Sci-fi shirts for fans of Stephenson, Gibson and others

Here’s one thing I’ve complained a lot about in the past too: shirts where I love the content, but not the design. I realized I have seen a billion sci-fi shirts, but very few related to my favorite author Neal Stephenson and his work (I’m guessing the fact that his books are too complex to turn into movies has something to do with this, but it’s not exactly like he’s an obscure writer), googled and found Memetic tees. Sure, there’s your standard variety of Blade Runner and Alien shirts, but there’s also a bunch of William Gibson/Neuromancer (I wish there had been some stuff connected to his later works too, Pattern Recognition is one of the best books I’ve ever read) shirts:


Oh, how I would love a Ono-Sendai of Tessier-Ashpool shirt if only they looked a little better and were printed in a nicer way. Sorry to be an ass, but I hate shirts that reek of Cafe Press, and these sound (and look) like they would.

So what about Stepenson? Well, below is just one of all the designs related to Snow Crash and a bunch of his other fantastic books.


Though the correct way of displaying the poor impulse control warning message is, of course, tattooed on you forehead.

All in all, I hope enough people are less picky than me, allowing Memetic to bloom into a larger operation with enough funds to hire a better designer and start printing really nice shirts. That, or that Last Exit to Nowhere start stealing their designs…

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