High on octane

Seriously, I’ve been looking at a blank screen for a couple of minutes now, wondering what to write. High on Octane… I can’t make up my mind what I think. First of all, here’s their new stuff:


No problemo here – I like these. You can get them in a lot of varieties, featuring various classic car models.

Then there’s also a bunch of older shirts, like these:


And you know… there’s nothing wrong with these at all, I think some of them are pretty nice and for the right person, they would be great, I just can’t shake the feeling that some of them are so generic, it almost feels like the “let’s put any old american phrase and a skull on a shirt” thinking that New Yorker did so much of back in the day when they only operated in countries where few spoke English (like Poland and Germany). Awww, I dunno, get ’em if you like ’em, there’s nothing wrong. Kudos for the Yorik shirt too. Oh, and one more thing – if you’re just looking for a nice “high on octane” shirt, have a look at this one too.

Shirts from Kreuzberg



Yeah, so maybe I’m biased because I love Kreuzberg so damn much. Drinking in Trinkteufel that stays open around the clock on weekends, eating Döner at Hasirs and seeing bands in Wild at Heart – it’s a place I keep returning to. I dunno, maybe I wouldn’t write about these shirts if Muschi hadn’t choosen to label themselves a Kreuzberg company but I like the fact that the shirts balance that line where you’re not sure whether they’re clever puns or just weirdness caused by sketchy language skills, but since I like both types (well, the latter much more than the first, but still), here you have it. I especially like that Lorem Ipsum shirt – that IS funny.

Beloved – print all over shirts that’ll make you stand out


Ok, so Beloved prints all over shirts, and most of it is close-ups of stuff. A lot of it is food related:


Some isn’t:


Some of it is a bit gross:


especially that fucking bacon shirt. I though nothing could put me off bacon, but this gets close.

I wonder though… as you can see, all of these are just mockup ph0tos. With shirts like these, it’s imperative that the colors pop out, and continue to do so after ten or twenty trips to the cleaner.  Judging from the lookbook, the brand new product looks pretty good at least.

Finally, please note that there’s finally a commercially available shirt that makes you look naked, somthing we’ve only seen as arty farty concept shirts in the past. Yuck.

Blindead shirts


Ok, so this is less of a “look at these shirts I found” and more of a “do yourself a favor and buy this” post. Blindead Productions is a classic DIY label and distro from Sweden, who put out a 7″ with my band quite a few years back and now the fantastic logo (designed by Stiv from Visions of War) is finally available on a shirt. Buy it here!

Sci-fi shirts for fans of Stephenson, Gibson and others

Here’s one thing I’ve complained a lot about in the past too: shirts where I love the content, but not the design. I realized I have seen a billion sci-fi shirts, but very few related to my favorite author Neal Stephenson and his work (I’m guessing the fact that his books are too complex to turn into movies has something to do with this, but it’s not exactly like he’s an obscure writer), googled and found Memetic tees. Sure, there’s your standard variety of Blade Runner and Alien shirts, but there’s also a bunch of William Gibson/Neuromancer (I wish there had been some stuff connected to his later works too, Pattern Recognition is one of the best books I’ve ever read) shirts:


Oh, how I would love a Ono-Sendai of Tessier-Ashpool shirt if only they looked a little better and were printed in a nicer way. Sorry to be an ass, but I hate shirts that reek of Cafe Press, and these sound (and look) like they would.

So what about Stepenson? Well, below is just one of all the designs related to Snow Crash and a bunch of his other fantastic books.


Though the correct way of displaying the poor impulse control warning message is, of course, tattooed on you forehead.

All in all, I hope enough people are less picky than me, allowing Memetic to bloom into a larger operation with enough funds to hire a better designer and start printing really nice shirts. That, or that Last Exit to Nowhere start stealing their designs…

Justified and ancient – more KLF shirt madness


Again, my pulse is racing over an eBay auction for a KLF shirt. I did some initial, careful bidding yesterday – to no avail, and while I suspect my opponent’s maximum bid is way over any limit I have set for x-mas gifts to myself, I would love to bid some more. However, until the seller gets back to me with something more presice than “Size Men’s XL or thereabouts”, I can’t justify spending money on something I may not be able to wear. But look at it! The back print – I love it to pieces!

