Dammit shirts – Misfits and Ilsa, together at last

British Dammit Shirts has tons and tons of prints. Lots of familiar punk prints I recognize from old photos and record covers. Most of them are just bad mockups so it’s hard to tell how good they actually look and feel, but they have a lot of prints that are a bit unusual so check ‘m out.

I would totally have killed to own the Sid Vicious ‘Drunken Cowboys’ shirts when I was 15. These days… thanks, I’m ok without it. Please note the blurring was made by them (most likely due to eBay’s christian beliefs).

Unfortunately, not all their shirts are quite as great. The Misfits 3D shirt is a lame attempt at recreating one of my all-time favorite shirts (featured at the bottom of this post). Also, the KLF shirt… Almost, but not quite there, I’d say. I’m tempted to get it anyway but I think I’ll hold out for a better one (or make my own). Feels a bit… underworked.

Fuudobrain – Japanese underground weirdness and greatness!

Damn… where to begin. At the beginning? Ok.

Style guru 138 posted a picture on Instagram of the Disney/Discharge mashup below so I instantly asked for a URL, not because I like Discharge very much (neither the slow crusty band they were nor the joke they are today) but I love mashups and the inclusion of a band from vaguely the same scene I’m active in, mixed with the ultimate corporate corporation with hordes of evil lawyers… too good! Anyway, 138 pointed me to:


Like most things Japanese, fuudobrain is very confusing, even after you run it through google translate, so this’ll be a pretty vague, albeit very long, post. Seems like it’s a company that makes their own stuff but also sells things by others. They have a lot of band merch, but I’m not sure whether they print it themselves (I kinda get that feeling though) or just re-sell. They also have things from all kinds of other brands. Clothing, prints, jewelry… you name it.

Anyway, feel free to correct any of the above, but there’s one thing you can’t deny. Fuudobrain has a staggering amount of good looking shirts. I have NEVER felt obliged to post more than ten photos in a post. That’s 30 shirts! And there is way more on the website, go check it out.

Then again… ordering from a website in Japanese… seems tricky. And confusing. We’ll just have to see, if the Disneycharge stuff comes back in stock I may just have to!

(spot the fuck-up?)

It’s nice that Disturbia don’t have to yell all the time

I have mentioned British Disturbia in the past. Although their shirts are usually, you know, well designed, beautifully crafted and all that, most of them are just way to damn LOUD for my taste.

Sure, I know I said I would love a better designed shirt inspired by They Live, but… nah, it’s too much!

Then again, sometimes they make shirts that look like this:

and I like that a whole lot more! Nice stuff.

A Clockwork Orange shirt – Milk with knives

Some companies, I just keep coming back to them, The Affair being one of them. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this subtle way of people in-the-know know how much you appreciate A Clockwork Orange. Get it here.

Venus Fallen – shirts about space and science and other smart stuff

You know, to be honest, I’m fucking SHOCKED I haven’t heard of Venus Fallen until now! Have I been reading other shirt blogs to sloppily, or are they all busy showcasing hipster shirts with triangles and white shirts with butt ugly, colorful drawings or big-ass photos and meaningless, random words on them?

Anyway, this is a one man operation. a guy called Matty from New England and he makes shirts about space and science and some other stuff and I’m amazed by the quality and the multitude of the prints. Hats off.

Not sure about the name though. I’m sure there’s some really smart reason for it, but to me it sounds like one of them pretty-boy metal bands that only girls listen to.

…and by that, I don’t mean 80s hair metal, like Poison, but the stuff that’s around these days, the horrible horrible variety. Still though: great shirts.

Monster shirts, inspired by what lives under your bed

What Sleepterror Clothing have:

– Great design skills
– Good looking website with unusual navigation
– Shirts inspired by the monsters under your bed
– A sense of humor when naming shirts

What they don’t have:

– A lot of shirts
– A website that works great on small laptop screens
– Navigation images pre-load

Obesity and Speed

Hey, it’s been a while since we had a look at Obesity and Speed (here’s the previous one). They pretty much keep cranking out the same old same old, and I still can’t help liking it a bit, if not only for the obnoxiousness level of it all.

Black Metal Stormtrooper

Combining two reoccurring themes here at Shirts of Satan; Black Metal and Star Wars – together at last. Unfortunately, this shirt is long since sold out, but email Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned and demand a reprint, whydontcha?

You don’t deserve that shirt!

Wanna get an underground music fan really, really upset? Show them a photo of some mainstream celebrity wearing a shirt with a band they love and adore! There’s a great thread on the Nuclear War Now! forum about this. I’ve only read parts of it yet, but rest assured, I’m gonna read all of it! Lots of profanity, lots of mud slinging, lots of plain old hatred. You have been warned.

Personally, I kinda figure that even really really famous people might actually like unknown or unexpected bands. However, there’s no denying that a lot of people walk around wearing Iron Maiden and Ramones shirts, though you’re pretty damn sure they’ve never listened to them in their lives. And I can sort of understand that, I guess – it can sometimes be tempting to buy a great shirt even though you don’t like the band – it’s happened to me several times, although I’ve been able to resist most times. Also, I figure ultra rich and famous people probably have stylists who dress them and once you’ve given up the desicion making on what to wear, I guess you don’t really care anymore, as long as it looks cool.

So, what about Ryan Gosling wearing a Limp Wrist shirt? I really don’t know. I hope he likes them. And if he doesn’t, I hope a lot of people see the photo and check them out, and if that happens – it was

Stating the obvious

Grunge is dead? No shit? What will they print on a shirt next – spheres are round? I dunno, maybe this is a really, really old shirt?

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