Killstar – massive output, satanic weirdness and greatness

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how I’ve missed Killstar in the past. I love posting shit like this, and there’s just so goddamn much of it – this is a mammoth post and I could easily have posted twice as many shirts. Let’s have a look at some of all the stuff Killstar offer. Normally, I would save the best for last, but since I don’t trust you to have the stamina to scroll all the way down, I’m gonna start off with the ones I like the best:


That MLP shirt! I love it. What the hell, all three are pure genious!

There’s also very busy satanic shirts:


Less busy, but still satanic shirts:


Cat related shirts:




Colorful shirts:


And tons and tons of other stuff, go check out the rest now!


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