Love your librarian!

You know, I’ve featured a few librarian shirts in the past and, really, it’s one of those things where I’m very very surprised at how many of them there is. Some themes keep reoccurring and I guess it’s no surprise people keep making spoofs of the RUN DMC logo or that everyone thinks they’re really funny for tinking of an umpteenth variation of “Keep calm and carry on”, but librarians? How many of them are there out there anyway?

Still, I have at least four librarians or ex-librarians in my facebook friend list, so maybe there really are a lot of them. And maybe people really like them? I have to be honest, librarians never did shit for me, except give me fines for handing back books too late. I bet there are tons of great ones, inspiring people to read and learn, I just never ran into one (and to be honest, I haven’t really been trying, I like being left alone when at the library (well, anywhere really)).

So, if you’re an unloved librarian or a fan of those geeky people putting the books back on shelves in alphabetical order, get this shirt here.

Nice Idiot!

I have a lot of personal connections to this shirt. First of all, I guess, I know all the people in the band. Norse, the bass player, is in the same band as me. Ove, the drummer, used to be in our band. Jocke, the guitarist, shares the rehearsal space with us and Micke T, the singer, is the guy from whom I stole the name for this blog (for which I feel bad). Also, this shirt was printed by my friend Andy. If you live in Europe and you need shirts printed, get in touch with Everyday Hate, chances are he can do it faster and cheaper than your local printer. He does all our shirts. Anyway, I really like this one, the black on charcoal thing, slightly distressed – very classy! If I remember correctly, I think the shirt is pretty limited so act fast if you want one.

There is also a back print (it says “The more I talk, the deeper I sink”) but when trying to get a photo of it, all I could see in the picture was this bald spot in the back of my head. My wife was very nice about it and claims it can’t be seen and that it must be a trick of the light but nevertheless… I won’t be posting that photo. Damn, I’m getting old! Also, I looked like an idiot (which would suit the topic, but I don’t feel like giving you the satisfaction) in this photo – thus the pixellated face.

You can find out more about Nice Idiot here.

More Sonic Youth

Gee, you’d think I’m a superfan of some kind. Well, I’m not, but still… Remember the French Sonic Youth shirt I posted? Turns out I missed they have one more. This one’s even less obvious and is dangerously easy to mistake for some random airhead love-shirt, which would be horrible. I would never wear this, except maybe to a Sonic Youth gig (and I won’t go to any more, so there). Get it here.

NO, this is not a funny shirt!

You know, standing somewhere in some store, you may be able to fool yourself into thinking this is a “cool and funny” shirt. Let me assure you that it is not. The guy they choose to showcase this shirt demonstrates this perfectly. Look at him. Do you want to be that guy? No you don’t. Case closed. Don’t buy it.

Seriously, this is just another example that you need to use extreme caution when buying shirts that are considered funny. Wearing a “funny” shirt is like telling the same joke over and over and over and over again, right? I’m not sure you wanna do that, unless it’s a really subtle and understated joke. This is also one of the reasons I hate Threadless, of course, but that deserves it’s own dedidcated post some other day.

This’ll put some hair on your chest

I don’t know what it is about these shirts but I can’t stop putting them in the blog as soon as I see them. Do people wear these? It’s like a dirty sock you can’t help but smell – I wouldn’t wear them, but I am fascinated by them. Get it here.

All bound for Mu Mu land – KLF shirts (and the lack thereof)

Remember me saying we’d get back to KLF shirts? Well, we’re not there yet (actually, I just discovered Delicious fucked me over and ate all my KLF (and others) bookmarks so I’m back to square one on that), but here’s one to keep you going in the meantime. The fact that it’s one of those “compose your own shirt” sites selling it makes me hesitate a bit though, and they only give you really crappy color options…

RUN DMC variations (which was another thing I’d been saving bookmarks for) are plentiful, though they usually come on black shirts. KLF shirts… not so plentiful. I’m still amazed by the lack of good reproductions of classic KLF shirts, seing how outrageously expensive vintage ones become on eBay.

So if, like me, you dig this shirt, you can get it here.

They called me up in Tennessee
They said “Tammy, stand by The Jams”
But if you don’t like what they’re going to do,
You better not stop them ’cause they’re coming through

Complete the sentence: Wayne’s Wold, Wayne’s world…

Yeah, that’s it. I remember the summer of 1992. If you wanted to be considered a ‘funny guy’, all you had to do was recite a few lines from Wayne’s World. At least in places like Breckenridge and Perrinton (both MI). Experiencing a dull moment? No problems, just say “pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon” and everyone will be smiling again. There was no limit to the quotability of this movie. I actually don’t think I’ve seen it since, maybe it’s time for a trip down memory lane some day soon. Or maybe it’s better left un-revisited?

So, this is a Rebel8 shirt, you can get it here. I’m totally getting it. Not.

Another small victory

Hey, remember Small Victory? Right now, they’re making way for new stuff so you can pick up the shirts I wrote about real cheap. Also, you can pre-order the new stuff. I like this print. Moose skull, crossed rifles… yeah. The color scheme… not for me.

Heavy metal movie directors

Ah… this is a bit odd. I’d say this was a rip-off, others say it isn’t so who knows? In any case, somone has taken the same idea that Jeremy Kalgreen applied to science with the Monsters of Grok thing, and ran with movie directors. And not exactly Ridley Scott either, but those artsy guys you’re supposed to appreciate and discuss. Me, I like trashy zombie movies and action comedies so I wouln’t buy these ever. Still kinda like’em though.

The store is sparse, to say the least. No size guide. No info about shirt quality. Nothing. Size, color – that’s it. I’m kinda glad I don’t want to buy one actually. But hey, great idea. I bet it’ll help you craft your image as a small town intellectual or something.

Get them here

Hips. And Hair.

Ok, so, no more fucking around, let’s get back to shirts, shall we?

Hips and hair, a small brand out of Venice, CA (personally, I’ve only been there once and I was too young to judge, I just liked to surf (I have no idea why I’m telling you this – probably just to brag about having been to Venice Beach. Sad)).

So what can I say? Mixing iconography, putting Darth’s face on Marilyn… hell, it’s not like it’s never done before. Then again, it’s 2011 – if things haven’t been done by now, it’s often because they’re really bad ideas, so… why not. I kinda like some of these actually.

One thing I don’t like though? That lame Yahoo store solution. What, fucking Verizon couldn’t hook you up with an online store? Yeah, I know Geocities shut down, maybe like MySpace could sort you out? I wouldn’t give my fucking library card number to that mickey mouse store of yours and I don’t care how huge Yahoo are, ok?

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