Justified and ancient – more KLF shirt madness


Again, my pulse is racing over an eBay auction for a KLF shirt. I did some initial, careful bidding yesterday – to no avail, and while I suspect my opponent’s maximum bid is way over any limit I have set for x-mas gifts to myself, I would love to bid some more. However, until the seller gets back to me with something more presice than “Size Men’s XL or thereabouts”, I can’t justify spending money on something I may not be able to wear. But look at it! The back print – I love it to pieces!

I’ve written about KLF shirts in the past, how popular they are and how strange it is that there ar no well made reproductions of the old shirts, considering how expensive vintage shirts always become. I have recently found a newly printed shirt (below to the left) that I could actually live with so I might buy that for myself for x-mas instead. One of these days though, I plan to faithfully recreate the fantastic shirt I’ve only seen photos of Pixie Geldof wear (below to the right). One of these days…


UPDATE: I didn’t win. I didn’t even place any more bids. The shirt went for 48 GBP, which is a total STEAL!

One Response to Justified and ancient – more KLF shirt madness

  1. hiabex says:

    I have this long sleeve Trancentral shirt, how much do you reckon its worth?

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