The post where I break down and finally write about…

Johnny Cupcakes

Yeah, everyone loves Johnny Cupcakes, right? Well… Yes and no. I think he does quality stuff, no doubt about it, and the whole operation seems very professional, yet personal somehow, and I admire that. Also, the output is INSANE! However, the prints are just a bit too cute for my taste somehow. I love skull variations, you know I do, but still… Too polished. Too cutsey. Too… I don’t know, they just don’t make me reach for my wallet, even though I normally dig detailed stuff. The print pictured below STILL doesn’t make me want to buy it for myself, but if my wife – who loves baking – was a t-shirt wearer (the mega-rare Belle and Sebastian shirt I got her for x-mas years and years ago still show no sign of wear), I would totally get her this one for christmas. If you like it too, get it here (or here if you’re a lady-shaped person).

Assorted goodies (Ghostbusters content included)

Ok, just a quick final post of the day. Before I say anything else, I would like to brag about the fact that this has been the best month visitor-wise since I started in the summer, but maybe it’s just because I’ve been posting more, I dunno. Thanks for reading folks, it makes it more fun to write.

Anyway, posted a short feature on a Spanish shirt company called Mister Black Tee and hey, whaddayaknow! It’s a Ghostbusters cartoon shirt. Yay. The supply is endless, lucky I’m not a collector.

Second thing, I saw this shirt and thought of all the bastardized Black Flag shirts I posted a while back. Fun stuff – thanks to Fuck yeah t-shirts for showing it to me.

Finally, here’s a shirt from Dephect that I could have designed. I don’t know whether that’s a good or a bad thing, but I kinda like the idea (although I would have gone for max contrast as always). Get it here.

Arm the animals – nonhumans with weapons

Ok, this is a bit different, I’d say. Arm the Animals claim to be doing what they do to help our furry friends in the world – some of the money they make goes to animal charities and they make the money by selling shirts with armed animals on them. Mkaaay…

Not all their prints are as good as the ones pictured above, that has to be said, but they make up for it with names like Birdzkrieg, Iron Tusk and Dear hunter. Anyway, get them here.

My life as a sale-whore: Design by humans

Yeah, I know – all I talk about now is sales. However, Design by Humans are having a sale that looks pretty good, thought I’d tell you about it. Up until December 5th, all their shirts (some of the best looking are pictured below) are twelve bucks instead of seventeen.

Engineered to Destroy. Мишка!

Ok, ok, one more and then I HAVE to do other stuff. Мишка. They’re pretty awesome sometimes. “Change my mind before it burns out”. It walks dangerously close to being one of those “wise sayings” shirts I hate so much, but instead it ends up being great. I also like the “Engineered to destroy” part. A lot. Get it here.

Cyber Monday – WTF?

Cyber? CYBER??? Who uses the word “cyber” in 2010?

Ok, so apparently the follow-up to Black Friday is Cyber Monday, which is today. X-mas shopping online starts here, I guess, and every shirt company in the universe has a coupon code for today and I’m too busy at the moment to fill you in on all of them (maybe you’ve noticed my post rate the last 5 days?) but I’ll let you in on one at least. Obey gives you 20% off  (and free shipping for you ‘mericans out there) if you use the code BLACK20. Use it to get the shirt pictured here – Chained Eagle – or one of their other great looking shirts, ok?

Kiss it? Diss it? Kiss Diss!

Just found a shirt company I haven’t seen before so I figured I’d let you know about it as well. I have a feeling some of you will be excited by the prints pictured below, so check out Kiss Diss, whydoncha?

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