Bigger previews please!

So, this looks like a nice shirt. A good-looking b/w photo of a guy with a gun. Except… you don’t get to see a close-up of the print. What does the guys tattoo say? What does is say below the photo? You don’t want to spend 28 bucks plus shipping to find out the tattoo says “Skinhead” and it says “Kill them niggers” beneath the photo. Seriously, a lot of shirt companies want you to buy their stuff without really showing it to you.

Got intricate, detailed prints? Let people see them and I’m sure you’ll sell more.

Get it here.

New York, New Yorker

I have this sneaky feeling I’ve been talking about New Yorker before. If I have, just pretend I haven’t and bear with me. So, anyway, New Yorker is a German clothes store and it didn’t use to exist in Sweden, only in Germany, Poland and other countries where they’re not very good at English. So they used to sell these FANTASTIC shirts with the most bizarre word combos on them and I would try to go there every time I could. Since then, they have hired someone in the design department who speaks English and they now have several stores in Stockholm and all that wacky charm is gone.

But the other day, as I was dismanteling the chest of drawers where I keep my shirts (they’re moving to a newly built cabinet), I found one of my old New Yorker shirts that had fallen down behind the drawers (which had saved it from being thrown away during the time when I was too fat to be able to wear it). So, here it is. Silver print on black, saying “Rockers Tribe Destruction Deluxe”. Okaaaaay…

I love it.

More swimsuits!

Ok, sorry, but this just reached me:

And I just couldn’t let you miss this photo. Judging by the bands, this was quite a while ago so I’m surprised this hasn’t gotten huge in the world of merch. It sure beats monopoly games!

Bathing suits for gaming perverts (and a few for all you regular perverts too)

Ok, let’s make a short detour from t-shirts and dig in to bathing suites for a while (I’m sure a lot of you won’t object to that). When researching for my beard post, I happened upon this Gameboy themed bathing suite. Yeah, that’s exactly what the world needs – something to push gamers even further into socially inept, drooling weirdo-land. Or… maybe this’ll actually make them focus on something else than what’s inside the suit (although I doubt striking up a conversation about gameboys is a great way to pick up girls, unless you turn to other subjects within seconds). Anyway, for women who want to pick up prosperous geeks to be their sugar daddies, this should be perfect!

Aand, if you’re looking to attract older geeks (or hipper, retro geeks), the Pacman bathin suit’ll be what you want to wear to the beach (since I’m in full speed prejudice mode here: do geeks even go to the beach?). If, for some weird, weird reason, you prefer to attract movie buffs, go for the Jaws suit. Or maybe you just want to remind people of their fear of sharks to ruin their day at the beach. I can personally see that that would be a lot of fun.

Both of the above were made by Black Milk but sadly they don’t seem to be available at the time. The skeleton one, however, is. Check it out.

Aaand, let’s finish off this swimsuit edition with something we’ve looked at before: clothes that kinda make you look naked. Only these are a bit less NSFW, after all, the naughty bits ARE pixellated, right?

CMYK shirts – more inside jokes for designers

If there is one thing people who work with graphic design loves (apart from turtle necks and big-ass glasses), it’s inside jokes that make them feel superior for knowing industry terms. You rarely see this with, say, auto repair people or vacuum cleaner salesmen. Remember the pantone socks? Here’s another color system based apparel joke – the CMYK shirts. Being a web guy, I hate CMYK and hail RGB, but that’s beside the point. I have to admit, these are pretty nice and you can get them here.

(In case you didn’t know, CMYK is a color system and the letters stand for cyan, magenta, yellow and black (yeah, why not CMYB? I have no idea, it probably doesn’t sound cool enough.))

Beards – they grow on you.

Yeah, you may recognize the blog title from a popular beard shirt. Lately, it seems that beards have become… maybe not trendy, but… yeah, maybe they have become trendy. Not only do a lot of hipsters cherish their beerds, but the whole “I can’t just enjoy something, I have to make it a fucking lifestyle” curse has hit the world of beards in a big way. It used to be a fringe group of loonies that competed with their beards and after every world championship, there’d be a stamp-sized report in some newspapers about it. Now, they’ve got their own tv show going, Whisker Wars, and some of them think they’re freakin rock stars. It’s just a beard, ok?

