Illuminati – We are watching!

I just got word this design won a contest and will subsequently be produced for real. Buy it fast, it’s bound to sell out. I’m seriously considering picking one up for myself. Pre-order it here.

Nuke the whales!

Ok, this shirt on its own may not be the funniest thing in the world (I keep thinking of the old slogan “Nuke all the unborn, gay whales for Jesus”, which was much snappier), I’m the first to admit that. What made it funny to me, though, is the person wearing it. Meet… let’s withhold his real name and call him ‘Pete’. I just snapped this shot at work. Pete works with me at Greenpeace. That’s what makes it a funny shirt to me. Get it here.

Hit eBay NOW (if you wear M shirts)!!!

Ok, here’s the thing. Every now and then I check the U.K. eBay site for Primark shirts, just to see if any of my favorites are for sale (so I can buy backup copies). Lo and behold – here’s one of the first shirts I ever got from them, featuring a nice skull and crossed guitar necks. Neat-o! Now, mine’s still in great condition and I should probably be wearing a Large, so I’m giving you a crack at it. Doesn’t look like it’s going to go too high either. Get it here!

The print isn’t at all as orange as this crappy photo (stolen off eBay) shows it, it’s a white print on a dark brown shirt.

Today is that rainy day, ok?

Every now and then, I come across a shirt that I like, but am not blown away by. I bookmark these for a rainy day. Well… it’s raining today – here’s a few nice (but maybe not totally awsome) shirts.

Embrace imperfection. Yeah. Who the hell likes perfect? It’s the flaws that make things interesting. This is also a great way of justifying imperfections in yourself, which makes it easier to get by, I suppose. Get it here.

There are 3 types of clothing I actually enjoy spending money on. One is, obviously, t-shirts. The second is (for some unfathomable reason) light jackets for fall and spring use. The third is sneakers. I like classic sneakers, nothing too fancy, just plain old Puma Clyde, Puma Suede, low-key Puma Brazil (yes, they exist), Adidas Greenstar and Courtstar and older versions of Converse Onestar – you get the picture; nothing too adventurous or colorful. I also like Coca Cola. Yeah. Get it here.

Finally, I like the look of this shirt, but I can’t figure out why to wear it. Sure, it’s got that nice Evil Knievel quality to it, but… I don’t quite get it. If you doo, get it here.

T-shirt obsession

Ok, I like shirts, no doubt about it, and I’m a bit protective of my favorite ones, but for me that means I don’t put them at the top of my overflowing shirt drawer (who am I kidding here, I have 3) and I don’t wear them if I know I’m gonna get super sweaty or something.

Others, though, go a bit further. How about buying your very special shirt folding aid? How about recommending you keep all your shirts in clear plastic bags, in case your roof leaks? That’s a bit much for me.

Read about the madness at I am the Trend.

Shirt link of the day: Stop listening to bad music!

This shirt was just posted on Fuck Yeah, T- shirts:

And it reminded me of this wonderful website that popped up (quite) a few years ago:

Eman Laerton took it upon himself to save people in danger of visiting concerts where bad music was played. Just visit the website and you’ll understand, it’s funny ok? Later on, he’s also taken on religion, which is a certain way to get in my good book. Anyhoodle, Eman sells this shirt that is one of the few statement shirts I feel comfortable wearing (yes, I own this shirt and have pretty much worn it out). Get it here.


Mystery shirts – I want one!

A couple of times lately, I’ve come across shirts that have nothing but a big, bold question mark on them, and I think to myself: Damn, I want me one of those! The only problem is, they don’t exist – it’s just online shirt vendors’ way of showing they are offering you a great deal on a shirt you don’t get to see until it arrives on your doorstep. Yep, mystery shirts, grab bags, whatever.

The one in this photo is a bad photoshop job, but the last one I saw (but naturally can’t find at the moment) was bright red with a big ass whit question mark on it, and the mockup was done well and it looked sweeeet! So, either get cracking with making a shirt like this or tell me where I can get one. No, making my own at spreadshirts does not cut it, sorry.

(The pictured mystery deal is available from Advance)

Shirt links of the day – it’s PAYDAY!

I don’t know how things work where you live but around here, the 25th is payday and let me tell you – it’s been a long time since I last looked forward to it as much as this time, October was a brutal month for some reason. Anyway, lots of fresh cash sitting in the bank account doing nothing now, aching to be spent on shirts. Here are a few suggestions.

First out, my old favorites Acutal Pain (I’ve talked about them before, here). Hell, how can you be so awesome guys? Good for me I don’t wear white or I would be forced to buy this. Get it here!

Next up, a company/entity I haven’t heard about before, Dark Earth 666. Hell, with a name like that and a shirt with a burning church on it, how can you go wrong. You can’t, that’s how.  Get this shirt here.

And then, just to round things up, and because 3 is usually better than 2, here’s nice little streetish shirt from The 7th Letter that you can buy here if ya like it.


(stolen from Hide Your Arms)

Shirt link of the day: Acapulco Gold

Ok, I just posted the Pistols shirts, but here’s one more thing that popped up on my radar. Apparently, Acapulco Gold are getting ready to release a bunch of new stuff so naturally they have created a… yeah, you guessed it – a fucking lookbook. DIE!

Anyway, one of the shirts in their damn lookbook looks pretty good to me (yeah, they got me with the skull thing again). Too bad it’s not available online yet, I probably won’t remember to revisit their site once it’s been released. Great way of marketing guys!

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