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Ok, it’s not like I’ve been doing a lot of blogging the last couple of years so most people probably assumed this blog was dead. But since I lost interest when I was at about post 980 or so, I figured it would be nice to make it an even 1000 posts. So here it is: post #1000. Yeah.

When I started this blog I was way too interested in shirts. I would spend ages trawling the web for that perfect shirt and spent a lot of money buying the ones I liked. And for a while, when I was the most active, it got even worse (as it often does when you let yourself sink deeper into an obsession) and I thought t-shirts was the most important thing. Yeah.

But then suddenly, it started feeling like a chore. I started looking too much at visitor statistics, frantically posting stuff to keep my numbers high. I had managed to turn something I liked into what felt almost like work. Yeah…

So, no more shirt blogging from me. These days, I pretty much only buy shirts with prints when it’s a band I like – no more pop culture reference or political campaigning. These days, I’m more into making stuff myself, I think, at least at the moment. Knowing me, I’ll probably find something new to spend all my mental energy on within a year or two, and that’ll be the most important thing in the world. Yeah.

Anyway, thanks for paying attention, I hope you found something you liked here. Cheers. Yeah.

Soviet visuals

I’m returning from hibernation to bring you a retro shirt site. I’m torn between “fuck that shit” and “damn, those graphics are great” here and I still haven’t made my mind up whether I’d pay up for one of these, but the fact alone than I’m even considering it…

Get these shirts here




Info about the green shirt:

In the Soviet Union, cannabis (hemp) was widely cultivated as an industrial plant used in medicine, textile, construction and other industries.

This badge was considered to be a prestigious award given to those farmers who were successful in growing cannabis and distinguished themselves in that field.

Text on badge: Master Cannabis Farmer, RSFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic), Kursk Region.

Imperial War Museum


Having just returned from London a few weeks back, naturally I’m planning the next trip, on which I will be visiting the Churchill War Rooms. As I was browsing the site, I ran across the War Museum’s gift shop and spotted these shirts. Wouldn’t mind that tank shirt one bit.

Taylor Crass shirt

I thought this was good enough to revive the blog. Don’t know what it is about mixing super indipendent stuff with mega commercial artists that I love so much, but something in me just screams “buy it” even though I’m no fan of Crass OR Taylor Swift. Weird.


Get it here

Sound Carries

My goal of posting 1000 posts before retiring from the glamorous world of t-shirt blogging seems hard to reach at the moment. I just don’t have the time, I think. Sorry about that.

Well, actually, it’s probably more a lack of motivation, since I have been able to find lots of time for my other hobby – building suitcase boomboxes. If you don’t know what that is, it’s something like this:


An old suitcase with speakers, an amplifier, a battery and way to hook it up to your phone.

If you want to see more of my stuff, visit Sound Carries.

That is all for now. Thanks.

Satanic Feminist

I started following Nattskiftet on Instagram, what feels like a long time ago, which means it was probably last year (these days, things that happened recently feel distant and events 20 years back feel like just yesterday. age.). Swedish illustrator, drawing predominantly women and dark motifs – pretty good stuff, some of it.


The shirt Satanic Feminist seems to have been a hit. There’s been warnings it’s being taken offline for months but it keeps surviving yet another week or two all the time. Still, it seems to be heading out the door, so grab it fast if you like it.

Me, I’m holding out for an “Atheist feminist” shirt, as I don’t believe in gods, goblins or anything supernatural.

More sex and death – this time with Beyoncé


It’s not like it’s all that long since the last time we talked about Sex & Death, but who cares when they do stuff like this? That  yellow on faded black… very nice!

God free youth


A couple of ways this shirt could have been better:

– No “believe in yourself” crap, it’s totally superfluous and onlyl detracts
– I could have found it while I could still label myself “youth”

Apart from that, I like it. Get it here.

Fuck NWA!

Remember that fantastic Fuck the Police shirt from quite a while back? Here’s an equally great reply to that shirt, I must say:


Look how grumpy Sting is! He’s very much offended by them rude americans!

Subliminal SF only has a few other shirts in their store, and apart from the Kurt/Suicidal shirt, I’m not a super fan of them, but hey – two shirts this good is more than a lot of other companies ever amount to, so I’ll be keeping an eye on these guys for sure.


Bondage, dog bites and Actual Pain


Here’s a couple of printed-all-over shirts from Actual Pain. Not for the faint hearted. The back of the bondage shirt is even more NSFW than the front. I do wish there had been a photo of someone wearing it, to be able to see how realistic the result really is.

Anyway, these are pretty pricey, but not only are they printed all over, the product description also says:

This tee is printed using a special Dye Sublimation process and the shirt itself is 100% polyester, giving it a super soft hand (unlike the hand of the Master).

I thought that was funny.

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