Monster Aesthethics confuse the hell out of me

I have to admit I’m very confused by Monster Aesthetics. But hey – let’s start where I started, with the shirts:



See, not bad. Your classic upsidedown cross, casket and soforth – good design, bad photos, no problem here – I would wholeheartedly recommendt this to anyone. But then it gets a bit strange:


So, what’s strange about this? Well, in my world, patches mean stuff. It’s your preferences and opinions showing, and aesthetic preferences are not enough. This is like walking around with a big plackard with just a nice photo on it, for no good reason.

And then, it gets even “worse”.


Pre-studded, pre-patched and pre-bleach splattered clothing. This is where we head into no-no land, into clueless hipster scum land. This is where I turn my back and say I don’t care about the shirts, this is all too much for me. And why? Why isn’t it OK to treat patches and jackets the same way you do shirts – as decoration? Because it doesn’t adhere to the rules of the punk police? Because it goes against all DIY ethics? Because I get to decide what’s ok for others to do and wear? Yeah, pretty much. I’m not saying I’m not happy that this is one-directional communication and you can’t do much to argue with me, because it feels a bit asshole-y, but at the same time, I know I’m right.

Hate the haters

At first, this is how this post was going to be:


Yeah, you know, I recently started following this brand, Hate City Customs on Instragram and they have a bunch of rude but kinda funny prints up for sale so go check them out.

But then I scrolled down a bit in their online store and found crap like this. Aaaaand… suddenly I’m not so thrilled any more. I know there’s a bunch of dumbass americans using nazi imagery without necessarily wanting to send all jews to the gas chambers, but who can tell (and who cares)? Nazi bikers, fuck off!


The weirdest thing about this is that they also sell framed photos of cute dogs and bikers riding through beautiful woods. Then again, it comes no surprise to faithful readers that nazis can care about home decoration.

Who’s Moondog?


If the world was a fair place, this shirt by Socialfabrik (nice name) would be a cool shirt. Printed on an eco friendly shirt, “moonlight grey on navy” colour scheme and a print that pays tribut to the old New York profile/weirdo Moondog (if you haven’t heard of him, you’ll probably find his Wikipedia entry amusing – the guy used to dress up as Odin and sing in the streets). So why isn’t it?

Well, for starters – have you ever heard of Moondog before? Most people haven’t, I’d say. And even if you have, what are the odds you’ll realize the shirt’s about him? I’ve read about the guy in the past and I didn’t make the connection. Chances are that people just think you’re some loser who dresses in a viking shirt to somehow look cool, or (even worse) if you live in Sweden; that you’re slapping a very thin veil on your aversion to foreigners (for some reason, vikings are really popular with that clique here). Shirts that require a long explanation for them to work… usually you should just stay well away.

On the other hand:

I must say this is clearly a step in a good direction for Socialfabrik. Very nice illustration and sooo much more to my taste than their previous shirts.


IF you should ever happen to walk into a bar wearing your Moondog shirt and there meet a lovely young lady that knows what the hell you’re on about (maybe she’s even a Moondog fan), that feeling of a mutual joke only you two get should give you quite a head start in the battle for her attention. Surely, there’s easier ways though, with vastly greater potential for frequent success. I’m rambling. I’ll shut up now.

Like a knife in the eye


Ok, so if you’re at all interested in t-shirts and follow any shirt related blogs, you’ve heard about Designbyhumans. Well, not if my blog is the only one you read, not until now. See, even though their idea is to have designers from all over the world, in some sort of scheme that seems like a good idea, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shirt of theirs that I like OR dislike enough to want to write about it. However, there’s a first time for everything.

These shirts, designed by Mr. Nicole… Wearing these shirts is akin to shouting ALL THE TIME. Just being in the same room as a person wearing one of these would piss me off. Seriously. And I’m not the one to advocate mild La Fraise-like shirts, not at all, but this is too much for me. Actually, these shirts would be great for celebrities and people in witness protection programs – NOBODY will look at your face when you wear a shirt like this. Actually, most people will probably look away in order to avoid this visual overload.

Ok, enough of the mean stuff. Until next time.

