Black Sanctuary

Here’s a company I can’t quite figure out. Some shirts seem genuinely inspired, while others are just zazzle-style pun shirts, inspired by metal and satanism – a very odd mix. So this time I actually bother to read the company blurb and find out that Black Sanctuary is based in Italy (non-english speakers trying to be funny/cool/whatever in English is always tricky) and apparently, they’re “into the occults”. Ok.

This part, though, I like:

Each item is digitally printed, not a cheap peel off print,but a professional directly-on-fabric one.
The vintage,dirty,rotten,shabby or sometimes even pixelated look of each tee is done on purpose.
Each item is carefully handmade and unique,which means that any shirt may slightly vary in color.

Here’s some of Black Sanctuary‘s massive output:



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