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You know, when I see shirts like this, my brain kinda switches into some sort of immature mode and starts sending out some sort of “hey, that’s pretty cool” vibe. Well, I should probably say part of my brain, because the other part starts saying “damn, that sure is a kid for losers who want to look alternative” and “buying an anti-consumerism shirts, that’s really fighting the problem”. So… the jury is still out on this I guess but I do kinda like it. Vespertime Machine have  a bunch of nice shirts so check them out.

Don’t wanna hear about your band!

tigerbellThe last few days, I’ve been listening a bit to the latest Tiger Bell album (listen to it here). Not sure how fast I’ll tire of it, but right now it’s growing on me, and there are moments that make me think of Stukas, which in my book is great.

The name of the album (and the first single) is I don’t wanna hear about your band (see the pretty funny video here) and they also have a pretty great shirt saying the same thing. Had it been me, I would have put a Tiger Bell logo on the back to make it a bit more obvious it’s a band shirt, I guess it takes a lot of confidence to do it like this but in return you get a shirt that works great even if people don’t know about the band. I want this, both because I like the band but also because I agree with the words on it. Fuck your band.

Buy the shirt here.

Misfits shirts that don’t exist (at least not yet)

Ok, this is not a post about shirts. At least not shirts that exist. It’s about drawings I wish would be printed on shirts so that I could buy them.


Let’s start with this one. I can’t remember how or why, but for some reason, I started followin Burritobreath on Instagram. He’s stir crazy about things with too many eyes on them, and the other day he posted this fantastic Misfits skull. Count the eyes. Get it? I think putting this on a shirt would get you A) heaps of money and B) a lawsuit from the assholes in the band (I’m sorry – I love everything they did up til and including (yes, including) American Psycho) but everyone who’s ever been in that band seems to be a total dick. Anyway, check this guy out – you can see some of his other work to the right above and buy some of his stuff here. Keep your fingers crossed he prints this. You’ll be the first to know.


Here’s another Misfits drawing I would love to see printed on a shirt. I probably wouldn’t wear it, since it calls for a light coloured shirt, but it would be great. “Gamla” means “old” in Swedish, so this is a shirt for all the people who dearly love the band’s old stuff, but don’t feel like being associated with the horrible exploding shitbucket and desecration of the name it’s turned in to these days. This one was made by Dadde, who’s been drumming in a number of well known Swedish punk band for ages now. He’s also a tattooer (see some of his stuff above) and a nice guy. Check him out at

Who’s Moondog?


If the world was a fair place, this shirt by Socialfabrik (nice name) would be a cool shirt. Printed on an eco friendly shirt, “moonlight grey on navy” colour scheme and a print that pays tribut to the old New York profile/weirdo Moondog (if you haven’t heard of him, you’ll probably find his Wikipedia entry amusing – the guy used to dress up as Odin and sing in the streets). So why isn’t it?

Well, for starters – have you ever heard of Moondog before? Most people haven’t, I’d say. And even if you have, what are the odds you’ll realize the shirt’s about him? I’ve read about the guy in the past and I didn’t make the connection. Chances are that people just think you’re some loser who dresses in a viking shirt to somehow look cool, or (even worse) if you live in Sweden; that you’re slapping a very thin veil on your aversion to foreigners (for some reason, vikings are really popular with that clique here). Shirts that require a long explanation for them to work… usually you should just stay well away.

On the other hand:

I must say this is clearly a step in a good direction for Socialfabrik. Very nice illustration and sooo much more to my taste than their previous shirts.


IF you should ever happen to walk into a bar wearing your Moondog shirt and there meet a lovely young lady that knows what the hell you’re on about (maybe she’s even a Moondog fan), that feeling of a mutual joke only you two get should give you quite a head start in the battle for her attention. Surely, there’s easier ways though, with vastly greater potential for frequent success. I’m rambling. I’ll shut up now.

Siberian Meat Grinder


Long time readers may remember when I wrote about Russian band Hoods Up 495, which later turned into Moscow Death Brigade, and I finally succeeded in my long time search for a Moscow Death Brigade shirt. By the time I got the shirt MDB had long since disbanded, but at least one member had gone on to form a new band, featuring members of Razor Bois and What We Feel:

Siberian Meat Grinder.

