Future x-mases will be hot

I’ve been working for Greenpeace for the last couple of years (but am no more). During these years, I’ve been trying to convince people we/they/whatever, I’m confused, should be selling t-shirts. The only reason I’ve been given why Greenpeace Sweden does not sell shirts is that it was tried in the 80s and it was a lot of work. Ok…

To inspire my former colleagues, here are a couple of nice shirts that Greenpeace Spain are selling. You may not know this, but normally, Greenpeace shirts are butt ugly and poorly designed. These are not.

Remember the fake x-mas sweaters I wrote about a while ago. The one above may be a bit more simple, but the rather subltle message makes it better in my eyes. The nuked elephant is just… Funny? Cute? Get em here.

Merry x-mas!

Urinal shirts

Just in case you ever felt the urge to wear a shirt with a face-like design, made from urinal mats.

…well, now you can. Get it here.

Happy Holidays from Hipster Hitler (and me)

I’m sure I’ll post again before x-mas, but just in case I don’t – here’s me and Hipster Hitler, saying merry x-mas to y’all!

FALSE – cooler than fuck stuff

Damn… I feel I should do some sort of investigation about False to find out what the hell this is about, but I’m waay to lazy. I’ll be unemployed after x-mas, maybe I’ll have time then for shit like that. For now, you’ll have to make do with my initial impression of False: they make tons of clothes, they like to put skulls, russian wording and ladies on their clothes and they’re a bit ‘edgy’ (or whatever the hell you want to call it when you put Hitler and stuff on shirts). Here’s some of their output:

They also do stuff called Better off dead, where they make pretty funny, fashion-related stuff:

(the one to the right says Anna & Wintour & Fuck & You – I fucked up the photoshopping there, sorry!)

If you only have time to check out a few of these masterpieces, try this one, this one aaand this one!

All of this stuff can be bought here, and although I must say 40 bucks is a bit steep for tees… maybe I should get myself something for x-mas.


Freedom of speech motherfuckers!

I have nothing to add, this shirt speaks for itself (and me). Get it here.

Wordboner shirts – type tees

Wordboner sell shirts with nothing but words on them, some of which I like and some of which are a tad bit to witty or profound for my liking. Here’s a selection fo the stuff I like:

Topless Sam Fox and PUNX

Here are two shirts I have happened to see lately, both need a bit of explaining.

Back in the early 00s, one of my favorite things when traveling eastern Europe was to visit a New Yorker store. Apparently it’s a German store, but back then they can only have sold their stuff in countries where people didn’t speak much English because all their shirts were hilarious, a German version of engrish or something. I used to buy them for their sheer craziness and lunacy. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos from back then, except one from the mid-00s, of a shirt I did not buy (pictured right).

These days, New Yorker have a few stores in Sweden and you would think this would make me very happy. Sadly though, their shirts are no longer as funny – they must have hired someone who speaks English. Damn! I popped by the other day when shopping x-mas gifts, just to see if they had anything worth a laugh and found this shirt. Now… I’ve been into punk-ish stuff for more than 20 years, listening and playing and… it’s a bit sensitive to me. New Yorker – get your filthy hands off my subculture and go back to making engrish shirts damnit!

Next up, true underground, with a bit of history behind it. A few years back, my band were doing a split 7-inch with a band called Widespread Bloodshed and Esse of W.B. came up with the excellent idea paraphrasing the Poison Idea album “Pick your king” (with Elvis on one side and Jeseus on the other). We called our release¬† “Pick your queen” and put a photo of Sabrina on one side and Samantha Fox on the other side. Back when I grew up, Sam Fox ruled the world. I still don’t understand how it was totally acceptable for pre-teen boys to have posters, stickers and flags of a topless, busty woman, even in school – but somehow (because she was an ‘artist’?), it was.

Anyhoodle, a while back, friends of Esse in the band Stay Hungry asked us to send them the photo we used so they could use it for a shirt. You see, getting good photos of Sam Fox is not easy. I spent weeks and weeks on eBay before I found a set of posters I could use and even then it required quite a bit of photoshopping. So, here’s the shirt it was used for, the 7-inch can be found somewhere on www.massgrav.com (my band’s website).

X-mas shirts

I used to have a GREAT x-mas t-shirt from a sporting goods store in St. Johns that I got for free when buying my varsity jacket. I used to wear it every christmas eve. My wife always hated it though, and I suspect she’s thrown it way, haven’t seen it in a while (and to be honest, considering how long ago I got that jacket – maybe it was time for it to go).

Here’s a chance to get a new x-mas shirt tradition started, I guess. Vardagen (I wonder what their relation to Sweden is, using a swedish name?), who normally make bland hipster shirts, but these ones I really like. Also, I hate wearing knitted sweaters, they get too warm and they itch so this is a perfect alternative. I wonder if they could deliver to Sweden in time for x-mas? Probably not. If you live more nearby, get them here.

All this horror business…

Ok, Mishka have some new shirts coming out, they call them “Cyco 78”, which to me is a Misfits reference, maybe it’s something else too, who knows. This one’s pretty sweet though (and I still love their tagline). Get it here

What to wear (when they want to see you naked)

So, I bet you’ve heard about them new full body scan machines they’ve got themselves at the airports these days? And I bet you’ve heard about that people aren’t too happy about airport rentacops being able to see them without any clothes on? Maybe you’ve even seen the german nude protest at the aiport. Here’s a way to protest in a more subtle way, in case you feel even more uncomfortable letting EVERYONE see you naked

The shirts (and other items) from 4thamendmentunderwear are printed with ink-print, which appearently shows up on the scanners, so they let you “assert your rights without saying a word”. The shirts say:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affimation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Are you sure you’ve got enough commas in there? So, anyway, I thought this was kinda funny. Would have been even funnier though if they’d printed with white metallic ink on white so the text could ONLY bee seen by the scanner nazis.

(thanks to Grunkan Grönkvist for the tip)

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