I picked up the last one of these!

Remember this shirt? How I said I’d write and ask about a reprint? Well, no plans for that, but they did have one single shirt left and I instantly snagged it, couldn’t resist an oportunity like that. And yesterday, it finally arrived. Not crazy about the giant tag on the sleeve and by the neck, but the prints are great!

The Autumn Collective – freaky and retro (in a good way)

Some of these shirts are just generic retro done so nicely even I have to succumb. I like this. And then, the freaky animal shirts! That austronaut fox (jackal, dingo, whatever) spooks the hell out of me! Well done, The Autumn Collective, very well done.

Sucker4Clothes – here’s what will happen to you if you keep this up!

Wow, this is kinda scary actually. After blogging about them for 4 years, this German guy decided to make the leap and start making and selling shirts. Seriously, I hope that doesn’t happen to me. Design stuff – sure! Make, market and sell? No thanks!

Anyway, I like these. Wearing a shirt that says “SUCKER” in giant letters across the shoulders is exactly the kind of thing I like. No, I’m dead serious. United states of capitalism, sure – that’s a bit… I dunno, maybe I’ve just been in the punk scene too long but shit like that makes me tired, pick a harder target, will ya? People should make more self depreciating shirts (not that they would sell, but I would be happy and like them). Sorry, I digress. Check out Sucker4Clothes. Now.

German shirts from Müde

You know, I’m not so sure about Müde. I think their shirts look the best when there’s a whole group of people wearing them, but on it’s own, one of their shirts may be a bit less special. Still though, I can’t say much bad about the Music is my drug shirt and some of the others. Maybe it’s just my prejudice against white shirts that gives me a problem. Ah, what do I know? Check them out for yourself, as always.

Ray’s occult books (yup – GHOSTBUSTERS again)

Normally, I’m not a great fan of BustedTees, but this is a pretty nice idea for a Ghostbusters shirt, I have to admit. Too bad it’s so ugly. The fact that I can’ remember whether this is from GB1 or 2 is a clear sign I need to see them again soon though. Get it here.

Sorry New Order, I guess Disney really ARE satan

Holy Shit, remember the other day, about the Disney New Order shirt. Turns out Disney DIDN’T have permission to do it! After all that kicking and screaming about copyright, suing left and right and trying to fuck up the internet, they do this? And the saddest part is that I bet that with legal muscle like Disney, you can probably get away with it. I bet that if it had been Disneyland guards that fucked up Rodney King, the whole thing would have been buried. I can only hope they AT LEAST settle this out of court and New Order get even richer. Or, as someone connected to the band threatened to do, release a New Order Donald Duck shirt.

Skrillex shirts

Ok, so I’m sure this is a sign of something bad, some feverish and pathetic attempt to reclaim youth or something but these last couple of days I’ve been listening to Skrillex a lot. So, naturally, I checked out his merch and I have to say that even though most of it kinda sucked (well, maybe not sucked, let’s just say the aesthetics were not to my liking), there were a couple of shirts I really liked:

Super clean, requiring prior knowledge for you to even understand that it’s merch and not just a patterned shirt. The black-on-black (so to speak) has a foil print. The very precise description of the shirt in the Skrillex webstore and the quality of the shirt is something I’ve almost never seen in merch before, they normally just go with bog standard Fruit of the Loom shirts. Very nice, I like!

Who killed Bambi? Don’t tell my tailor!

For some reason… I fucking LOVE it! Especially the Bambi shirt. Don’t ask me to explain. French Don’t tell my tailor have a whole slew of edgy and good shirts up for grabs.

However, shown here are only the ones I like. Unfortunately, there’s a whole bunch of shirts I don’t like too. Loads of jock-ish misogynistic bullshit and duh-huh-huh funny frat boy joke shirts. I’ve had problems coming to terms with French shirts before, I think I just don’t get french humor maybe?

One great thing about French shirts; poor english. I love engrish shirts and the one above to the right is a nice and subtle one. All in all, I definitely urge you to check out Don’t tell my tailor – there’s a lot of good stuff there!

New Order, in league with satan… er, sorry – Disney!

Chances are you’ve seen this already – the entire t-shirt community had its knickers in a twist over this shirt yesterday and it was all over Facebook. Well, I didn’t have time yesterday so sue me, I never intended for this to be a ambulance chasing newsmedia anyway. All day yesterday I was yelling in my best Gary Oldman voice; “I don’t have TIME fort this Mickey Mouser bullshit”.

So, Disney put out a New Order shirt. Or, at least, a shirt influenced by New Order. Since Disney have about to billion lawyers on staff, ready to pounce on anyone who puts a toe on the wrong side of the line of copyright, I assume this is all above board, which means New Order approved this shirt. Which means they are now even richer. It also means they’re sell-outs. I have no idea, maybe they’re the kind of band that sells out all the time, maybe it isn’t much of an issue among their fans, I have no idea, but even to me – who doesn’t give a shit about the band, this feels off.

At the moment, this shirt seems to have vanished from the Disney online store (it was there yesterday, albeit sold out) so I’ll incorporate their description of the shirt:

Inspired by the iconic sleeve of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album, this Waves Mickey Mouse Tee incorporates Mickey’s image within the graphic of the pulse of a star. That’s appropriate given few stars have made bigger waves than Mickey!

Pretty weird, huh? I don’t understand any of it to be honest. Well, I guess that’s all there is to it. I wonder what’s next though. Disney shirts inspired by… the Cramps? KMFDM? Let’s hope so!

Bigfoot riding Bigfoot

To me, this shirt is awesome and funny in a completely unintended (I would assume) way. You see, when I grew up, in the deep woods of Sweden, in the 80s, with no Internet and not much knowledge about the rest of the world – there was only one monster truck: Bigfoot. Acutally, we weren’t familiar with the term ‘monster truck’, we either just called them all ‘bigfoots’ or assumed there was only one.

So, to me, this is Bigfoot (I mean, Sasquatsch is just another name for Bigfoot, right?) riding a Bigfoot. Great! Get it here.

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