More skullls and anti-religiousness from Flying Coffin

There are few companies I’ve written as much about as I have about Flying Coffin. And for a good reason. It’s true that I would be even happier with them if they stopped doing cute satanist socks and tie-dye versions of their hellhound shirt, but over the years, they’ve kept churning out top quality stuff. Here’s some of the prints they’ve come up with since I last wrote about them (one of them being a collab with The Hundreds, but I still like it).


And good things seem to keep coming. Here are two sneak preview images Flying Coffin have posted on Instagram – seems like great stuff.


One thing though. The No God shirt. I love it to death but I probably wouln’t wear it. I have no problem defending my standpoint on this, but I’m also not interested in getting into a heated argument with any nutjob while waiting for the bus – I get enough of that just from wearing my ‘Teach children to worship Satan’ shirt. Also… wearing shirts with words in languages I don’t understand makes me nervous. Maybe I’ve just heard too many stories about people who think they’ve tattooed the sign for ‘strong woman’ on their ass, only to find out years later it actually means ‘sack of lard’, but I prefer knowing for sure what message I carry around, especially when it’s a controversial one.

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