KLF replica shirt now available!


Finally a faithful recreation of a vintage KLF shirt! You know how many times I’ve posted about KLF shirts – being all excited about the originals on eBay, dissing most of the reprints. Well, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. Shirts of Satan have assisted Northern Tyrant in bringing this cult classic shirt back to life and now you can finally own this gem of a shirt without having to pay hundreds of dollars (and without having an ill-fitting shirt you’re afraid to wear, seeing as it cost you so much).


So – yeah – this is both a regular, but very enthusiastic KLF shirt blog post and a shameless plug – live with it! This shirt will be printed on an old school long sleeve tee, the kind all the death metal bands used in the early 90s (and the stadium trance bands too, apparently). There are no less than four prints on this shirt! A gigantic “KLF” on the front, a circled pyramidblaster on the sleeve/shoulder, an oldschool pyramidblaster (as seen on the “grim up north” cover) on the back, pictured inside a circle with a number of Jimmy and Bills monikers. To top it off, the Northern Tyrant logo will be printed on the inside of the neck. Available in white AND black.

This shirt is available for pre-orders as of now and will only be printed (once) for people who have pre-ordered it. Snooze = lose. Seriously: all other newly printed KLF shirts look like crap compared to this so if you’re in to the Ancients of Mu Mu, this is the one you want! Don’t like longsleeves? Cut them off – that’s what you did back in 1991!

Ok, enough yapping. One extra little bonus though: when figuring out what we should call this shirt, we came across the original flyer where you could order this (and other shirts). Check it out:


4 Responses to KLF replica shirt now available!

  1. hazirafel says:

    cool i’m happy i didn’t order a KLF shirt yet, yay yay yay

  2. Mez Matos says:

    Hola mate, i’m a massive shirt collector + intermittent dealer (when i feel like it, lol), i own KLF shirt #6 on that vintage catalog above in size XL..’It’s Grim Up North, Black with White print, long sleeve (2-sided with print on sleeve as well)..it’s definately authentic, i obtained it while on tour in europe back in ’91..i’m down to let it go as we speak for a pretty penny..let me know if interested..i have never seen one myself on ebay / online and i comb the net quite often..perhaps you’ve come across one in past…hit me up…cheers! :-)


  3. Tony says:

    Given the KLF are back (in a manner of speaking, as K2 Plant Hire Ltd) any chance of another run of shirts?

  4. Lennie says:

    I have the original KLF Pyramid Blaster long sleever, but in the more scarce blue letters on white. I should sell it really…

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