This is why we can’t have nice things – indeed!


Meet Robber Barons Ink. They make shirts. Some of them have pretty good and/or funny messages. However, in my opinion, the robber barons are missing one fundamental element: good design. Yes, I know: slapping things in sans serif fonts on a plain shirt obviously works great for a lot of companies but christ almighty – it gets boring!

robberbaronTake this shirt for example. This is a good shirt that could have been great. Somebody needs to realize they are good at copy but need a bit of design support. IF they want to get better, that is – it could well be that the whole idea behind this operation is “I do this only to get to design my own shirts” and then I guess we’re stuck.

Punk as FUCK!!!


Yeah yeah, punk was always commercialized from day one, Malcom McLaren blah blah blah. I don’t give a shit. This has always been the closest thing to “my” subculture and I feel violated when shit like this happens. Because what you see here is not just some clueless idiot kid selling his uglier than fuck jacket on ebay after jumping to the next trend. This is Urban Outfitters making a quick buck without an inkling of understanding of the culture they’re harvesting (I was going to write “raping” but changed my mind). There are som many things wrong with this jacket, it’s fucking insane. About two seconds of research must have gone into it. The weird thing though? This could totally be authentic. Lately, I’ve been image googling a lot of punk jacket, and there’s so much weirdness and ugliness out there.

Ok, I’m losing track of things here, what was I trying to say? Ah, just the same old usual, I suppose: corporate assholes making a buck off my cultural background pisses me off. I wish they lose a bundle of money on these (and get back into making the “Die xxxx scum” shirts again).

(Thanks to Indy grinder for the link)

I’ll give you my shirt when you pry it from my cold, dead hands


You know NRA, right? Gun-wielding american “don’t tread on me” nutcases. Freedom defenders. People who like the right to own and shoot guns and have organized to keep their right to do so. I dunno, I bet there’s all kinds of people in NRA, but to us liberal Swedes, they seem half crazy at times (and this is coming from a guy who loves shooting guns and likes ‘merica a lot). Anyway…

A few years back, I visited the NRA webshop and fell in love with some of the shirts there. However, the good people of the NRA didn’t want foreigners wearing their shirts and they flat out refused to ship them outside the u.s. Mmmmkay… So I ordered a couple and had them shipped to my friend Doug in Ohio, for him to ship them on to me. He never got around to it though, so a couple of years later he brought them with him to Poland, where we met up for the Napalm over Warzaw festival, but that time, I forgot to get them from him before I left. Finally, a few monhts later, he sent them to me but at that time, I’d lost so much weight, I could no longer wear them. By now though, I’ve re-gained so much weight I can finally wear my NRA shirts. Small silver lining on the fat issue, but still.

Because of this delay, this shirt is no longer available in the NRA store, but here are a few other great shirts that are. Just don’t try to get them shipped outside the u.s.



The illustrated mind


Seriously, I’m too dumb to figure out what The Illustrated mind is, but I’m guessing some sort of shirt label, releasing shirts designed by others, to be sold by others – some sort of curating middle man? With a facebook profile set up like a personal account rather than a page, little or no info on where to buy or any info at all, I can’t see this raking in the big bucks, but some of the designs are pretty good, I have to say. Maybe they’re being intentionally mysterious but that’s not the air they give off, they just seem weird and slightly incompetent. Sorry.


The elusive Bigfoot


As I have said before, I’m a big fan of monster trucks. None of that modern Grave Digger crap, but the old stuff, and I’ve been wanting a vintage monster truck shirt for ages. This time, I really thought it was my turn. Look at that beauty above! A 1985 Bigfoot shirt, from Texas no less! Not pictured here, so you’ll just have to imagine it, but it even had what looked like a Zodiac Mindwarp-esque jizz stain up the front, down by the hem. Alas, it was not to be – some bastard sniped me on eBay and it sold for a bit over 50 bucks. I guess I’ll keep looking…

Damn italians!


When an Italian company suddenly pops up and start designing good shirts, naturally their website doesn’t work so all you can do is follow them on Facebook or Instagram. Well, what do you expect from a country where it’s impossible to tell national politics from organized crime and daytime soaps?


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