Satanic Feminist

I started following Nattskiftet on Instagram, what feels like a long time ago, which means it was probably last year (these days, things that happened recently feel distant and events 20 years back feel like just yesterday. age.). Swedish illustrator, drawing predominantly women and dark motifs – pretty good stuff, some of it.


The shirt Satanic Feminist seems to have been a hit. There’s been warnings it’s being taken offline for months but it keeps surviving yet another week or two all the time. Still, it seems to be heading out the door, so grab it fast if you like it.

Me, I’m holding out for an “Atheist feminist” shirt, as I don’t believe in gods, goblins or anything supernatural.

More sex and death – this time with Beyoncé


It’s not like it’s all that long since the last time we talked about Sex & Death, but who cares when they do stuff like this? That  yellow on faded black… very nice!

God free youth


A couple of ways this shirt could have been better:

– No “believe in yourself” crap, it’s totally superfluous and onlyl detracts
– I could have found it while I could still label myself “youth”

Apart from that, I like it. Get it here.

Fuck NWA!

Remember that fantastic Fuck the Police shirt from quite a while back? Here’s an equally great reply to that shirt, I must say:


Look how grumpy Sting is! He’s very much offended by them rude americans!

Subliminal SF only has a few other shirts in their store, and apart from the Kurt/Suicidal shirt, I’m not a super fan of them, but hey – two shirts this good is more than a lot of other companies ever amount to, so I’ll be keeping an eye on these guys for sure.


Bondage, dog bites and Actual Pain


Here’s a couple of printed-all-over shirts from Actual Pain. Not for the faint hearted. The back of the bondage shirt is even more NSFW than the front. I do wish there had been a photo of someone wearing it, to be able to see how realistic the result really is.

Anyway, these are pretty pricey, but not only are they printed all over, the product description also says:

This tee is printed using a special Dye Sublimation process and the shirt itself is 100% polyester, giving it a super soft hand (unlike the hand of the Master).

I thought that was funny.

All death all the time


So, Flying Coffin. You have to pay attention, because they keep putting out good stuff.

Sex & Death!


I’ve featured Sex & Death‘s genious Morrissey/Mayhem shirt before, but there’s so much more (and seriously, it won’t hurt you to see that one again)! Let’s check out some of the great output from Sex & Death. There’s the Guns n’ Roses shirts:


The Sonic Youth/Sex & Death shirt and the great Madonna/Metallica mashup:


The GENIOUS Morbid Angel/Miley Cyrus that makes my credit card fingers itch, and the Death/Drake mash:


There’s also a recreaton of David Lee Roth’s old shirt and a Beavis&Butthead/Breakfast Club shirt that I’m not loving very much, but still… there are way to few Breakfast Club shirts out there.



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