You can’t sit with us

Sometimes, when you see a shirt and it seems like it has a phrase from a movie or a meme of some sort, and you google it – this thing you didn’t know about is a whole lot bigger than you thought. It was that way with the Get Sleazy for Ron Weasly shirt and today, it happened again. I saw the “You can’t sit with us” and like its high school 80’s feel and decided to do a web search. Holy moley, there’s a lot of shirts like this one! As best I can figure, it’s a line from the 1994 movie Mean Girls – maybe it’s big with people younger than me or something.

I clearly remember the strict hierarchy of the Fulton High lunch room, where I sat with the geeks, the outcasts and the metalheads (the only ones that would have me) and they turned out to be great people. So yeah, I don’t wanna sit with you anyway,  popular clique people!


(these are just a fraction of the shirts an image search on Google turned up)

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