Hey, guess what happened the other day? I bought a shirt! Doesn’t happen a lot these days, I must say, but I went to the OFF! gig and they’ve let go of their stupid “whites only” policy for shirts (the color of shirts, not the people allowed to buy them) so I coughed up some of my hard earned cash and… um… yeah, that’s pretty much it. If you want one, get it from the OFF! web store.

…DAMN, those guys were good!

What’s not to like about SKULLS???

Ok ok, and yeah, yeah, yeah – it’s not like these shirts are inventive as fuck, doing things that have never been done before, but hey – what’s not to like about a nice skull shirt? Throw in a deer shirt and you’ve won me over.

These shirts, and many others, are available from James Anthony Apparel, check it out!

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