Crappy New Year

What the hell, I’ve been complaining everywhere else, might as well do it here as well. I’m sick. Not as in “I’ve got terminal cancer” or anything, but enough to knock me out for a few days in a row, completely fucking up my x-mas vacation and – today – my new years celebration. I’ll spare you the gory details but it’s not pretty. And all the posts I figured I’d have time to write during the holidays… not much happened there.

On a happier note – December was yet another record breaking month for Shirts of Satan. It’s not one of them super popular blogs (but then again, I don’t write about the really important things like food or celebrities) so you can still feel exclusive for reading it. But that doesn’t matter much to me, it’s been the same with most things I’ve done in my life. As long as thing keep improving, I’m happy. Thanks for taking a minute now and then to check out my shirts. Hope your 2012 turns out much better than my last days of 2011. Happy New Year from Shirts of Satan!

Funeral clothing – dressed for death

Funeral clothing… what a great name! And the shirts above? I love’em! Escpecially the one on the right – both the color and the words, I’d love to have me one of them, I tell ya. On the other hand, not shown here, are the other two shirts that Funeral Clothing have on offer and frankly, well… they pretty much suck. But hell, two out of four isn’t bad at all. Go get’em from Funeral Clothing!

The Ramones vs. Jason and Freddie Krueger vs. Michael Jackson

Yeah, it’s weird. I’ve been meaning to write about these shirts for a while but I had to take some time to wrap my head around the concept: mixing horror legends with music legends. Not a bad idea, really, so thumbs up to Dance Party Massacre. Oh, and check out their website, there’s a Mike Myers/David Bowie shirt too! I have a hunch these will be selling fast, so if you want a Ramones shirt nobody else has… act fast!


I’ve been digging around a bit, trying to figure out what this is about. Apparently, Blur accused Oasis of sounding like Status Quo (what’s so wrong about that, I ask) so… maybe this is an “I support Blur in this stupid cat fight that could only ever take place in England” shirt? I kinda like it though – who doesn’ t love a good mashup shirt? Available right now on eBay!

Dekay clothing

Just a short post to show you one of the new shirts from DeKay clothing, not much else. I wouldn’t necessarily wear it, but I still like it.

Scene grave robbers – aka new stuff from Käärme

Let me start out by saying I’m very very skeptical towards Käärme.  I constantly feel like “my” subculture is being ferried off to coture land and flogged expensively. Kind of like when western european “archeologists” stole every old piece of rock from Egypt, Greece and any other country with an ancient culture and ferried it home to their museums. Still though, forget about the ridiculous studded leather products and focus on this shirt. Should be obvious to all where the inspiration comes from and I like that. The fact that shirts from Käärme are 50 bucks, I don’t like that quite as much. Anyway, this is part of an upcoming collection called Fast drums, numb gums, so keep an eye out if you’re rich and like the shirt, I guess.

Learn to kern, goddamnit!

I’ve featured quite a few inside jokes for graphic designers here and I’m usually a bit… well… I’m not crazy about them. But this one has two advantages: the shirt itself is a very good example of what bad kerning will do, and also this is a problem that’s waay too widespread. I can’t believe how much crappy kerning I see, even from high-paid people who really should do better.

On the other hand, what graphic designer would ever buy a shirt this ugly? For those who would, get it here.

What a crap day!

Apparently, nobody had time for t-shirts today. Hope to see y’all back tomorrow.

Icecream iPhone from Vans

I was recently given an iPhone. I’ve been a convinced Android user for a while and I wasn’t too thrilled about having to use an iPhone for work but I guess there are advantages to both phones (I’m trying my hardest to be mature here). Anyway, my first instinct was to go buy a rubber casing and a screen protection film for it, but then I realize it doesn’t reallly matter if it gets scratched so I ditched that idea. However, if I was to get a case for it, I would want this one from Vans. Too bad it seems to be some sort of promotional thing and not up for sale.

Get fucked! (non-shirts)

Hey, just in time for winter and all, here’s just what you need to keep spirits cheerful throughout the dark months of winter. This and some schnaps I guess. Get them here.

Me, I can’t wear stuff like this. I’d put it on and then forget about it in 5 minutes and spend the rest of the day wondering why people looked at me funny. Happens every time I wear my “Teach your children to worship satan” shirt…

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