Scared Til Death

Scared Til Death is an Australian shirt label and… what can I say? Nice designs, very nice product shots, but still… There is not ONE shirt here, where I can’t say I’ve seen something very similar to it, usually a LOT of shirts very similar to it. A cascet? An upside down cross, huh? Some skulls and some old-school tatto-style graphics. About the only thing that’s missing here is an eye-in-the-pyramid shirt and one that’s based on dark triangles. So, I’m sorry, but this is waay too much “me too” for my taste.

Kill the hipster! Or not…

Isn’t this hipster hate getting a bit old? We’ve seen it before, time and time again and I for one may not have warmed to this group of people, but the urgency (or funniness) of wanting to kill them… Nope, not there anymore. Also, this shirt is butt ugly. Get it here.

Fuck your coins – I want change!

Normally, I don’t go for shirts with “sayings” on them – what saying is so smart you want to sport it on you day after day, especially when you didn’t come up with it yourself? Still, I like both these shirts from Insight a lot. And the one in the middle? Great stuff. Get the “rat race” shirt here.

I hate shit like this

It’s been too long since I posted something I don’t like. There’s so much good stuff out there, it’s hard to keep up with that, let alone the heaps and mountains of shit people produce. Anyway, these shirts from Antisparkle are brand new. I hate shit like this! What really get’s me in a bad mood isn’t the shirts themselves of course, but the people I imagine buying these. Antisparkle also has one saying “the sky is not the limit”. You know, one of the biggest problem our modern, western society has is that everyone thinks they’re a unique fucking snow flake, destined for greatness (no effort required). Nobody is happy with a regular life – going to work, raising a family… you know, the stuff most of us do all the time. Think INSIDE the box for fucks sake!

Chirst on a bike! Except, it’s animals

Some people just have hang-ups and for someone, that hang-up is drawing nice illustrations of animals riding bicycles and putting them on t-shirts under the name Dark Cycle Clothing. Or maybe there’s an extreme demand, leading to more and more new designs. You know, the ones pictured here are far from all – there are crabs and whales and god knows what. There are also a bunch of other shirts, some bike related and some not quite so much (like this nice amp shirt that I really like) so check em out, ok? I guess it’s no surprise the deer shirt is my favorite of the bunch above. Deer are rapidly becoming my favorite animal, overtaking the wolverine.


No, this is not a shirt – but it should be, and if these animal loving people have anyhting between their ears, it will be soon. Normally, A.C.A.B. stands for something totally different (google it if you’re unfortunate enough to be one of the five people in the world who don’t know what) but now the message is far more friendly. This bag is sold to support a home for homeless cats. Yeah… Still though, I kinda like this so thanks to Niklas for the tip.

And yeah, it’s been quiet lately. I dunno, I have tons of shirts to post but not much time and energy, there’s just so much else I need to do at the moment. Shirts of Satan will return with full force sooner or later. Until then, buy the bag here.

Iron Maiden – Star Wars mashup shirt

So, if you like shirts I post, it must be really annoying that I post Ript shirts a couple of days after they go off sale. To be honest, I never quite understood their idea about selling shirts for one day only and I suppose I should pay more attention to them, but… nah! Anywah, I’m still no fan of Star Wars and even though I own a couple of Polish pirate Maiden CDs and have seen them live once, I’m not exactly a die-hard Maiden fan either. But this I like.

Free Bates!

Downton Abbey. Yeah, I got sucked in to that tv series too, watched both seasons, the x-mas special and the spoof and can’t wait for the 3d season. Still wouldn’t wear a butt-ugly shirt to show off my dorkyness though. Get it here if you disagree.

Keep your politics out of my pussy! Errr… I mean “reproductive system”. Sorry.

The wittingly named “The Elephant in the Womb” shirt tell the Republicans to pull their noses out of other peoples vajayjays – where they have absolutely no business being in the first place. So, is this shirt talking about important stuff? Yeah. Is it funny? Sorta. Is it good looking? Sorry, no. Get it here.

If you’re looking for a new RAMONES shirt…

you could do a lot worse than this, I think. Then again, I’m not sure I’d feel confident buying from a webshop that looks like it was made in 1999, with product photos my mum might have taken. I dunno, have a look for yourself. It’s odd though, the only thing that’s different from a bog standard RAMONES shirt is the colour scheme. Well, that and the fact that it says Tommy instead of Ritchie. All through my youth – all you could get were Ritchie shirts, very annoying when you liked the first four albums sooo much more.

Ramones shirts are tricky though. I looked for a new one forever and ended up buying a nice retro raglan shirt with the Road to Ruin print on it. Too bad it was a bit too small, I think I only ever wore it once, so I guess I should keep looking…

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