Yeah, that’s a pretty badass name and ever since I saw their video for Hail to the Tsar, I’ve been a fan. SMG play catchy as hell thrash, with a lot of hip-hop and punk feel to it, featuring masked members, harboring a fondness for graffiti and with a great eye for design. How can you not like these guys?


There’s one thing they sucked at though: selling merch to foreigners. Just like Moscow Death Brigade, all requests for merch were met with silence or a “no”. Apparently, the Russian postal system i so corrupt that it’s impossible to mailorder things out, the parcels get stolen too often.

Just as I was starting to think about reaching out to old aquaintances in the eastern block, I found this online store in Jekaterinenburg – Rocket shop  –  who had the SMG shirt I wanted. I’ve said it before: dealings with Russia are always a bit scary, but Alex at Rocket shop was very friendly and politely answered all my question (plus, there’s always Paypal buyers protection) so I went ahead and ordered not just the shirt, but also the brand new SMG tour edition CD that collect both their ep:s.

And, yesterday, a fantastically foreign looking parcel showed up in Stockholm with all my stuff (and a few free stickers – thanks!) in it. I am now a happy camper.

Do yourself a favor: follow Siberian Meat Grinder on Facebook and listen to all their stuff for free at Bandcamp.

Like a knife in the eye


Ok, so if you’re at all interested in t-shirts and follow any shirt related blogs, you’ve heard about Designbyhumans. Well, not if my blog is the only one you read, not until now. See, even though their idea is to have designers from all over the world, in some sort of scheme that seems like a good idea, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shirt of theirs that I like OR dislike enough to want to write about it. However, there’s a first time for everything.

These shirts, designed by Mr. Nicole… Wearing these shirts is akin to shouting ALL THE TIME. Just being in the same room as a person wearing one of these would piss me off. Seriously. And I’m not the one to advocate mild La Fraise-like shirts, not at all, but this is too much for me. Actually, these shirts would be great for celebrities and people in witness protection programs – NOBODY will look at your face when you wear a shirt like this. Actually, most people will probably look away in order to avoid this visual overload.

Ok, enough of the mean stuff. Until next time.

I fucking love… scantly clad ladies (Shirts of Satan, the swimsuit edition)

If, like me, you’re a fan of I fucking love science, you’ve already seen this photo today:


And you may have thought to yourself; “hey, that looks familiar somehow”. That’s because we featured the swimsuits from Black Milk here at Shirts of Satan way back in 2011. But I figured, what the hell, let’s do it one more time. It’s not like I mind browsing through a few photos of ladies in swimwear, is it?

Anyway, apart from the anatomy geeks, Black Milk also cater to the Star Wars fangirls:


Harry Potter geeks (including the previously featured Weasly fans):


And just regular old geeks:


If, like me, you live way up top of the northern part of the globe, you’ve got about eight months to get ready for beach 2014 (and if you’re anything like me, you need every day).

This is why we can’t have nice things – indeed!


Meet Robber Barons Ink. They make shirts. Some of them have pretty good and/or funny messages. However, in my opinion, the robber barons are missing one fundamental element: good design. Yes, I know: slapping things in sans serif fonts on a plain shirt obviously works great for a lot of companies but christ almighty – it gets boring!

robberbaronTake this shirt for example. This is a good shirt that could have been great. Somebody needs to realize they are good at copy but need a bit of design support. IF they want to get better, that is – it could well be that the whole idea behind this operation is “I do this only to get to design my own shirts” and then I guess we’re stuck.

I’m an outsider


Good things about Outsiders Apparel: strong, clean designs, nice clean product photos and a model with a manly beard.

However… I have a slight problem with the name. That whole thing of openly stating “I’m an outsider”, or any variation of “look at me, I’m so different from you” gives me an itchy feeling. If you’re a person with less hangups than me though, these are really nice shirts.

Vaguely satanic skateboard shirts


Woah, with a title like that, I bet you’re at the edge of your seat! Well, calm down, I’m just bringing you some pretty nice shirts from Creature Skateboards. Me, I’m the biggest failure ever at skateboarding, but I can still appreciate some of the aesthetics involved in the shirts pictured above. The satanism. The foul language. The comics inspired logo on a clean raglan jersey. Buy them here.

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