Night Watch


You just have to love that logo! What is Night Watch? Go find out for yourself, but I guess it’s one of those things that grew. In this case it started as a low brow art zine and then got bigger. I have to admit I still haven’t read the actual zine, but my finger is caressing the buy button as the new issue (#5, the puke issue) was just released – it seems to have som fan-fucking-tastic artwork in it.

Not only do they make zines, Night Watch also has some merch, including shirts. The one above is dirt cheap at 10 bucks! The one below to the left is a pre-order shirt featuring the cover art of the puke issue and at 20 bucks, it’s not exactly breaking the bank either.


Mixing Alfred E with GG Allin? Yes please!


Satanic Jägermeister shirt

Remember Weird? If you do, and if you like them, I recommend you follow them online somehow, because their output is staggering! Way too much for me to cover it all, especially these days when my blogging has become les frequent. Anyway, let’s set Weird aside for a while and talk about me, ok?

I love deer. Can’t say why, they’re just so cool and good looking. From paintings to porcelain figures, woodcarvings (don’t get me started on cuckoo clocks) and liquor bottles, I’m just a sucker for them.

I love Germany. Lots of people will frown when you say that but damn – it’s a great country! I especially love the southern parts, down by the alps (and I certainly don’t mind the Austiran or Swiss parts of the alps either (Italy, as always, can burn in hell)). The whole alp concept – from traditional dressing to music, to nature and buildings, everything seems nice there.

I am also a fan of what is frequently called “old English” fonts – the type of fonts used in old books that were hand written by monks.

So, taking all of the above, it’s not strange that I really WANT to like Jägermeister. The bottle is so damn good looking and so is the logo. But, of course, it’s central place in the culture of idiots, lads and college jocks makes it impossible for me. Which is sad. For years, I’ve been thinking about remixing their logo somehow but never quite cracked it. Well, Weird beat me to it.


Turning the cross upside down, replacing the deer with a goat (even though I’m sad to see it go)… well played! I like this! Get it here.

Now, all I need is for them to make a t-shirt version of this and I may be sending money to Brazil.

Hands on tits


Not my most poetically named post, I must admit, but still: it is a fairly true description (and I’m hoping it will generate lots and lots of perv traffic). I’m kind of fascinated by all these shirts that are meant to make you look naked, or at least semi-dressed and I wonder A) how deceptive they really are and B) who the hell buys them. I suspect most are bought for someone else. It would be pretty unsettling to see this on a hairy middle aged man though… That back print though, that doesn’t even look good on the model, it makes her look like a gross, fleshy maggot or something.

Get it here

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