Orcus brand

When you post three times a day, you can post just whatever crap you feel like, but when you only post once in a blue moon, I kinda feel like it has to be something super special. I’d say this clocks in somewhere in the middle – nice stuff but not totally mindblowing. But you know, that viking skeleton print. Hot damn, someone shure knows how to design good stuff! Get this from Orcusbrand.

That’s GAY!

I must admit I’m not exactly up to speed on gay lingo, me being such a raging heterosexual and all, and a lot of the shirts from gaytshirt.com would just pass me by as regular jock-ish shirts, which I guess is kind of the point with them. Messages hidden i plain sight. I like. Other shrits they have – not so subtle…

Us Versus Them – this means fucking war!

GodDAMNit! Remember back when I found out about Us Versus Them, and they had already sold out their Capitalist Pigs baseball shirt? I was pissed off then, and now it’s gotten even worse. Look at this:

See that shirt in the middle there? I want that. I want it so much, I actually had my wallet out, ready to shell out my hard earned money for it. But, as I discovered, sitting there with my plastic card in my sweaty little hand – Us Versus Them don’t ship outside the u.s. What the fuck? It’s 2012, wake up!

So, here’s my message to you all at Us Versus Them: until you start shipping worldwide, stop making nice shirts. Oh, and reprint Capitalist Pigs once you get your act together. Ok?

Too Dope!

I don’t know how the hell I’ve been able to miss Too Dope for so long, with shirts like these, they should be all over the main shirt blogs. Weird. Now, the shirts I post here are heavily influenced by religion (they have a bunch of other stuff as well, these are the ones I like best though), something I’m not a great fan of, but still… Hell, I would love to wear that “Amen” shirt. That’s bold as hell. And the one with crosses and the word dope twice on it. Not the most subtle of shirts, but who can afford to be subtle when there’s a war against religion being waged?

Shirts of Satan – back from the grave

Hello, all my depraved, starved, shirt loving friends! Yes, things have been quiet. No, I haven’t been posting shirts – not for well over a month I think. Why? No time, that’s why. Work is keeping me pretty busy and with my band being more active than it’s ever been before (and with me designing cover art for all kinds of releases), what little time is left, I’ve been speniding with friends and family. Not that you asked or anything…. But anyway, I’ll see if I can’t update now and then from now on, we’ll see how it goes.

While you’re waiting for some real posts, here are some nice shirts I have no idea where to buy (if you do, please let me know)

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