There’s also been an increase in some sort of retro manliness, championed among others by the great blog The Art of Manliness, which advocates old-school manners, ideals and… beards (among other things).

So yeah, I have one too. Except for a few short, horrible months in 2002, I’ve had some sort of a beard since I was first able to grow one (looking back at photos of early attempts, I probably even started a year to early). Sometimes it’s been pretty small (duirng my time as a consultant), sometimes it’s been quite long and wide (during my years spent working for Greenpeace) and now I’ve got it somewhere in between – sorta long but not wide at all. To me, it’s a pretty conservative beard, but I know a lot of people have a lot of prejudice against them, thinking everyone with more than a 5 o’clock shadow is a biker/criminal/weirdo. Whatever. To be honest, my beard is more a result of being too lazy to shave and trim very often, than any concious fashion decision. I don’t exactly mind that it sets me apart a bit, visually, and that it conceals any extra chin you may pick up as the years pass by.

So, with beards being so trendy, there are bound to be a few beard shirts out there, right? There are billions! And that’s why I’m writing this. It’s not that I’ve done 2 years of research to find ALL beard shirts there are or anything, it’s just that a few have come to my attention lately, so – being the nice person that I am, I thought I’d share:

Let’s start with one that’s been featured in a lot of blogs lately, the beard measuring shirt. So… yeah, it’s a joke-ish type of shirt and it sort of encourages you to let others wear your shirt to measure their beards, which is a bit… yuck! I’m guessing I’m currently only at about “Hillbillily” at the moment. Get it here

Next up, some of the “let’s make it a lifestyle” guys: the Austin Facial Hair Club. So, just because I don’t quite understand them doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate their great shirts, right? Nice work!

Here’s one, pretty ugly, but still included because it says something about beards: they take time. You can’t just decide to buy one (like a fixie or whatever) and join the trend. Big beards take time. Get it here.

Unless, of course, you take the idiot route and buy one of these. In one way, they sort of make sense – beards do keep your face warm in cold weather, so a garment like this would do the same thing. But the sheer “oooh, look at me, I’m so cu-raa-zeee”-factor should make any sane person walk away briskly. Get it here.

This isn’t really a beard shirt, I just saw it the other day and decided it fit this post well enough, so…

Yeah, that’s about it, here’s some more beard shirts for you. Take care and don’t shave!

Punk as fuck!

I found this monstrosity in the window of a “street wear” store a few weeks back as I was walking through the touristy parts of town. Yeah, this is true punk! You’ve got Sid and Nancy, Johnny Rotten, Johnny Ramone and (I think) Joe Strummer. Woah! The worst thing isn’t that this eyesore makes no sense at all or that it goes against everything I think about when you say the word “punk”. The worst thing is that had I found this when I was… say, 14 years old, I probably would have bought it.

You know, back then… I was living in the woods, with absolutely no contact with any “scene” (not that Sweden even HAD that much of a scene in the late 80s), I had no friends with the same musical tastes, and the only shirts I could lay my hands on were Ramones shirts, Sex Pistols shirts and Exploited shirts (and I wasn’t that much of an Exploited fan). I must have had at least 10 Pistols shirts. It didn’t matter how bad they looked, if they were “punk”, I bought them! So… I’m glad this wasn’t available back then.

Speaking of Sex Pistols shirts, H & M have recently been selling a pretty run-of-the-mill shirts with some sort of modified Filth and the Fury artwork. This weekend I walked past a young guy wearing an outlandish gangstah outfit with lots of bling, gigantic sneakers and… that Sex Pistols shirt. I almost turned back to ask whether he even knew it was a band. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t…

Shirts like these make me wanna be gay

…maybe I should just turn this into a Tumblr blog…

How to make friends

Another great shirts for making new BFFs, seen here on Imogen Thomas – former miss Wales winner (the only year a sheep didn’t win it, I guess).

So, you like skulls?

I like skulls. I mean, I don’ like anything you slap an ugly skull onto, but I do have a tendency to like shirts with skulls on them, who doesn’t? I’m wearing one today.

So anyway, Iamthetredn has published another list of “Skull shirts that don’t suck“, 50 of them. I think I’m a bit pickier than this, not all of these are good, but some certainly are, some good enough that I have already featured them, but still…

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