No. Fucking. Way.

sidYou know who that is, right? Sid, that’s who. In a freaking David Bowie shirt (just be glad I cropped out the bellbottoms). Ok, he was never the brains of the band and I guess this is cute, but I’m really happy I didn’t see this when I was in my early teens Sex Pistols phase. Mind blown.

Homemade shirts


Yeah, I’ve talked about this before, but… seeing these two shirs (at Fuck Yeah, T-shirts), I’m reminded how much more I like it when people make their own shirts instead of buying something with a readymade slogan or a joke someone else made up. Ok, so those old folks have the uglies white shirts I have ever seen – they’re still funnier than 99% of all the shirts at any of the billions of “” sites I’ve seen. So there.  And that other one… Fan fucking tastic slogan!

Punk as FUCK!!!


Yeah yeah, punk was always commercialized from day one, Malcom McLaren blah blah blah. I don’t give a shit. This has always been the closest thing to “my” subculture and I feel violated when shit like this happens. Because what you see here is not just some clueless idiot kid selling his uglier than fuck jacket on ebay after jumping to the next trend. This is Urban Outfitters making a quick buck without an inkling of understanding of the culture they’re harvesting (I was going to write “raping” but changed my mind). There are som many things wrong with this jacket, it’s fucking insane. About two seconds of research must have gone into it. The weird thing though? This could totally be authentic. Lately, I’ve been image googling a lot of punk jacket, and there’s so much weirdness and ugliness out there.

Ok, I’m losing track of things here, what was I trying to say? Ah, just the same old usual, I suppose: corporate assholes making a buck off my cultural background pisses me off. I wish they lose a bundle of money on these (and get back into making the “Die xxxx scum” shirts again).

(Thanks to Indy grinder for the link)



I can’t really say what it was that made Nicked stand out from the umpteenth other shirt companies I come across, maybe it’s the sense of fun that made them write “wicked” across Lady Di’s face or maybe it’s the Queen’s silhouette vaguely reminding me of Jimmy Cauty’s art or maybe it’s just the fact that I think it’s funny to report on various takes on that classic New Order design, just because my friend Fredrik has a mental tick that forces him to buy them all. Who knows?

Thread or Dead – great horror shirts!


Thread or Dead – hell, even the name is great! Fuck knows there’s not exactly a shortage of horror inspired shirts and frankly, most of them SUCK! There are the lazy “slap a classic poster on a white cafe press shirt” variety, the “gigantic, asian inspired, super colorful generic horror crap that hurts your eyes” variety and, of course the overly artistic non-scary” variety. This is something else.


Very nice prints, beautiful distressing for a vintage feel, great use of negative space and rather innovative takes on some of these classics – I have to give this two thumbs up and my full endorsement. I’m totally sending my horror loving friend Fredrik this link and to be honest, I may even get me one or two myself – it’s not like they’re even expensive. Good job!

A mysterious shirt for a mysterious island

mysteriousislandYou know, normally, I love everything The Affair do – I love the whole concept of litterary shirts and their designs are always fantastic. This time, I’m not sure I understand. Mysterious Island by Jules Verne was one of my favorites as a kid and I’ve read it a million times. Full disclosure though: I only ever read the graphic novel version so maybe that’s the reason for my confusion, but I can’t figure out where that skull-ish butterfly comes from, I just don’t get it at all. It’s a cool illustration but I fail to see the connection. Also, shirts with triangles… is turning into something of a pet peeve, even though I designed one myself less than six months ago. Damn, it pains me to write this, but I’m sure I’ll like the next one better.

My spririt animal is a…


Heather Gabel is pretty cool. I found her yesterday through another fan of hers on Instagram. Heather makes artwork for shirts and albums for punk bands that are not so hard to listen to, everything from Rancid and Green day to styff I’ve never heard of. Her main gig, though, seems to be designing stuff for Alkaline Trio and also going on the road with them to handle their merch sales. So, a pretty cool job, and a pretty cool lady, check out her website to see all the stuff she’s done.

Anyway, she also designs stuff for herself and sells it through said website. Unfortunately, most of the shirts are sold out. I think we can all agree that the “My spirit animal…” shirt is pretty funny, although Heather is very clear about not taking the credit for it. I like the others too though.

Oh, and as all of this isn’t enough, she’s also designing stuff for Blood is the New Black, though those aren’t quite what I like – too many hipster triangles, and I’m pretty much sick to death of that.

Beermakers and hellraisers

storstarkBesides making sour dough bread and making your own sausages, brewing your own beer is one of the most popular hipster trends. In Sweden, the interest in beer has grown incredibly in the last few years and more and more bars and pubs are catering to the more particular beer drinkers, serving weird and wonderful beer. Without making this into a history lession, I’ll tell you it wasn’t always like this – beer was beer, and if you wanted to drink it, you ordered “En stor stark” (a big strong), which – back in the day – would give you 50cl of generic lager (these days, it’ll only get you 40, due to some evil conspiracy). I guess a lot of people still order this, but I bet it’s declining rapidly.

Omnipollo is one of the hippest of the small, independent beer makers in Sweden, and they have also published a beautiful book on how to make your own beer. Not only that, but they also sell shirts, of which I thought this one was especially good. “R.I.P. Stor Stark” – let’s make it so! Get it here.

The power of a good (satanic) back print

Back print on shirts. Some hate them. I say it totally depends on the quality of the back print, but I’m normally all for them. Here are two old Satyricon shirts, as seen on the facebook page of Black Death Nostalgia, where (especially the right one) the shirts gets about a million times better because of the back prints. This is how you do it.


That’s all, folks.

1989 will ruin your life!


Who said germans don’t have a sense of humor*? Naming a shirt “opium death” – no sense of humor? “Ruin your life – no tolerance” – no sense of humor, I ask?  I love these shirts from 1989 to death. By them now – I command you!

* On a side note: seriously, there is way to much german-bashing in the world – world war two ended like 70 years ago, change the record please.

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