I’ve written about KLF shirts in the past, how popular they are and how strange it is that there ar no well made reproductions of the old shirts, considering how expensive vintage shirts always become. I have recently found a newly printed shirt (below to the left) that I could actually live with so I might buy that for myself for x-mas instead. One of these days though, I plan to faithfully recreate the fantastic shirt I’ve only seen photos of Pixie Geldof wear (below to the right). One of these days…


UPDATE: I didn’t win. I didn’t even place any more bids. The shirt went for 48 GBP, which is a total STEAL!

Repping the underrepped


Ok, so today – for once – I’ll let someone else do a lot of the talking. Here’s what Underrepped have to say for themselves:

A few months ago my dad and I were walking down the street and started commenting on who we saw on people’s shirts. It blew us away that the same faces kept reappearing. We repeatedly saw the faces and names of top athletes, actors, and celebrities. While those individuals are important, we wanted to see someone new. And the idea behind UnderRepped was born.

Since we are both involved with medicine, we searched for a shirt that represented someone in the medical field but never saw one. We easily came up with a list of 10 scientists/inventors/doctors we wanted to represent on a shirt because they have made major contributions to the world. We thought it’d be so cool for people interested in science to get the chance to recognize someone they admire in their field and recognize their legacy. And then we realized that anyone with an interest has someone they could represent. Whether it is in science, the arts, music, or whatever…Who invented the electric guitar? Or stethoscope? Or the electrical components in your iPhone? What about the creators behind the camera? All these great inventions and ideas came from people, and I wanted to start a project that revolved around recognizing them. We’ve chosen to do just that by making high quality shirts.

So, not a bad idea at all. I am often surprised and depressed by the extreme amounts of “me too” shirts that are being produced and by the (assumed) fact that people buy them, by the fact that trying to squeeze yet another little snort or giggle out of an umpteenth Unknown Pleasures or Keep Calm… tweak, is so more common than someone doing something new and different. Sadly, I don’t see these guys making a lot of money, but then again, neither did Rembrandt, right?

Anyway, Alan Turing, right? Who wouldn’t want him on a good looking quality shirt? Actually, I wish there was a Turing shirt that was more aggressive, some sort of revenge shirt for the way he was treated by society after making a pretty badass contribution to it.

As stated, there’s a heavy slant towards inventors and scientists among these shirts, which is totally fine – it’s always good to work with the stuff you know best – but I can’t help wishing there was a suggestion box for entering unsung heroes I’d like to see on a shirt.

Also, I wonder how many people would mistake Ada Lovelace with Linda when you wear that shirt…

Monster Aesthethics confuse the hell out of me

I have to admit I’m very confused by Monster Aesthetics. But hey – let’s start where I started, with the shirts:



See, not bad. Your classic upsidedown cross, casket and soforth – good design, bad photos, no problem here – I would wholeheartedly recommendt this to anyone. But then it gets a bit strange:


So, what’s strange about this? Well, in my world, patches mean stuff. It’s your preferences and opinions showing, and aesthetic preferences are not enough. This is like walking around with a big plackard with just a nice photo on it, for no good reason.

And then, it gets even “worse”.


Pre-studded, pre-patched and pre-bleach splattered clothing. This is where we head into no-no land, into clueless hipster scum land. This is where I turn my back and say I don’t care about the shirts, this is all too much for me. And why? Why isn’t it OK to treat patches and jackets the same way you do shirts – as decoration? Because it doesn’t adhere to the rules of the punk police? Because it goes against all DIY ethics? Because I get to decide what’s ok for others to do and wear? Yeah, pretty much. I’m not saying I’m not happy that this is one-directional communication and you can’t do much to argue with me, because it feels a bit asshole-y, but at the same time, I know I’m right.

I’m not totally into this tattooing thing everyone else seems to be taken by.


Shirt blog Cottonable has this to say about this shirt from Asos:

This T-shirt represents that nowadays fairy tales are no longer as cute as it was. I mean, the stories are boring and we want another version, for like, Snow White should have been tattooed all of her body. That makes her sexier.

So, Snow White should have been tattooed all over her body because that would have made her sexier? I beg to differ.

Disney and drugs – what more do you need?

drugsI have a feeling I’ve posted something very similar in the past, but since I can’t find it, I’ll post this anyway. French company eyexcon have this “Magic Kingdom” shirt that, in all its simplicity, is pretty damn awsome. Get it here.

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