Monster Aesthethics confuse the hell out of me

I have to admit I’m very confused by Monster Aesthetics. But hey – let’s start where I started, with the shirts:



See, not bad. Your classic upsidedown cross, casket and soforth – good design, bad photos, no problem here – I would wholeheartedly recommendt this to anyone. But then it gets a bit strange:


So, what’s strange about this? Well, in my world, patches mean stuff. It’s your preferences and opinions showing, and aesthetic preferences are not enough. This is like walking around with a big plackard with just a nice photo on it, for no good reason.

And then, it gets even “worse”.


Pre-studded, pre-patched and pre-bleach splattered clothing. This is where we head into no-no land, into clueless hipster scum land. This is where I turn my back and say I don’t care about the shirts, this is all too much for me. And why? Why isn’t it OK to treat patches and jackets the same way you do shirts – as decoration? Because it doesn’t adhere to the rules of the punk police? Because it goes against all DIY ethics? Because I get to decide what’s ok for others to do and wear? Yeah, pretty much. I’m not saying I’m not happy that this is one-directional communication and you can’t do much to argue with me, because it feels a bit asshole-y, but at the same time, I know I’m right.

One Response to Monster Aesthethics confuse the hell out of me

  1. Just came across this post on my clothing line, and I mean I guess I can kinda get where youre coming from, coming entirely from a DIY world myself.. My entire wardrobe is 100% DIY. Ive always made my own clothing for myself personally.. and thats really how the clothing line began.. I made clothing for myself, others were really into what i was doing, asked me to do some for them.. so i made more.. I 100% fully encourage the DIY lifestyle, all my shirts are hand printed and my vests hand sewn from scratch starting with a roll of denim, all hand stitched and hand bleached. I sell blank vests, patches and studs all separate for a reason. let people go at it on their own, however over time due to the insanely overwhelming demand from people asking me to stud their jacket for them or stitch on a patch for them, youd have to be a fool not to include at least the option. This shit is the only thing paying my rent, never had a “real job” my entire life, if someone want to pay me to stitch there patch on for them or stud their jacket why the fuck would i say no to that?

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