirt… sinister.

Raving is a sport

Remember when we established that dancing is a sport, too? Well, if it is, I guess raving would count as well. Only… normally, doing sports and illegal substances at the same time is frowned upon, I don’t know if that is a problem in the rave world cup or not. Probably not.

You know, I suddenly realize there are people who think dancing is a sport. The kind of people who dress in sequins and tails and dance the tango in a sweaty gym. The kind of people who like to make everything into a sport. Let’s just say I’m not one of them…

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