Happy new year!

No shirts today, just wanted to say Happy New Year to all those of you who read the blog. The stats are steadily rising, which makes me happy. Here’s hoping I still find this worthwhile during 2013, I bet there’ll be a bunch of new great shirts to yap about!


Kill Joss


Does “wasted youth” seem awful familiar to anyone else? Maybe it’s some cultural reference I don’t get, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it on another shirt somewhere. Still though, I can’t not like these shirts from Kill Joss. That tattoo shirt! Print it on black and I’ll buy five!

There’s a few more prints so check out their website. I am, however, very alergic to their tagline “Apparel and lifestyle”. Chill the fuck out.

Fuck the Police – the BEST fuck the police shirt ever!

Normally, I hate everything about Italy. I know thats neither nice, mature or open minded of me, but then again – how much fun would a mature, open minded and nice shirt blog be? Anyway, here’s one thing out of Italy that I do like. I can’t believe nobody’s thought of this before (or if they have, that I haven’t seen it). Fuck the Police. Yeah, fuck Sting and his lame overproduced, undeservedly loved by everyone shite band.


I love this to bits! If only this shirt wasn’t so damn white, I’d be getting my credit card out right now, I tell ya. Get it right here!

Dead Era


You know, Dead Era have what may possibly be the worst product photos I have ever seen (think crappy cell phone photos – but that’s still better than bad mockups) and their designs are a bit too cartoony for my taste, but still… these two shirts are pretty damn nice, there’s no denying that. Especially the Dead State shirt (right).

Blood Diamond (by hippies)


You know, for once, I’ll just shut up and not say anyghing about how the Global Thread Collective is a hippyish thing. I’ll just say this: they print shirts designed by people from all over the world and are open to submissions. This shirt is designed by Granth Thomas, is called “Blood Diamond” and I like it. Get it here, it’s available in a multitude of colours.

Fuck Street Wear!


No need to tell you what this is about, I think. I like this idea a lot, the whole “street wear” concept makes me want to poke my eyes out sometimes. These are made by 413, get them here.

Daggers, diamonds and satan


This signature shirt from Daggers and Diamonds is fucking evil looking. I can’t say I’m crazy about their other shirts, but I do have the feeling more great shirts are just around the corner, if they’d just drop the cute and cartoony aspect.

Filth and Decay – BE CAREFUL!


Yeah, I know! It’s easy to get fooled. “Filth and Decay” is not a bad name and at first you see all the high contrast devilish imagery and you think you like it. Then you realize it’s just tarot cards put on a shirt and it’s clothing for neo spiritual, new age fucking hippies and then it’s like when you see a photo of a sexy lady and suddenly realize it’s a guy.

Riding the Satan bandwagon


Much as I hate to bash some enterprising person doing their thing on Etsy, and as much as I like shirts with a satanic touch, there’s a lot of shit out there that I just can’t stand. Shit like this. Cutesy satanism, tounge in cheek devil worship, goofy crap. As much as I don’t like religion, even when it’s the dark variety, satanic shirts should be evil and bad ass, not cute and “funny”. Ah, I dunno… I just don’t like this at all.

No Joy in the Division

joydivisiontshirtstoreSeems like every self respecting shirt company need to have their own Joy Division twist. This one is from T-shirt Store and I can’t say it’s the most imaginative one I’ve seen. Get it here.

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