CVLT Nation – hell yes!

Those who follow my shirt rantings online only need a quick look at the photos below to realize this is right up my alley. In fact, I’ve written about CVLT Nation once before, here, but with all these new goodies to display, I figured it’d be a shame not to feature them again. Some of these prints look so much some of the stuff I make myself, you’d think I was ripping them of. Then again – it’s not a totally unique thing, is it? Damn nice though!



DIY or die


Ok, this is just a short, kinda pointless post, inspired by the shirt above. All I wanted to say is that many times, if’ you’ve thought of something you want to put on a one-of-a-kind shirt, taking a marker to a blank shirt is not the wrong way to go. Theese days, way too many will turn to Cafepress or similar services and slap their words in black Times New Roman on a white shirt and end up with something so ugly, it feels like getting stabbed in the eyes, just looking at it. Sure, this guy has an “unprofessional” looking shirt, but trust me, just ’cause some cheap ass online service printed your ugly shirt, doesn’t exactly make it scream “pro” either. Unless you know you’re an ok designer or have your own screen printing stuff, I’d advise you to print your shirts in a more DIY way (why not resort to the old potato print method?) and chances are you’ll end up with a much cooler looking and definitely¬† more original shirt.

T-shirt frames – the perfect solution for displaying your most prized shirts


You know those shirts that are really too worn to wear anymore (not because you’re ashamed to bee seen in a worn shirt, but because one more spin in the washing machine and it’ll be gone forever)? Or those old band shirts you love to bits but were forced to admit you were to fat to get in to years ago, that just sit in a box in the attic? Or, if you’re like me, that shirt that you hunted for on eBay for years and years and are now afraid to wear because you know you can’t possibly find anotherone, should something happen to the one you’ve got?

Now there’s a great way to save all those shirts from a life in the dark, at the bottom of your shirt drawer. The T-frame. Get those shirts up on the wall. Watching the video, my only problem with them would be that the frames are rather small – if you have a shirt with a big print on it, I doubt all of it will show. Apart from that, I love the idea. The only problem would be to decide what shirt(s) go on the wall. Get them here.

Grateful Dead Kennedys


Not only do you have to love this mashup (of two very different bands, both of which I listen to quite frequently) but you also have to love the name “ye olde Retard Riot shoppe“. Less lovable is the fact that it’s sold out (this thing has been all over the internet while this blog was taking a break so no wonder), hopefully it’ll get reprinted. If not, you can always get the Ronald McHitler shirt

Satan worship, Celine Dion and other delights

Yes yes, we’re back from the dead, to bring you some non-existing shirts that I like. I’ve posted similar things, like the one with the black metal popstar logos for example, but what the hell – I like stuff like this so I’ll keep posting it as it comes along. I just wish these were actually being made and sold, not just creatively dreamed up i Photoshop by Joey James Hernandez.




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